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Our Preferred Ensenada Restaurants

Manzanilla is open wednesday to friday from 1 pm to 1am
There is also a very nice Oaxacan place on Ruiz in downtown in front of Trocadero wich is a clasic bar . The tlayudas and chapulines are fantastic The name of the place is Agave . closed sun/mon

Apr 11, 2011
bigotes in Mexico

Our Preferred Ensenada Restaurants

If you have any touble finding Haliotis let me know but like I said the big winner is Abulon Ayala the rest is just so so

Apr 11, 2011
bigotes in Mexico

Our Preferred Ensenada Restaurants

It has hapened to me quite a few times it is the reason why I don't post much anymore
I own some of the mentioned places .....

Apr 11, 2011
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Our Preferred Ensenada Restaurants

Hello triidogg my post was responding cmbn post nt yours . La Guerrerense is on top of my list I've lived in Ensenada for 15 yrs and I cannot say wich are my favorite spots cause the chowhound police would edit me but barra azul is just average in my standards -- diferent strokes diferent people
regarding your coment about me praising mahi mahi I don't know what are you talking about since I posted almost at the same time a post saying about my 3 experiences at mahi mahi wich were worst each time so let me make it very clear that my opinion about mahi mahi is way below average or lower .
Haliotis for the Abulon Ayala is a must try , just order that .

Apr 11, 2011
bigotes in Mexico

Ensenada...The good...the average...and the questions

Mahi Mahi is a big succes among some of the local croud specially for the size of the portions and the cheap prices. The quality of the food is very average if not below I've been there 3 times and each time was worst . The fish was old and frozen the shrimp had amonia taste service was nice wine was good . I'll give any place three strikes so Mahi Mahi is out for me

Apr 10, 2011
bigotes in Mexico

Our Preferred Ensenada Restaurants

First I would like to say that I'm a fish / seafood fanatic , my life is all about the sea .
So to state that Barra Azul is the best seafood restaurant in Ensenada ..... Plaese !!!!!!
You should go around , Barra azul is good it's true but as far as the best long shoot .

Apr 10, 2011
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"Bizarre Foods Show" on the Travel Channel Does Baja

Muchas Gracias Bill !!!
the other day a customer brought a copy of the show and both Solange and I loved it .
Carlos with his squid sutff with balls awesome !!! Huevos .
the dressing he did for the goeduck was really good . Smoked Tuna roe ,olive oil lime juice ready .....
Un abrazo

Jul 17, 2010
bigotes in Mexico

News from Baja, Ixtapa,DF and a little Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires

The 13 new restaurants in the Travel & Leisure list are :
Nobu Df where I have to say the space is quite something as for the food the best thing I had was teh baby bluefin from Ensenada !
Oca Df
I ate here a few months back and I have to say it was very very good the space is very beutifull too the chef Vicente comes from michelin star restaurant in Valencia.
La Leche Puerto Vallarta
Astrid y Gaston Df
Becco Al Mare Acapulco
Kitchoan Monterrey
Ambar Playa del Carmen
Morton's Df
El Farallon Culiacan
Negrosal Playa del Carmen
Azul y Oro Df
Xaak Df
Bakea DF


Mar 04, 2010
bigotes in Mexico

Rehearsal dinner recommendations in San Miguel de Allende

Try the Restaurant the chef there is very talented
his name is Donnie Masterton

Mar 04, 2010
bigotes in Mexico

News from Baja, Ixtapa,DF and a little Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires

