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fresh turmeric root... how to use it?

Have you ever tried a drink called Temple (formerly known as Turmeric Alive)?
I ground some fresh turmeric up with a near equal part of ginger (slightly more turmeric), say about a pound altogether in a blender with a liter of coconut water and a few secret spices. Talk about a tonic that will knock your socks off and wake the dead.

parrot cove - Madison heights, MI re: specifically prime rib

It was open and running as of no more than a few years ago. The location you're referring to in "Utica" was actually in Clinton Township. I worked there so that pretty much explains everything to me.

parrot cove - Madison heights, MI re: specifically prime rib

The best place I've diver had prime rib and I don't care if people laugh, was Mountain Jack's. They've pretty much all have went out of business, which is sad, because they became enamored by the whole "steakhouse" fad and rather abruptly went out of business afterward. I used to work their in HS and could've ( should've) stolen a whole treasure trove of their recipes. They had outstanding soups made from scratch everyday. I know they were a chain and I'm largely anti most chain establishments, but I give people credit where credit is due. Last I heard there were still a few independently owned restaurants, one of them being in Madison Heights, but I don't know if they're still in business. To me, what makes a prime rib GREAT, is 1/3 the quality of the meat, 1/3 preparation and spices and lastly, cooking it right- that is NOT overcooking it. They had all those things down to a science. My quest for the search of their rub ingredient list continues...

Honey-Butterscotch Candy

This is outstanding. We substituted Himalayan pink salt for 'salt' and I can't remember whether or not we used salted or unsalted butter- the recipe calls for the latter. Next time we're going to up this recipe to maybe a full teaspoon of salt to suit out tastes.

Dec 21, 2013
chefisanoverusedterm in Recipes

Quick help needed for skimming fat off chicken soup WITHOUT having to cool it down...

I actually have great luck just using a large, flat (serving) spoon and skimming the nasty bubbles before the soup boils. I skim carefully, tilt the spoon a big against the inside of the pot to drain off the broth (which I want!) and then rinse the spoon off in the sink with super hot water and repeat. I've found that the bubbles kinda foam together and attract each other, so you can use them like a magnet to make the job easier. If you wait until the soup is boiling, then it doesn't work. Also, while I haven't used one of these, my father got some device that looks like a giant nylon basting brush, that attracts fat, which was specifically intended for this purpose...I am a bit leary of this though as I don't like 'plastic' near my food, especially when it is super hot.

Impulse buy - methi leaf - what to do with it?

Methi is incredibly DELICOUS. While I have never cooked with it personally, one of my favorite Indian dishes is called Methi Mutter Malai, which is methi leaves cooked in a creamy sauce with onions and cashew powder. It is off the chains delicious and somewhat sweet. I would try making that if I can ever find fresh methi leaves, but I am going to look for some dried ones today. If anybody knows if they are sold dried, let me know, I am also going to look into buying the seeds.

Dolmathes with Avgolemono

Do yourself a favor- throw the beef in some hamburgers and be authentic and use LAMB. Your conscience and tastebuds will thank you.

Jun 23, 2013
chefisanoverusedterm in Recipes


Another misleading recipe from Chow dog. How is this medium difficulty while making german wursts from scratch is easy? Stupid. Also, France's so-called "native pepper" didn't become native until after it was brought to France in the 1500s. Nice try.

Jun 22, 2013
chefisanoverusedterm in Recipes

Frozen Lambic Ice

A raspberry Lambic is called a Framboise. What a hack website this is. They always screw recipes up by omitting classical ingredients or adding something nasty to the dish.

Jun 22, 2013
chefisanoverusedterm in Recipes

Chole (Chana) Masala

This was the closest i've came to making really good chana masala from scratch. My only problem is had a really bad 'funk' from the chick peas. I don't mind this flavor when I make hummus or have them in salad. And I don't mean like they were going rotten, kinda funk either. Anybody have any tips for avoiding this? I even simmered the dish for a good 3 hours.

Jan 24, 2013
chefisanoverusedterm in Recipes

Quattro Formaggi, ANY four cheeses?

I've only had a couple quattro formaggi pizze in my life. Once from a place out of Boston, and also from a place outside of New Haven, CT. While I can't pinpoint exactly what the 4th cheese was, as you were saying, I am certain both these places used Mozzarella, Ricotta, and then from there I am at a loss. I'm almost certain neither place used Gorgonzola, because I know I would have tasted it. It was probably Parmesan and something else. So in my mind, Gorgonzola doesn't have to be one of the 4 cheeses, as both these places made OUTSTANDING pies... but I don't like the ambiguity either, it's like they're trying to hide some of the cheeses from you out of shame (because they're cheaper).