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New Thomas Keller Book

So I see on there is a new book by Thomas Keller listed for October 2008.
It's called 'Under Pressure' which makes it sound like a biography, but the list price $80 ish, makes it sound like a cookbook.... anyone have the inside scoop?

Apr 10, 2008
logicbored in Food Media & News

Restaurant Makeover at Massimo's

I just went by and it was re-opened. It does look better but almost looks like the cheque bounced and RM buggered off early. Had a margerita slice and it tasted as "2-day old" as this joint has become. Disappointed.....

Lentils de Puy....

Morning all,

Does anyone know anywhere in downtown Toronto to find Lentils de Puy?
I looked in SLM at the weekend with no luck...

Whilst I know that aren't going to be the most economical lentils, a place with good pricing would be good.


Per Se on Queen St. W.

haha, I see.... the drake-ification of queen street continues...

Per Se on Queen St. W.

Is it definitely a Thomas Keller Per Se though? I'd find it hard to believe....

If it is, love him or hate him I think it can only be a good thing for the culinary standing of Toronto..