It's been way too long .
I think it has to do with the fact that no one writes about Baja any more... there used to be at least a couple of posts a month about the subject I don't like being depresed ......but after a very nice dinner in a new Ensenada restaurant and a post about the unavoidable question of " IS IT SAFE DOWN THERE ?" I have been inspired to write these post.
In the Ensenada scene these are the latest things hapening , the fantastic Oaxacan restaurant that was on the entrance of Ensenada at Viento moved to downtown on Ruiz st. past Hussong's just across from el Trocadero a great old style bar, the name of the restaurant is el Agave the food is as good as what you would eat at the market in Oaxaca Tlayudas,Tasajo, Chiles de Agua one of my personal favorites just roasted with lime juice salt and dried oregano fantastic you sweat so much from the spice that it is like a psychodelic experience . They of course have a great selection of Mezcal , Pierde Almas is a very up and coming brand they have a few diferent ones we had a minero that was fantastic and tobala wich was delicious, very smokey and vegetable. A very down to earth menu of the day wich had Albondigas that were grandma level !
Also on Ruiz st. across from Pueblo Cafe more towards Papa's & Beer there is a new little Oyster type bar called Ultramarino very good seafood an a great place to sample many of the non comercial Baja beers like Cucapa , Tijuana and my favorite from a small producer in town called Stingray a dark heavy beer not for every one my compadre would say ! Ultramarino belongs to the same guys of Barra Azul further into the town, if you are into artisanal beer these is the place ,good music and ambiance.
El Sarmiento comes from chef Guillermo Barretto from Mexicali , he owns La Piaza restaurant in Mexicali . It is located in Viento where the Oxacan place used to be beatifull ocean view , these is where we had dinner tonite .
The menu is divided into small plates and large plates .We ordered tacos de lengua they came with a red radish salsa avocado and cucumbers very nice very simple very well executed. Pulpo asado con salsa de chile Guajillo The octopus was cooked just right well seasoned with a very elegant guajillo sauce . We also tried the Bruschetta with smoked tomatoes baby arrugula and jamon serrano nice too. For the main course we had a beautifull Pizza I would have to say probably the best one in town !! Nice and thin crisp crust toppings just so fresh an full of flavors , It makes me very happy to see how the Ensenada scene keeps evolving with quality offers. The phone # is 646 1759467 there hours are wed. to sat 3 to 11 pm sun, 3 to 6pm .They have a nice house wine done in San Antonio de las Minas and a great plus is that La Contra wich is the wine store in Restaurante El Parque has another branch there in Viento
La Contra has probably the most extensive selection of Baja wines, the # is 646 1758325 closed monday. You can order from the store for the restaurant. Other good Baja news is the visit of Bizare foods to the area thanks to the support of streetgourmetla who is not afraid to cross the border, Andrew had a great time I'm sure It will be a great show .
The Mexican edition of Travel & Leisure anounced for the second year a list of the best 23 restaurants in Mexico in an unpresedented act in the industry 13 restaurants did not make the cut for 2009 the top ten list includes both Laja and Manzanilla !!
The other eight are Casa Oaxaca , Pujol DF, Pangea Monterey, Nectar Merida, Biko Df, Cafe des Artistes Vallarta, Jaso Df, Tezka Df.
Last year I was hired to cook at the Ixtapa Club Med for the independence day of Mexico Sept. 15 . First I was so curious about Club Med all my childhood I had heard of it but never went, so when the offer came I jumped at it .I did a first trip to visit the resort and meet the chef there his name is John Black , the truth is that I was a little sceptical about the whole all
inclusive idea . But to my surprise I have to say the quality of the food is remarkable ,in all aspects the Mexican food is so so good fresh tortillas and salsas with different things like tongue tacos ,enchiladas,enmoladas etc. executed impecable by what chef Black calls mis "Señoras¨ ladies from Zihuatanejo. The crew in the kitchen is from many parts of the world Chef Black himself has worked in Europe,Japan all over . Each night a great buffet is prepared
with different flavors from the world with top ingredients. The souschef was from Tunisia and one day he made a carpaccio of mahi mahi with lemon juice,salt and grounded clove that was superb. The festival was a great sucess we brought very nice Baja ingredients .
On my first day at the resort Chef Black took me around to introduce me to the guest and among them was a couple from Orange County that when the chef told them that they should go and visit Ensenada their faces changed instantly an the gentleman just started to go on and on about how he will never ever go to Ensenada ......... He said that driving across the border never ever again !!! Wel imagine the chefs face we ran away and headed to the Bar to have some Mezcal ..... So I go back to the question is it safe ? To the ones of us who live here in Baja the answer is yes . Our industry is dying ... but the love for wine and food of the people in the industry is too strong we just have to share it with the mexican tourist and the few brave tourists to come across. (just don't wear your Rolex at Adelitas ,Paris etc. or outside the golf course for that matter.
Going back to Ixtapa I take my hat off for the food at the Club Med.
DF News Chef Pedro Martin has now left Tezka he was the last of the Arzak chosen chefs in Mexico he now runs Jaleo on Emilio Castelar in Polanco little nice tapas place on a great location . The big news is that Jair Tellez of Laja has opened a place in Condesa the name is Merotoro he has a wb page I haven't been there yet , can't wait . I've heard very good coments the address is Amsterdam 204. And before it becomes a controversy Laja is up and running too Andres is in charge with the whole crew that Jair trained, the fact is the movement of the valley is almost non existing since all the great news! So Jair is giving it a shoot in Df . he will be here during the summer and back and foreward.
We now have a TV show called Benito y Solange you can watch it on Dish in the states next to the border I don't know the chanel It is a chanel called Utilisima you can see the details it comes from Argentina . The episodes were recorded in Buenos Aires, where I have to make some recomendations too best Pizza was a place called Los Inmortales just great. La Brigada is a must for meat lovers we had some lamb tongues in vinagraitte fantastic , great biffe the place is covered with pictures of Maradona I was mad I diden't eat there more times. Pura Tierra by Martin Molteni was a very nice experience everything is cooked in a clay oven there are no burners in the kitchen impecable. Tomo 1 was the best experience so fancy yet so stick to your ribs flavors service wine food was perfect.
We cooked in Sao Paulo for a weekin a restaurant called Oba in Jardims if you need a Carnitas fix in Brazil these is the place Hugo the owner has very good quality Mexican food, along with Thai , Brazilian and Italian specialties. We ate at a fantastic place called Mocoto I'm talking cantina type place with hundreds of different Cachacas I ate Sarapateu wich is made of lung,heart and blood Solange was not so thrill but me I loved every bite . Along with many good things. DOM with my friend Alex Atala was just simplicity at it's best we ate there two days and both nites were incredible.

