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Chicken-Fried Chicken and Pickled Pepper Sandwiches

don't waste time with the pickling process. Just use dill hamburger pickle slices. Makes a great sandwich!

Jun 15, 2012
LouisianaTaste in Recipes

Grilled Shishito Peppers

jimmy92 your terrible

and yes this is a great and simple recipe...hard to mess this one up.

Jun 05, 2012
LouisianaTaste in Recipes

Best Clam Chowder

The idea of this is to take a classic and make it EASY. If you are slightly stoned and you want Clam Chowder in an hour this is a great alternative to the old tried and true recipe. Not the best(and my bar is pretty high) but it will hit the spot.

Jun 05, 2012
LouisianaTaste in Recipes