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Thursday lunch in Milwaukee

Nora B was in Elm Grove. Yelp lists it as closed.

Sep 10, 2014
ciao59chow in Great Lakes

fee-fi-PHO-fum in Milwaukee

Well, don't bother with Pho 43. It has closed according to the local paper. Was open from February 2010, but no more. Too bad-- they served a good hearty bowl of soup...

Sep 13, 2013
ciao59chow in Great Lakes

fee-fi-PHO-fum in Milwaukee

Pho Hai Tuyet II at Blue Port (brown deer & Port Washington) is # 1 on my list as the best pho & Vietnamese food. But Pho 43 on Miller Park way & Pho Lovers on Hwy 100 just south of Good Hope are also both excellent as well. You wouldn't go wrong with any of these 3. Must also mention the little food area in the Asian/ Hmong market on 76th & Mill Rd. Pho seems really popular there & probably exactly what you would get in the "old country". Haven't tried it there, but it always looks really good.

Aug 25, 2013
ciao59chow in Great Lakes

Fried Rice frustration in Milwaukee...

the Oklahoma location definitely has 2 menus. I only ever order off the Chinese menu (their beef chow fun is really good!). And oftentimes I'm the only white person there amid a lot of Asian faces-- that's how I know it's THE place to go for Chinese food. I have a friend who does a lot of business over in China & he said Fortune is as good as any place he's eaten over there. I consider that the best recommendation..

Aug 10, 2013
ciao59chow in Great Lakes

John's Lunch

was just in Halifax last week. Went to both John's and then Fredie's Fantastic 2 days later. My vote is for Fredie's. Their batter was lighter, and the pieces a little bigger... But both were great.
The poutine was better at John's & the crowd was bigger there. Now I wish I'd known about the Battered Fish...

Aug 04, 2013
ciao59chow in Atlantic Canada

Ludington, MI

Chuck Wagon on the road to the state park has the best pizza I've ever had. That and the ice cream place, House of Flavors, on the main street are must eats...

Jul 09, 2013
ciao59chow in Great Lakes

Wisconsin good stuff - Chicago to Oshkosh to Manitowoc?

when you get across to Ludington, presuming the boat is running, you might stop at Chuck Wagon (on the road to the state park). the owner, Rick, is a good guy and they make the best pizza I've ever had. Almost worth taking the boat across just to eat there!

May 31, 2012
ciao59chow in Great Lakes