Hope it's not too much info

Mar 01, 2010
bigotes in Mexico

Best Octopus in the hospital ever !!!

Hey I fell like I haven't posted anything for so long .... probably months if not almost a year !!!
But the Octopus I'm talking about is so good that I was just moved to pass the information along.
Don't get me wrong I have to talk about Sau Paolo and Buenos Aires along wit a fantastic trip to Oaxaca and Ixtapa ,, Vendimias etc . but i wil post about that later .....
Back to the Pulpo a la Gallega / Octopus in the style of Galicia
David Lynch would absolutly love the setting you have to go to (DF) the Hospital Español / Spanish Hospital on Ejercito Nacional 613 right next to polanco and inside the hospital is a restaurant called Salon Rojo .
You have to walk inside the hospital to get to a big dinning room well two or three now that there is no smoking in restaurants . In one of the dinnig roos there are two huge copper kettles in one Pulpo a la Gallega in the other one Carne al Caldeiro .
Simplicity at it's best !! the octopus cooked to perfefection served on a wood round plate with olive oil sea salt and pimenton picante with wood toohpicks because metal should not touch the octopus so says the tradition ! To acompany potatoes coocked in the same brooth with olive oil ,sea salt pimenton picante .The first time I ate there was about five years ago and I had been dreaming about it since . I was in Df a couple of weeks ago and I opened the news paper and there it was " Pulpo al Caldeiro Salon Rojo " I was jumping up an down I was so happy I told Solange we are having Octupus for breakfast at the hospital !! She just looked at me like ??? .... My expectations were more than surpased the octopus was as good as I remembered if not better. A friend of mine took me there for the first time to eat cocido gallego wich is a fantastic soup/meal in itself they do that once a month these restaurant is like a well kept secret from the spanish comunity in Mexico city prices are very reasonable good wine selection , spanish of course .Once a year they bring a Pulpeiro from Galicia who is an octopus specialist (cooking octopus there is a religion) to do a festival .
The festival will go on to december 20 th
So if you are in mexico city and like octopus don't miss it !!
The carne al caldeiro was shot rib cooked in a broth in the coper kettle pot served with olive oil,sea salt and pimenton picante !! with of course the same potatoes ..
It was really good too honest stick to your ribs home cooking from Galicia in the spanish hospital in df ??
I wil post pictures later just wanted to share the octopus before I take for ever to post and the festival would be over .
salud !!!

