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iso canned/jarred sour cherries

I'm pretty sure you can get them at Akhavan Supermarket in NDG.

ISO mint julep mix

Just got back from New Orleans and looking to make a nice cold Mint Julep. Can anyone tell me where to buy Dr. Jack's Old Southern Gentleman's Mint Julep Mix or something similar? It's really just a minty syrup (minty sugar water).


Smørrebrød ingredients in Montreal?

Do you have any info on the Danish Christmas Market? I'd love to go, but Google is not helping me find anything like it in Montreal. Any tips?

11pm reservation a APDC

Hi everyone! I'm having some guests visiting from out of town and the only sitting we could get at APDC is 11pm. One guests suggested that such a late reservation might mean a more limited menu - is this actually likely? I would think if they will made a reservation that late, then they have everything on the menu to offer!

Anyone been to Baci in Ottawa?

I've been to Baci a few times, it's on Dalhousie in Ottawa, but this was about 7 years ago. I found a couple reviews online and they were positive, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it's still as good as I remember?

I remember the gnocchi being pretty good (this coming from an Italian too!) and the tomato sauce was really nice too. The decor and service were great.

Is it still the same?

Looking for a pancake supper!

Are there any pancake suppers going on tonight Mardi Gras in Montreal and near a metro stop?