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Where is Toronto's $5 plate of good food?

i couldn't disagree more

Best chinese in the city of Toronto

not the OP, but I would like to know where to find authentic Hunan in the GTA!

Trinity Modern Greek Taverna

The place is being eviscerated on yelp, which I don't always agree with.

I went.

Much of the staff seems to have a chip on his or her shoulder. The pricing can get a bit out of control - something like $42 for a few lamb chops is egregious. The gyro is $18 but maybe the best deal there - a very large portion, lots of freshly carved lamb and a generous serving of fries.

Mavrik Winebar


Mavrik Winebar

i should note the $12 figure is from a US website, so it'd probably be closer to $20 here.

Mavrik Winebar

I went to Mavrik Winebar last night and noticed it didn't seem to have its own thread, so here goes.

Overall, I thought this place was fine. The idea is that there is a handful of reds and white, that are supposedly carefully chosen by the owners. I wasn't familiar with any of the vintages but I looked them up later.

We ended up getting a bottle of the Bodegas Ontanon, Viura, ‘Vetiver’
Rioja, Spain, 2009. It was food friendly if a bit anemic. The markup $12 --> $57 is somewhat hard to swallow.

We also tried all the tacos. I would note that online they say the tortillas are housemade and have some red wine in the dough. I didn't know this and asked the server about this last night and he said they were store-bought once a week. So I don't know what to believe.

They were good, and a decent value at about $4 each. Not one stood out, but my dining companion preferred the sweet potato and its bright lemon aioli.

Guy Fieri Spotted in Toronto

these names don't mean anything!

Diners, drive-ins and dives

The Ace's website says they are going to be featured on DDD in March

Museum Tavern

Used to like the place but I'm a bit worried about it. Went in and a good 1/4 of the beers were out, and they are still rocking the fall menu.

Ben and Izzy's Deli

great find. one of the more exciting culinary developments going on in Toronto right now.

Best Chinatown eats?

same menu. the one on bloor is closed. the quality at the Spadina location was always better

Best Chinatown eats?

The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items


The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

Not to be snarky, but this thread would be much more helpful if everyone, instead of saying "my costco," actually said the specific store they were talking about.

northern chinese places in downtown chinatown

Porchetta + Co

Just a bump to say they are indeed selling the sandwiches for $1 today. Worth it, but they were getting slammed as I left around 1.

Sunday Brunch in Toronto

I'm a big proponent of Fanny Chackwicke's right now. Ask for some of their homemade hot sauce (scotch bonnet!)

Winterlicious Menus are up: Jan 25 - Feb 7, 2013...

not to be "that guy" but I've never had a satisfying winterlicious meal.

Question about Rowe Farms

Love dem sweet Rowe farm chickens

93 Harbord lately?

Went in July. The fish was overcooked and the sides were boring. I considered it overpriced considering the lack of imagination/execution.

The Chickery - Spadina South of Richmond (David Adjey's new casual spot)

In August I had my first "cottage" experience, staying an impressive house overlooking Lake Huron near the Michigan border. We drank unbelievable bottles of wine from the host's wine cellar each night, feasted on local produce and meats, then woke up to brilliant sunrises.

One couple brought their kids, with whom I played with in the lake each day, and one night in the crashing waves more closely akin to what one would find in the Pacific than a mere "great" lake. They loved to be tossed as far and as high as possible, and of course riding on our shoulders. At one point myself and another house guest were tossing a young boy into the lake when a wave crashed into him mid-toss (he loved it). His brother saw and ran into the lake yelling, "epic fail!" That is exactly what I would call The Chickery.

First, a statement on celebrity chefs. I have nothing against them. There seems to be a push back against their popularity lately, a worry that they are more worried about their image than the quality and value presented by their restaurant(s). I don't care. I judge the dining experience separately from the individual proprietor/chef him or herself. In fact, I would love the Chickery to be good. I try to (1) eat ethically and (2) limit my consumption of carbohydrates. A chicken restaurant with ethical chicken and several vegetable sides would be perfect.

So, please understand my full meaning when I say that my experience with the Chickery was across-the-board awful.

I went in there around seven at night in August. I had one of the wagjag vouchers which I think brought the $30 chicken and four sides down to $18. I figured, as mentioned in a post above, a humanely raised chicken dinner could be worth $30. It would surely be worth $18, right?

I'll begin with the sides:

Squash puree: I hesitated because it seemed hardly seasonable. But it was clearly healthy. In fact it was mealy and bland.

Baked beans: The laziest offering of the night. The beans were hard and undercooked. I can't fathom how baked beans, which are by their very cooking process twice cooked, could be undercooked.

Collard greens: The de facto highlight of the meal. Not as vinegary as I like my greens (I'm from the South of the US) but they had the bright bitter collard green flavor. More or less the bare minimum.

Mac and Cheese: This was a joke. The noodles were in some kind of bechamel sauce, but there was no cheese. None. I kept waiting for some kind of cheese kick; it was not there. I could not visually identify any cheese either.

The chicken itself: It was juicy and fairly substantial. However, it was made of salt. I brought my girlfriend a taste and she agreed. To her, it was inedible. I, as a matter of principle, finished it the next night. I think it was probably brined, but not rinsed properly.

This may have just been an off day for the Chickery. Indeed, the service was a little off. The register guy actively tried to dissuade me from getting french fries. I suspect they didn't want to fire up the fryer. But that makes it difficult to account for the broad incompetence and lack of quality.

Overall, my recommendation based on the high prices and low quality is: avoid this joint. It's too bad, because the concept was promising.

momofuku toronto

I thought the ramen at Momofuku was quite good. Not the best I've had by any means, but a qualify offering. I prefer the baos and rice cakes though.

Then again, I'm not a big fan of Sapporo Ichiban instant noodles, which I find to be overly salty and lacking any depth of flavor. So maybe that's the difference between our opinions.

momofuku toronto

The quality of the pork belly in the baos at Momofuku is worlds better than that at Banh Mi Boys. Note: I'm a big fan of Banh Mi Boys but it's no comparison.

byow at biffs bistro

Yeah I'd say this is pretty much spot on. Vintages has some interesting stuff these days at pretty good price points. You can probably get away with 7 or 8 bottles.

Great deal!

byow at biffs bistro

What are the specifics of the deal? I couldn't find anything online other than a twitter post that said the deal ended Aug 31.

Normally the corkage fee is per bottle.

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

I'll add a data point here RE: Harbord Fish and Chips. I went in March of 2012 and it was not very good. The fish was dry and overcooked, big parts of just pure fried batter, no fish. It's a friendly husband and wife that operate it, but I paid something like $13 all in and didn't feel I got a quality meal for the price.

Burger's Priest now only serves overcooked burgers!

kitfo anyone?

Guess I went to the wrong "stockyards" because my experience wasn't that great

the best what?

Guess I went to the wrong "stockyards" because my experience wasn't that great

is that vegetarian?

Hapa Izakaya

not sure what's better news: that, or coco lezzone finally being taken out behind the shed.*

*blew some serious cash on an objectively awful meal there a few months ago.