Nov 20, 2009
bigotes in Mexico

Rincon Del Parque Ensenada

Yes its tue Jair is no longer operating Rincon de Parque , it is a very sad thing but we have been hit very hard ........ First with the violence then the economic crisis and recently the swine flu !!
Things down here for restaurants are very tough .
The restaurant is now run by Hugo´s wife Gloria in the kitchen is Ismene who ran the kitchen when Jair was in charge of the place , I ate there the first day they opened I have not been back but Iwill post soon with details of the new menu.
I have another sad anouncement to make the glorious taco stand Asadero el 17 has changed hands also and the quality went down the drain !!! Avoid the place. Tacos el Paisa is a million times better.
I do have a very good recomendation to make , on the street that you go into the Mercado Negro a new place has opened it is called La Cocedora de Langosta the owners are of Japanese origin and are involved in lobster and clam fishing I have been buying from them for years. These new venture is just what Ensenada needed it is a fish store with a great selection of local wines and a small restaurant they feature a different assortment of ceviches , for the opening they brought live lobster from Baja Sur because up here the season is closed, Favio who runs the kitchen worked with me both at Manzanilla and Silvestre ,he also worked at Laja he is a very good cook he made for me broiled lobster wth a guajillo,ancho, thahini topping that was completly delicious, I had not had a lobster so good in a long time . I´m not sure how long will they have the live lobster,but when the season opens remember to go try it. They have two tanks with live abalone, goeduck clams and the lobster. I also had a Clamato with abalone that was very nice.

May 25, 2009
bigotes in Mexico

No Mi Casa: the real scoop on Cabo eating.

I insist try La Frida in Pueblo Bonito Sunset....

Mar 01, 2009
bigotes in Mexico

Authentic food near Nikko Hotel Polanco


Here is a quick list

The bests cochinita tacos at El Turix on Emilio Castelar going towards Mazarik I am not kidding THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic habanero salsa they only serve panuchos, tortas, and tacos all Cochinita , It's across the sreet from I'l Punto Italian restaurant. Walking distance from the Hotel.
Tacos El Farolito on Newton has great carne asada , costilla and chuleta ask for the special salsa. It's cooked over charcoal one of my favorites.
Los Panchos has some of the best Carnitas In DF the caldo de pollo is good to they have a dish called petroleras that is like a giant sope very good. You probably need a a cab to get there from the Niko.
Almost across the steet is El Bajio a great Traditional Mexican restaurant that features food from Veracruz, don't miss the plantan empanadas filled with black beans.It's on Campos Eliseos and Alejandro Dumas. If you want fancy try Pujol Mexican or Biko Spanish. I haven't been to the W restaurant Solea but the chef there is getting good reviews. Also an all time classic in Polanco are the Conchas (Mexican pastry) at Bondy also very close to the hotel., they run out early.

