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breakfast on I-93 in & around Boston suburbs

+1 on the Irish Cottage

about 22 hours ago
grumpyspatient in Greater Boston Area

Once I tasted ___ from a farmer's market, I could never go back to the grocery version.

Iceberg Lettuce. The CSA we were members of put heads in for a couple of weeks. Couldn't believe the difference. We had the best wedge salads and lettuce wraps ever.

Oct 18, 2014
grumpyspatient in General Topics

Thanksgiving Dinner in Portsmouth NH or Kittery ME

Wentworth by the Sea offers both a buffet and a prix fixe dinner on T-day. About $50.00 per person, before tax and tip.
I would guess other hotels in the area would offer dinner as well. But Wentworth would be the best, quality wise if you are thinking of a hotel for dinner.

I would give Mombo and The Library a look, they might be serving that day.

Retire where?

Barcelona! or perhaps downtown Sarasota if you want to stay in the US. Although that may be a bigger community than you might want.

Oct 16, 2014
grumpyspatient in Not About Food

The food's terrible...and such large portions

Cracker Barrel...salt salt salt.

Once was enough....blah!

Oct 11, 2014
grumpyspatient in Chains

Where to buy dry-aged, Iberian pork chops (and other BCN-related questions)

We just got home yesterday from Barcelona and Madrid. We rented on Valencia in Eixample and right on the corner was a butcher shop that I know has several different cuts of beef and pork,as I would think you'd find in your neighborhood.

We also went to the Boqueria and you should definitely check it out. Its a little touristy but has some great stalls.

The local supermarket we visited had a pretty serious meat counter with a butcher.

We ate out more than we should of but plan to cook in more on the next visit.
I hope you have Paco Meralgo on your tapa list, its really good

Have a great time, we hated to leave.

Oct 10, 2014
grumpyspatient in Spain/Portugal

Hamburger and mashed potatoes?

Sorry....was running errands yesterday. I was late to the boards!
If you do make it, I just remembered that Accent (in the red shaker) must be used. ;-)

Sep 28, 2014
grumpyspatient in General Topics

Hamburger and mashed potatoes?

I forgot the ketchup, it was like a second vegetable on the plate!

Sep 28, 2014
grumpyspatient in General Topics

Hamburger and mashed potatoes?

Growing up my Mom would make brown onions in the cast iron skillet, throw the hand made (sometimes hand ground) patties into the pan and cook.
Pull them out and make a pan gravy with a water, maybe a bullion cube and flour. Served with homemade lumpy mashed and peas.

Comfort food!

Sep 27, 2014
grumpyspatient in General Topics

ISO north-of-Boston stores with extensive wine selections

I would second the wine connection. they often have tastings all day Saturday. And they will order most anything if you ask. and beat NH State prices.


New Tapas Place in Woburn Center?

thank you very much...we're really looking forward to the trip!

New Tapas Place in Woburn Center?

OT-but I am heading to BCN next week, any recommendations?
I've been monitoring the Spain/Portugal thread but would be interested in your thoughts?

Trader Joe's YAY/MEY/NAY - September 2014 [OLD]

Pantry moths or any kind of infestation, never been a problem. I suppose if there were issues along that line I would be less annoyed as it would be a regular routine. But its not, and the change makes no sense, unless TJ's got a really really good deal on the bags.

Sep 19, 2014
grumpyspatient in Chains

Trader Joe's YAY/MEY/NAY - September 2014 [OLD]

yes, we have thought of this, but why the change?
makes no sense....silly really.

Sep 18, 2014
grumpyspatient in Chains

Trader Joe's YAY/MEY/NAY - September 2014 [OLD]

Not a food Yay/Mey/Nay but a big NAY for the new rice packaging.
We eat a fair amount of rice and like the basmati but the opening is 2/3's up the front of the bag now, instead of along the top. Difficult to pour with any control and only smaller measuring cups fit inside.

I know one of us is going to be sweeping it up from the floor one of these nights.

