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What did you brown bag to school?

Cheese sandwich, crisps and a cereal bar. Sometimes I hit the jackpot and mum packed cold chicken nuggets in my lunch from the night before dinner. When I was 13 I went through a phase of taking cold pizza to school everyday and by the time I left I was sick of cheese and pickle sandwiches because I had so many during Year 11!

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

Peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwiches. Honey mustard with everything!

After school snack memories

Usually it was anything I could grab out the cupboard like crisps or sometimes spoonfuls of peanut butter/chocolate spread. I still love doing that!

Family foods I thought was normal

I once accidentally ate a piece of raw bacon when I was about 7. Luckily it was only a small piece and I didn't get sick from it!

Family foods I thought was normal

I'm British and the thought of butter with peanut butter disgusts me! Ick!

What did you have for breakfast today? Part 2

Peanut butter sandwich on seeded bread and a probiotic yoghurt drink. Probably the healthiest thing I've eaten this weekend!

" bad for you food" that you

Bacon double cheeseburgers, fries, pizza...