Feb 18, 2009
bigotes in Mexico


El TUrix on emilio castelar has fantastic cochinita pibil tacos and panuchos, very close to the park.Some of the best in town super cheap also. La casa portuguesa very good spot for breakfast,and bacalao for lunch; but if you want to try some of the best conchas (mexican sweet bread it sounds wierdl in English) in town go to Bondy I think it's on Newton walking distance from the hotel they run out of the Conchas early. Don't go to la Valentina or La chimenea. if you want the fine dinning experience in Polanco go to Biko on Mazarik it's not Mexican but it's one of thr best places in town avoid Nemi

Jan 30, 2009
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Any information about meat and produce suppliers in Baja California?

The best supplier by far is El Sargazo , it's a company that was started by Pablo Ferrer who is an Oceanogapher from the local university (Ensenada) UABC . Pablo has a great love for food , back when I was the chef for the Santa Tomas winery (about 12 yrs ago)I meet him when he was still a student he would get in the kitchen and help . We would have guest chefs come for the Vendimia festival mainly from Mexico city , when they saw the produce available they would flip out. Pablo saw the oportunity and took it . He is now the most important quality fish supplier in Mexico all the top restaurants in the country buy from him. the company has expanded and the have a division in Cabo called "Gastronomica Los Cabos ". He now sells many other things than fish Oysters, clams, mussels Fam raised like organic vegetables, he is the ditributor for the Ramonetti cheese, olives, olive oil. They also import many items into Mexico from California specially for the restaurants in Cabo. Very nice pork also Funny story the pork is shiped from Canada to Tijuana to be butcher (cheaper labor) , relly nice pork. When you come into the Ensenada bay you can see some circles in the ocean that's where they have the blue fin tuna getting fat to be shiped to Japan , Sargazo can get it for you no one else.
There is in the Santo Tomas complex a store called Peras y Peras they have nice produce
right next door is pescaderia Garo they have many nice things too it's a fiha place but they carry organic produce from local producers.
It is a very sad thing to say but in general the handling of fish in Mexico is done in a bad manner. An example Mercado de la Nueva Viga in Mexico city handles more fish than any other on the planet including the famous Tsukiji market in Tokio but and is a BIG but the handling in the most part sucks... If you don't know your way around fish you could get something not so nice.There is a lot of quantity but not quality. I guess it's a cultural thing.
So back to el Sargazo , the handling of the produce is top level.
The #in Ensenada is 646 1758505 i(Idon't have the # for Cabo ) f you have any problems contacting them let me know

There is a farmers market type thing going on on wednesdays at Rancho El Mogor in Guadalupe, go early because they run out of things fast

There is another company that brings things from the states Importadora del Pacifico.

Meat .... what can I say most restaurants buy their meat at Costco .....
We have it shiped fom Sonora by plane , for Manzanilla and Silvestre .
There is a company from Mexicali that I can't remember their name they carry good meat I buy from them Criadillas (Rocky mountain oysters) Kidney and oxtail. if you are interested I can get the info . La Canasta is a big meat supplier in Ensenada you can find lamb, pork , beef, duck mostly imported frozen. I think it's on second st. just before the river.(dried)

Jan 20, 2009
bigotes in Mexico

Ensenada Baja Mexico "Gastronomic Adventures 2009"

You beat me to the report !!!

I agree with everything , I've been there twice already and both times it was excelent.
They also have great Chapulines (crikets or grasshopers) many americans are put off by them but I seriously recomend them , traditionally they are boiled in lime juice with garlic I guess they dry them, and thats how they are sold . After that they are sauted, acompanied with tortillas, guacamole and a pasilla salsa. Chapulines were a big part af the native diet great source of protein.And taste Great.
I also had Chiles de Agua rellenos con quesillo very nice and hot.They do lunch and dinner wednesday to sunday ,breakfats saturday sunday.
The black beans are great with lots of hierba de conejo ,like sitting in the market in Oaxaca.

Jan 19, 2009
bigotes in Mexico

Where to buy Mexican Chocolate?

When something is good and fresh you can tell.......
Ferret I am very sorry that you have never smell or tasted a fresh pod of Vanilla from Papantla the smell is so sensual and the flavor is so perfect . I really wish one comes your way.
And For the Chocolate
El Mayordomo is an excelent brandnot so easy to find
Ibarra and Abuelita are good too almost any supermarket would have them.

