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Spicy Cocktails in the Bay Area?

Hey all

Just moved from the PNW and they are doing a lot of great drinks with Habanero and whatnot. I have as of yet to find anything here in the Bay Area. I work downtown and live in Berkeley, but I am willing to travel for a good cocktail. If anyone is familiar with Portland I am looking for something to rival Andina/Vault drinks....

Oct 11, 2008
SeattleuPersian in San Francisco Bay Area

Puff Pastry, Where to Buy in Seattle

Hey...I have bought puff pastry cold, but not really frozen at DeLaurenti and I used it to make a beautiful baked brie appetizer. It was quite wonderful...hope this helps.

Nov 28, 2007
SeattleuPersian in Pacific Northwest

Great Creole and/or Soul Food in Seattle

Hey all

I have been challenged by a friend to find the best Creole and/or Soul Food that Seattle has to offer. I am clearly highly skeptical that there is anything so I am putting this out in Chow-land.

Sep 27, 2007
SeattleuPersian in Greater Seattle