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Kaiseki in Kyoto

Any post-trip feedback? What places did you love and what would you not recommend (both in Kyoto and Tokyo)?

1 day ago
SoCalSean in Japan

Need help selecting Kyoto ryokan by kaiseki dinner

Did you get any good advice? Any tips for someone going next month?

1 day ago
SoCalSean in Japan

Beaune Area Restaurants

Hi all,

We'll be staying in Beaune for 5 nights next week (mid-June) and are staying inside the city walls, but will have a car. Here are the restaurants on our list so far:
Ma Cuisine
Le Caveau des Arches
Le Benaton
Le P'tit Paradis

Any mistakes? What's missing that we need to add?

Thanks in advance!

Jun 03, 2012
SoCalSean in France