Jan 18, 2009
bigotes in Mexico

Ensenada Baja Mexico "Gastronomic Adventures 2009"

I have the same picture !! I took it for my friend the cheese maker and thought of the chowhounds too !!
Great tour
Pretty much covered everything , there is a new Oaxacan place where the viento develpment is goint to be past el sauzal on the ocean . I will post about my experience (wich was pretty good) there soon . They also opened a very nice wine shop.

Jan 14, 2009
bigotes in Mexico

Xmas Lunch/Dinner in Mexico City?

Christmas day is a very difficult one for restaurants in Mexico, I would recomend one of the big hotels Four Seson's, Camino Real , the W.
good luck

Dec 23, 2008
bigotes in Mexico

Manzanilla, Ensenada



Can't tell you how happy we are .... felt like giving birth again .

There are many details still to be done but the new Manzanilla is now open . Gracias a dios .

The hours will be from wednesday to saturday 1pm to 1 am the phone is the same (646 175 70 73)it should take a couple of days to start working , our web page is beeing updated.
The 31st we will be having a New Years party and close the 1st . We wil reopen friday .
The # for Muelle tres is 646 1740318
As for the violence in Tijuana what can I say ? Yes it's true a lot of stuff is going on there but just don't wear a gold Rolex and a shiny Hummer in a bad part of town at the wee hours. There are good places to eat a great taco in Tijuana but if you rather not risk it just drive by T.J and head of to Ensenada. Most of the violence is drug ralated , but hey don't temp your luck with the Rolex thing.
Laja is closed for the season but they took over the space of 623 it is now called Rincon del Parque they have some nice home made sausages , pizzas and other nice things it's on the corner of parque Revolucion . There is a wine shop that carries most of the local wines

Salud Happy holidays !!

Dec 23, 2008
bigotes in Mexico

Learn Me About Sake

Que onda Compadre !

I find you in all the interesting places of the chow !
I love Sake I can't say I'm very knowledgeble about it but I know that Hakaisan is one of my favorites , I'm triyng to remember the name of a bottle offered to me by Chef Ota at Sushi Ota in San Diego that was like angels pissing in my tongue ! I wil post it . Sake and ceviche works wonders , oysters and habanero..

Nov 28, 2008
bigotes in Beer

Manzanilla, Ensenada

Hi D

You are absolutly right I will show our designer your post to see if he gets motivated ! and helps me out .....
If you call Manzanilla your call will be sent to Muelle Tres, once we open it will be the # of the new location.

Very soon I hope is after thanks Giving ...

Nov 24, 2008
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tortas & tacos near polanco?

El Turix on Emilio Castelar has fantastic cochinita pibil tacos and panuchos, it's north of the park going towards mazarik. I MEAN REALLY GOOD.....
For carne asada El Farolito on Newton great costilla
Los Panchos are some of the best Carnitas in town
Quesadillas Maria Isabel very good too

Nov 21, 2008
bigotes in Mexico

Cabo San Lucas

Try La Frida in Pueblo Bonito Sunset.

Nov 19, 2008
bigotes in Mexico

cali girl visiting monterrey for a long weekend!


I'd like to add another place here is a copy of a previous post on Monterrey

Title great find in Monterrey !

