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Spicy Cocktails in the Bay Area?

Hey all

Just moved from the PNW and they are doing a lot of great drinks with Habanero and whatnot. I have as of yet to find anything here in the Bay Area. I work downtown and live in Berkeley, but I am willing to travel for a good cocktail. If anyone is familiar with Portland I am looking for something to rival Andina/Vault drinks....

Puff Pastry, Where to Buy in Seattle

Hey...I have bought puff pastry cold, but not really frozen at DeLaurenti and I used it to make a beautiful baked brie appetizer. It was quite wonderful...hope this helps.

Great Creole and/or Soul Food in Seattle

Hey all

I have been challenged by a friend to find the best Creole and/or Soul Food that Seattle has to offer. I am clearly highly skeptical that there is anything so I am putting this out in Chow-land.