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your best deviled eggs please

Do NOT listen to anyone about their little Devilled Egg additives. I make devilled eggs that fly off the plate and everyone ignores any other food sitting around. I make my eggs so much I am sick of it because I am invited to parties, just because I will bring my eggs. Here goes, I make mine to taste and so will you DO NOT USE MUSTARD!!! Mustard is another wet liquid that will turn a good pastey egg into a runny mess. DO NOT use powdered mustard, all the secret "additives" people are using is to kill the mustard flavor and give a tangy kick, to use horseradish, onion, garlic, wasabi, hot sauce etc. is just never going to kill the mustard flavor. All that you need to use is 2 main ingredient.....Mayonaise and TUMERIC powder!!! Mix it up and add a little pepper or 1 small squirt of mustard just to say you used it, but TUMERIC powder is the mustard substitute. It does not make a runny egg, and also has a natural tang or zest to it. Once you try this, you will never try dill, or spiced mustards, or any kind of mustard for that matter. Mustard should never be used. Now for those out there who do not believe me, try it!! You will now understand the burden of creating the best devilled eggs on the planet, you will be asked to make them at every family function or party. The only reason I am posting this, is so that people can read it, finally believe me, and stop asking me to make them all the time. Really really simple,......NO MUSTARD!!! I was even approached to sell the recipe to a local grocery store so I told them the recipe for free.....and they did not believe me!! It is that simple, no strange spicy additives to kill the overpowering mustard flavor, just dont use it in the first place!

Jul 12, 2012
chrisboehler in Home Cooking

Do you remember vanilla popsicles?

I live in Lebanon Pennsylvania, There is a small corner store that butchers meat there called Morrisey's Meats they have vanilla popscicles there and and I of course asked for a whole case and they charged me $12 for them. They are made by Hershey's Ice Cream. They are twinpop shaped with only one stick. I checked Hershey's website and they are not on the site. I asked the clerk at Morrisey's and they told me they are not even on their list of items to purchase but the rep gets them anyways. They are not listed on the stores buy sheet because they are not a high demand item?? I suggest to you if you know a store that purchases this brand of individual sale frozen items, to request this product. Or drive to Lebanon Pennsylvania if you have to. I put a picture of it on my facebook page if you can find me.

Jun 03, 2012
chrisboehler in General Topics