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CHOW Ginger Beer

@joheff for all intensive purposes the 'bug' is the yeast. You can experiment a bit and set up multiple bugs at one time, and if you find you like you can use it to inoculate multiple bug jars and carry on a particular strain you've found.

Dec 18, 2012
marcos2 in Recipes

Sodium Hydroxide ?? for Pretzel Wash

Just to add onto to this a bit. I've worked with lye a bit between soap making and other projects. Some precautions that should be added, keep a bottle of vinegar around as a neutralizing agent in case your get some on yourself or in your work area, add the lye to the water (not the water to the lye) or you'll get to enjoy a volcano of caustic solution all over you and your work area. Rubber gloves, the kind you use for washing dishes are helpful. If any of it splashes, clean it up immediately, it'll ruin the finish on a counter.
I've been dancing around the idea of using lye instead of baking soda and egg whites for a while, pretzels just don't turn out 'right' any other way it seems. If I get some down today I'm going to try it.

Jun 02, 2012
marcos2 in General Topics