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Dom's Sausage Groupon

Had some Dom's last night. Talked to them about marinades, and got their "Patriot" marinade instead of the traditional for that reason. The Patriot marinade tips were excellent.

P.S. The broccoli rabe sausages were also outstanding.

Whoopie Pies

Last week Petsi's had PUMPKIN whoopie pies. Mmmm, pumpkin whoopie pies......

Sourcing raw peanuts

Can I find them anywhere in Cambr/Somerville area, or best bet in Chinatown or H-Mart?

Dom's Sausage Groupon

Saw that; got mine. What's their best @ Dom's?

inexpensive wine near Somerville, Massachusetts (or Cambridge)? [moved from Wine]

Second Atlas Liquors. They're helpful too.

Looking for a dining "experience"

For a relaxed tasting menu, TW Food. For something completely different, Tangierino in Charlestown can be a lot of fun.

73 Main Street, Charlestown, MA 02129

Sichuan Gourmet Framingham- Food recs?

Dan dan noodles, as all have said. Also a vote for Yu Xiang Eggplant, which is excellent.

Soup in Harvard Square

Thanks for the rec's on this one, all.

Red line seafood for the bluefish-obsessed?

Could always head to the Alewife end of the red line and hit the Summer Shack. Easy walk from the T.

Summer Shack
149 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, MA 02140

Anniversary dinner for a beerhound

Dunno if it's "worthy of a special occasion" -- but The Independent in Union Sq, Somerville has very good, unpretentious food, and an excellent, rotating list of draft beers. Often several Belgian choices and a few for the adventurous. Tasted Monk's Flemish Sour Ale last time I was there. Not my kind of beer, but your husband might dig it. In any case, it's my go-to for a great beer menu.

Smoked Bluefish

There's a guy who sells smoked fish at the Davis Sq farmer's market, including bluefish. I assume he still has it. Only a few weeks left for the farmer's mkt though.

Recs for Tel Aviv, pls

Second Indy 67's recommendation of Adora; great meal, and high quality for the money. Another place I'd add is Tapeo, which is an excellent Spanish tapas bar. I've eaten a lot of tapas, and this place is quite good. Unless you go early, expect it to be bustling.

Soup in Harvard Square

Looking for soup rec's in Harvard Square. Who's consistently good for what ails you?

Infant friendly in Cambridge area?

We've had good success following a friend's advice: stick to restaurants with a lively bar as well as good food. Adults with a few cocktails in them create enough din to cancel out standard infant protestations. For instance, East Coast Grill is a great choice.

Noir's $5, $4, $3, $2, $1 menu is great!

Agreed, BBG. For happy hour, there are few better deals in town. At the regular prices, the food is very good on the scale of casual hotel bar options. At the 5-4-3-2-1 prices, the food is outstanding. The watermelon salad is especially good, sandwiches, snacks. Indeed.

Where can I find some live blue crabs?

Was just there Saturday and they had them. Live and kicking, both hardshell and soft.

Redbones Pig Fest

Missed it last night but been to many of their past pig pickin's, and it's always a stone groove. Nitpickers can find specifics to worry over, but as a charity event that's a fairly cheap night, overall it's great food, music, vibe.

Pão de queijo

There's a Brazilian place right in Union Sq, between Precinct and the Reliable Mkt that our kids love. They'll also sell you theirs frozen so you can bake em @ home.

Best Burrito in Boston

Putting in a vote for Tapatio in E. Somerville. Outstanding burritos.

grass-fed meats

I'll put in another plug for the local farmers' markets. Easy to stock up at them right now. River Rock farms, Stillman's are both good, at the markets, and have naturally-raised animals.

Fried Chicken Near Arlington?

Don't know the specifics, but Highland Kitchen does fried chicken at least one night a week. Was there last Monday and had it. Deeelicious.

Chez Henri, bar? dining room? recs?

Bar is fun, drinks cold, Cubano delicious. As someone else noted, you can order off the dining room menu at the bar as well. Also, was there a week or two ago, and had a great prix-fixe on a Monday night. Don't know how often it changes, but this was a $39 deal that included (I think -- the details got a bit fuzzy after the martini) an app, a (deconstructed -- claws and tail) lobster dinner w/chorizo, corn, etc., and then a dessert. All good stuff; good value.

Mamma Maria

Third on the rabbit pappardelle. So damn good.

Falafel in Somerville?

In a pinch, there's a pizza joint right in Union Square, next to Precinct. It has lousy pizza, but decent falafel.

Zing Pizza, Porter Square, Cambridge - yum!

They're hyped in today's Globe:

Pizza remains very good, but these guys are still working out the kinks in terms of timing and service. Gave us all kinds of business last week because we had the audacity to expect our pizzas to be ready for pickup when they told us to expect them -- as opposed to 45 min's later, when they actually were ready...

the elusive soft-shell crab?

Exactly, almansa.

At a Loss ... Need *novel* recs for a 12 person gathering please!

I'll put in a kind word for Cambridge Brewing Co, opposite the Blue Room nr Kendall. They have room, do this sort of thing all the time, and their house beers are excellent. They have the right mix of bar menu and apps, and their food is good (though admittedly not great). Great beer though. And cost is reasonable.

Zing Pizza, Porter Square, Cambridge - yum!

BD- The butternut squash "sauce" was really just butternut squash pureed to a saucelike, spreadable consistency. Something about the technique just really works. Instead of having chunks of squash on the pizza, you get a nice underlying and consistent squash taste across the whole pie. Tasty.

Sunday night specials?

Sunday @ Rendezvous is great bang for the buck, w/good wine specials as well. And the meatballs w/orecchiette rocks (and I believe they're making it only on Sundays now).

P.S. Anyone know whether those meatballs are cooked sous-vide? They're amazingly tender and cooked to almost suspicious perfection every time.

Any recs for a good dumpling place?

Ditto Wang's. Delicious dumplings, made by hand. Plus their menu is great aside from the dumplings.