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Best BBQ Near Harrisonburg?

What is the best BBQ places in SW Virginia, preferably near Harrisonburg or in that area around I-81? Going in a couple of weeks to the area and want to see if any recs.

I know about Blue Ridge Pig - used to be great but haven't been in years. Is it still good? Any other spots?


Blue Ridge Restaurant
2340 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20007

Cooking Lessons in DC Area

Thank you all, much appreciated.

What's the 2nd best sandwich place in DC?

Ah man, was reading this entire long chain wondering if I should chime in about Litteri's or not - since everyone else had missed it I was kind of into keeping it under wraps - but I guess that isn't the spirit of this board and you outed them anyways.

Easily the best sandwich in DC - only the Italian Store is really close - and the shopping (especially the cheap cheap cheap cases of wine) make it a must trip.

Cooking Lessons in DC Area

Newish cook wanting to learn actual techniques in the DC area - I can and do cook but have never been taught proper techniques or skills and think I'd like to learn.

Would like a place that is convenient to downtown DC and is affordable.

Appreciate any recommendations.

Need Food Platter Delivery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas for Funeral

Thanks. I had seen that post and ended up calling Local Flavor. They could not have been nicer and more helpful on the phone. If I ever get to ES they are going to be my first meal.

Jan 08, 2010
pios76 in Central South

Need Food Platter Delivery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas for Funeral

Hey all,

Close friend just had a family member pass away in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and the family has gathered for the funeral. I'd like to send them some platters of delicious food for while they are gathered since I can't make it down there.

Not knowing the city at all I have no idea what would be a good idea. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Jan 08, 2010
pios76 in Central South

Scotch Tasting Near West Palm

Great. Thank you much.

Scotch Tasting Near West Palm


Looking for a bit of a high end bar that would have an extensive scotch menu and could do a tasting for a small group somewhere near West Palm Beach. Would probably be willing to go about an hour away for the right spot.

Would like it to be a nice bar since it is for a birthday event.

Any suggestions?

Store with Large Selection of Kim Chee

Need to buy a bunch of different kinds of kim chee for a Korean friend's party. Any suggestions on super markets that would have a bunch of different kinds I could buy.

I live in DC but am willing to go to Annandale if necessary.


Best Authentic Thai in Metro Area

I like Kanlaya Thai more and more every time I go. Downtown in Chinatown, 7th and H I think, next to Chinatown Express and under Burma. Although it is hard to walk past the great cheap food at Chinatown Express, but you asked about Thai.

Real Dry Ginger Beef in DC????

Anyone know where to get authentic dry ginger beef in DC? Often when you see it here, which is rare already, it is a stirfry type dish with shoestring carrot and celery slices, some liquid sauce and big hunks of beef. The authentic good stuff is usually very dry, very crunchy, good amounts of garlic and no veggies mixed in. Plus the slices are the thickness of a finger, not a big hunk.

I'd love to find a place with it here but I have so far failed.