Sep 17, 2014
grumpyspatient in Chains

Vermont Creamery Maple Sea Salt Butter, Stonewall Farm Maple Bacon Onion Jam

We have had the butter in the house once. It went in a flash, on toast, baguettes, pancakes and the best-on french toast.
Haven't bought it since.
We do like the regular butter with sea salt too and buy that more often

WF in Andover carries it, in the soft cheese display, not the regular dairy section.
Its a nice treat for the holidays.

Sep 15, 2014
grumpyspatient in General Topics

wk end buffet greater lowell area

The Bamboo Rest. in Westford offers a dinner buffet. I have found the lunch buffet pretty good for the price, can not comment on dinner.

There is always Kimball's for dessert.


Help me plan my Lobster Roll Quest of NE Mass, Coastal NH, and SE Maine

I would add B&G's Boathouse, sitting on the back deck with a chowder and lobster roll would be a nice lunch.


Lawrence-Andover-North Andover Eats

Has anyone checked out Karma in Andover, Rt 28 plaza next to the old Marshall's space. Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisine.
The menu is pretty comprehensive which makes me wonder if the chefs can do justice to all the items offered.

I can not find a website although there is a resto by the same name in Westord. So maybe a connection.

Seeking deep fried calamari with Asian dipping sauce

the thai calamari at Sweet Basil is usually pretty good.
I know I have seen it or a version of it, on most thai menus.


Market Basket

we were in the North Andover store this morning. Steady but not crazy as it can be on a Sunday morning.

No alot of yogurt (fage) but plenty of milk, cheese etc.
and most meats were stocked although not the ribs were were considering for Monday.
And there was plenty of fresh fruit and veggies.
the staff had cake for all the customers, to show their appreciation. I felt like I should be bringing them cake.

good to be back!

Finally, Mary Chung: order what?

We had lunch at Mary Chungs today, a back to college/end of summer celebration. Five of us, 2 over 50 and 3 under 21.
My husband and I could not convince the youngsters to order a couple of plates at a time, so all at once we had
dun dun noodles- a little heavy on the peanut oil/sauce for me, but I did eat my share.
peking raviolis-never a favorite of mine but loved by everyone one else
wonton soup-looked great but did not try
Rice pearls-really good, especially in the chow show sauce
Suan la chow show - could eat this all day..so good.
Scallion pancake- really good, nice crisp and a good foil for some of the spice. Should of ordered more than 1
Pork and Veg bun-did not try only because it was inhaled, apparently it was very good.
chicken wings - nothing special
beef shanghai noodles- good earthy mushroom dish with glass noodles and veggies. we all enjoyed a bite.

It was fun and good, just what we expected. will be back for more suan la chow show, especially when the cold weather arrives.

Best places to eat near York Beach, Maine

that does sound vile, how long ago was that?
and did you speak to anyone besides wait staff?

Best places to eat near York Beach, Maine

Check out Chauncey Creek. Its a beautiful spot, the food has always been good, and you can bring in anything they don't sell including beer and wine.

From York its easier to get there the it would be to the Lobster Pound and you are sitting on the water. There is covered seating,
I would recommend a late lunch, early dinner.


Ogunquit recs for Sept '14

I would add Frills to your list for this, beach wear, jeans, whatever.
its off shore road, down a little alley under umbrellas. food is really good, small bar scene.


How do I replace Hamersley's as my "go to" special occasion restaurant? (Very detailed list of criteria inside!)

its in cambridge, its afgan not french american or Italian and does not have champagne by the glass but the Helmand is easy to get to, has parking nearby, and is an intimate classy space.

the food is consistently good, service has always been great, lighting is low-key and personal. I would only be comfortable dining there in skirt/dress and heels and I don't think my husband has ever dined without a jacket. To us, its that kind of place.
Maybe it this is an opportunity? Expand the perimeters?


Pay by Check no more!

I miss Carberrys....

Heinz 57 Sauce

glad it might work out....the candy and crisps are really why I go!

Looking for light and upbeat or soothing conversational cooking shows

I really like Kevin Dundon's Irish Cooking.
He is on Create TV and PBS. very low key, but some nice recipes.

Heinz 57 Sauce

Last time I was here they had Heinz 57 from England, as well as several other interesting sauces/condiments.
Might be worth a trip, and you can stop at Kimballs for ice cream.