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White Brick Kitchen (Bloor and Euclid), Anyone been?

Went a few days ago and had the brisket burger, fries, and my friend got the mac and cheese. Burger was good and juicy. Very simple burger with not a lot of toppings. Cooked well with nice char and a little pink.

Mac and cheese was extremely decadent. This is not fancypants al dente pasta accented with sauce. The pasta was drowning in cheese sauce and was a little mushy, which is probably how mac and cheese should be. Not really my thing but my friend liked it.

White Brick Kitchen (Bloor and Euclid), Anyone been?

Yep, it's called White Brick Kitchen and it's replaced that awful Eggsmart that used to be there. I walked by there today, they're calling themselves "American comfort food." There was a server standing outside handing out some kind of potato or cheese chips.

Haven't tried it yet and I'd be curious to hear from anyone who has.