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Is Filipino food embarassing?

A family member and I were discussing the failure of Filipino restaurants and our conclusion was that some workers can be very unwelcoming to new customers, especially those who may not appear Filipino. Filipino food is part of my childhood, but walking into such a restaurant is a gamble. Having a food service worker who won't even look their customers, asks them their purpose at the establishment, or appears to talk about them in Tagalog and laugh- it isn't even worth it. Restaurants that rely on a set of regular customers that throw parties every once in a while and eat the same food there occasionally that they can cook at home while giving poor customer service to new customers won't survive. Some non-Filipino people and the ambigiously raced half Filipinos love them some sisig, siopao, sinigang, mechado, dinuguan, too.

May 29, 2012
Grubbins in Greater Seattle