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Dinner recommendations

Thanks so much. These are all really great suggestions!

Apr 03, 2014
hotdogsgirl in Chicago Area

Dinner recommendations

I will be in Chicago on business and am looking for dinners that are good for solo dining. I am staying at ACME hotel and would prefer eating close by, but am willing to cab if necessary.
In the past, I have enjoyed meals at Publican, Girl and the Goat, Sable, and GT Fish & Oyster. I am a pescatarian (no meat, fish is OK).
I was thinking about returning to Sable and GT since they would be good for eating alone, but am looking for 2 more places for dinner. Nothing too expensive, similar price ranges as the restaurants mentioned above.
Thanks in advance!

Apr 01, 2014
hotdogsgirl in Chicago Area


Yes, it is available. I live in NDG and have bought it at the health food store on Sherbrooke/Vendome and the one on Wilson near Somerled.

Restaurant Closings - 2010

We were there last Sunday night and they informed us that they were not closing. They put up a new sign because people had said the old one wasn't visible.

Help with celabratory dinner

Thanks for all the help - we are going to go to Jun-I in the end.

Help with celabratory dinner

I am getting my Master's next week and my boyfriend wants to take me out for dinner to celebrate. Instead of getting each other presents we always take each other out for a nice dinner on special occasions. Because of this we have been to many great restaurants (Europea, La Montee, Joe Beef, Garde Manger, Kitchenette, Au Cinquieme Peche, etc.)

We like to try restaurants that we haven't been to before and I'm at a loss for this occasion. My boyfriend eats everything, but I don't eat any meat - I do eat some fish and most shellfish though, so it needs to be a restaurant that can cater to that.

I was thinking maybe Jun-I or the new Newtown, but I'm not sure... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Bazaar Anise or Cuisine et Dependance?

Which restaurant would you recommend for this Saturday night?