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Went for brunch and went back for dinner just to be sure that it was as great as I thought. Precise, lots of work in the plate, lightyears ahead of basic pulled pork and tatooed's chefs (finally!). It's one of my highlight of 2012. I agree the decor is completely dull and need to be change. And forget about the name. You should go.

Ripples ice cream (Montreal, Plateau)

Yes, plain vanilla. But they also sale some with chocolate ice cream.

Ripples ice cream (Montreal, Plateau)

Bo-Becs is right next to where I live. Last time I was there was 10 years ago and it was disappointing. Never went back. So I thought about giving a second chance today. SnackHappy, I still prefer Ripples's kulfi. You can taste better the spices at Bo-Bec but the texture is not right. As for homemade ice cream sandwiches they have different flavors. I tried the traditional one. It was ok and tasted good of Graham cookies

Ripples ice cream (Montreal, Plateau)

I think Ripples is ok. The kulifi flavor is worth a try and, as far as I know, you can't find it anywhere else in Montreal.

25 Montreal Restaurants Over 25 Years Old

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