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Where is the Best Lobster in Ogunquit Maine plus other must eat places?

I've only had the fresh lobster, not the rolls.

good to know...was that recent?

Saturday morning breakfast in Burlington VT

Henry's is pretty good food except for the coffee but I like a strong dark roast. We walked from the Hotel Vermont, on the earlier side and had no problem with a booth.
Had a the special Benedict, tomatoes, spinach and homemade hollandaise. Can't vouch for the hash tho.

I can't launch the menu from my chromebook, but that might be chrome


Where is the Best Lobster in Ogunquit Maine plus other must eat places?

Not in Oqunquit but not far away is Chauncey Creek.

Fun place to eat, very casual. Fresh lobster.
not a huge menu, and I believe still a BYOB spot.


Cape Neddick has several seafood/lobster spots that might be worth checking out.

Masterchef returns with new judge

from the Chicago Tribune:

He's absolutely fine, and he's headed back to Chicago," Ramsay said about Collado, 29, a Wicker Park model/engineer who consistently placed well in challenges. A FOX spokeswoman said Collado left for "personal reasons" but would not elaborate. Collado declined an interview request through the spokeswoman.

Recommendations for Vacation Cooking Class?

The CIA offers Saturday classes in a lot of different areas.
The NY campus is beautiful and would be great for a long weekend, but it appears the classes are offered in several areas.


Jun 03, 2015
grumpyspatient in General Topics

Between Burlington and Nashua, NH

My youngest is starting college in Burlington VT this coming fall...this is great info. Thanks!

Fried clams around Seabrook, N.H. or Kittery, Maine


BG's boathouse is pretty good, and a nice view on the back deck depending on the weather

A little fancy, feels like a good value, veggie friendly?

I would add the Helmund to the mix, in Cambridge. The menu is light on fish but makes up for it on the vegetarian side.

Nice room, service and not too loud.

Best place for seafood dinner

The one in Salem is pretty good too, near the Peabody Essex museum. Not sure if the ferry from Boston is running but it might be worth looking into.


A vote for yellow peeps...all others are impostors!


Bring your shopping cart back where it belongs, please!

Eons ago in central MA, Donelan's Supermarket had a conveyor belt with bins that ran from inside the front of the store out to the the sidewalk.
Your (brown) bagged groceries were put in a numbered bin, you were given the corresponding number on a tag and drove up to the front of the store. Hand your tag to the young man and he opened the car door and put your groceries in the car. Very civilized.
No run away carts in the parking lot.
I always wanted to ride in bins but that wasn't allowed

Mar 19, 2015
grumpyspatient in Not About Food

Saltwater Taffy in the Offseason

Ye Olde Pepper carries taffy and I think have several stores as well as mail order. Haven't had theirs...prefer the half dips,
so I can't vouch for freshness.


China or stoneware - what is a good forever pattern?

We are a fiestaware family, lots of colors though not just one.

I can replace a setting or a piece and its been around for ever.


I eat it my way

In Spain we had smashed eggs for dinner, spanish ham, potatoes and fried eggs all mixed together
really good...

Feb 16, 2015
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Madrid - a first timer's experience

I wish we had discovered the 9th floor earlier in our trip, had coffee and a sweet there one afternoon. We wanted to have lunch but left the next day, looked like fun.
Our trip to Madrid was great, short but very interesting. We ate all over, never ran into any language or cultural barriers.
We just ate when we wanted to, sometimes late, sometimes early.
Seemed to work out for us.

Feb 16, 2015
grumpyspatient in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona-trip report, adding 2 more to my reviews

We were at Toto last September (twice I think) we still talk about that cauliflower. One of the best things we had on our trip.
Also enjoyed the ragout at Toro.

Feb 09, 2015
grumpyspatient in Spain/Portugal

Crab cakes to cook at home?

We've had good luck with the ones at the Andover Whole Foods fish counter...is there one near you? Not sure they are all made the same.

Costco or BJ's membership?

It was probably a couple years ago. I was a member for a year and liked it well enough. but just prefer BJs. the one by me is new-ish and has less of a warehouse feeling.

Jan 25, 2015
grumpyspatient in Chains

Costco or BJ's membership?

I think I got a pass at the service counter at Costco, not a trial membership.
It was good for the day.

Jan 25, 2015
grumpyspatient in Chains

Costco or BJ's membership?

I think it depends on what you want to buy.
I found BJs to stock items I wanted (and knew) while costco had less recognizable names and less of the household things I would need. not a criticism of Costco, just a preference.
Both offer a temporary pass, I would recommend checking both out to see who offers what you would use the most.

Jan 24, 2015
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Am I the only one who doesn't brunch?

fair enough. but what would brunch be to you? do you ever have eggs, pancakes, waffles etc after 10-11:00 am?
or it just wouldn't appeal to you then?

I could eat that anytime of the day...is that brunch?

Jan 04, 2015
grumpyspatient in General Topics

Am I the only one who doesn't brunch?

Brunch to me is a late breakfast, after 11:00 or so. Its not a buffet which is hardly ever worth the price regardless of the meal nor does it include alcohol.

It does typically include eggs, toast and whatever...bacon, home fries, hash, pancakes-whatever I did not eat at 7:00 am that now appeals to me. Sometimes its breakfast for dinner.
My youngest son's favorite meal.

And its usually at home.

Boagman-I get the feeling this is not what you are describing/disliking.
Its the Mother's Day buffet brunch at the Hilton with a complimentary rose for mom as well as a mimosa or bloody mary for each adult diner. Carving station with standing rib roast, ham and turkey and a complete dessert table that will send the kids over the edge.

Two different animals?

Jan 04, 2015
grumpyspatient in General Topics

March vacation with good local produce?

Take a look at Sarasota. March airfares have pretty reasonable in between school vacations.
we really like the beaches, museums, and the downtown.
They run one of the best farmers market on the weekend.

restaruants are pretty good and I would suggest a day trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa. they have some great exhibits especially the razorback gorillas. a little less frenetic than disney for a little one.

I would recommend checking out airbnb.com for accommodations, good prices and locations.

Sibling dinner in lieu of Christmas presents

Coppa came back to the forefront in another post...might be a good spot. the menu is pretty good although the beer selection could be considered weak? Worth considering.

what is a good restaurant near Mass General hospital

always enjoy the Paramount on Charles after my appointments.

Looking for a Peppermint Pig in the Boston area

Give Cardullos in Harvard Square a call, they may have them for the holidays.


Weekend In Barcelona - What Not To Miss

We had a really good lunch at Paco Merlago on a Sunday afternoon in early October.
we walked in, probably on the early side but I do think they take reservations. Among several really good dishes the baked scallop was a stand out.

Dec 06, 2014
grumpyspatient in Spain/Portugal

Holiday Gift Baskets

I have several transplanted new englanders in Florida and gift baskets from Stonewall for holiday breakfasts seem to be pretty popular. real maple syrup, bacon, pancake mix, pretty good jams, all things they could get in Florida but probably wouldn't..its a nice treat and a bit of home on Christmas or New Year's mornings.

I've sent seafood baskets too and have found that legal seafood is the most reliable. (Those are always appreciated.)

Dec 03, 2014
grumpyspatient in Not About Food

Thanksgiving Dinner in Portsmouth NH or Kittery ME

Good to hear, thanks for the update!

Thanksgiving Dinner in Portsmouth NH or Kittery ME

How was Warren's buffet for Thanksgiving?