I was invited to Monterrey last week to participate in a cooking event , and my friend chef Guillermo Gonzales who owns several restaurants in the city told me you have to try these new restaurant you are going to love it . He was totally right I was completly blown away by these little place called Fonda San Francisco It's a tiny place probably no more than 20 seats . From the outside it looks like any fonda but as soon as you walk in you can tell it's not a fonda at all, pretty cool decor and lighting the walls are covered with ceramic sculptures of prehistoric fish and other things they were made by the chef who was a sculptor for nine years before changing trades and becoming a cook. Adrian Herrera is his name The menu he gave us consisted of the following coconut soup with ginger and chile morita served in a small "Jicara" at first the flavors were very mild but wit every sip they became more and more intense he told us that the coconut were fresh and he made the liquid with the pulp it was a very interesting soup, Soft shell crabs wit cilantro oil very well executed, A light Mole with mushrooms a great version that is made with avocado leaves and hoja santa my taste buds were in exctasis at these point the Mole was very light more like a thick salsa but the flavors of the avocado leaf and hoja santa with a perfectly well cooked mushroom were perfect harmony I believe the chile he used was ancho it was not too spicy just enough. "Pipian de cacao con pollo " another winner the pipian was nutty with hints of almonds and cacao the chicken was nice and moist Then another Mole with plantan and pork, the sweetnes of the plantan with the spice of the mole and the fat from the pork worked perfect he explained that these is from Tampico because of the afro/caribean influence in that part of Mexico. Then came a dish made with garlic, brocoli , beef and I think it was chile morita much spicier then the other dishes but I personaly like very spicy so I really enjoy it, very much like a chinese dish except it came with home made small corn tortillas that were perfect to make little tacos. A small Shrimp broth that was thickened wth corn flour perfect to calm the palate after all the spice of the previous dish.Then another fantastic dish house smoked local cheese seved with nopales (cactus) and agave honey beautifull the acidity in the nopal went perfect with the sweet and the cream of the cheese wtih the deepnes of the smoke. I think around here most of the table stoped but myself and two other cooks asked for more so then came pork loin served with house cured jalapeños serranos and garlic the loin was like carnitas with the cured chiles that were previously seeded and deveined and the garlic good balance four ingredients that complemented each other perfectly well. Enchiladas with chile pasilla, white cheese, shreeded beef and mushrooms some of the best I've ever had they were bite size. I believe that was it I might be forgeting a dish or two. For dessert we could only try some house made sorbets zapote negro wich was fantastic one of my favorite mexican fruits, Peanut ice cream and coconut with vanilla. The chef told us he has been ther since 2006 that he is opening in a bigger loction a place that will be called "Paso del Norte" it will open in a couple of months. The addres for Fonda San Francisco is calle Los Aldama between Vasconselos and Garza Ayala big yellow letters outside Phone # 8336 67 06 I beleive area code for Monterrey is 818. If you go to Monterrey don't miss these place Believe Me !

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bigotes Feb 12, 2008 03:10AM

Nov 13, 2008
bigotes in Mexico

No Mi Casa: the real scoop on Cabo eating.

The chef at Esperanza when I did my previous post Flynt Payne has now left the resort I think he went to Oregon . I haven't been there since he left I'm sorry to hear that because I had there a huitalcoche lasgna that was fantastic.
Try la Frida in Pueblo Bonito Sunset you will not be desapointed I was there a couple of weeks ago and it was very good . He does Gorditas de Bacalao en salsa verde that are really good
I also ate at Fellinis In Pueblo Bonito Rose very nice Italian both restaurants are runned by the same chef he also runs las Palomas wich is the restaurant next to the pool in the same hotel the food there was consulted with Ricardo Muños Zurita who is the chef for Azul y Oro in UNAM in Mexico city a very important reasercher of traditional Mexican food. I would strongly recomend to try it. The other thing I heard was that Charly Trotter's C restaurant in Palmilla is not there any more and that Jean Georges wil be taking it over. I also went to Evaristos and the Aguachile is still to kill for .

Nov 13, 2008
bigotes in Mexico

Manzanilla, Ensenada

Hello every one !

Yes we are relocating but as you can imagine when you start a construction you don't know for sure when it's going to be finished ..... So the new location is blvd. Teniente Azueta 139 right in front of the shipyard, where the old entrance of Ensenada was.
We will be ready very soon and when it hapens I wil for sure post it .
Meanwhile we are opening Muelle tres Tuesday to Sunday lunch and Thursday to Saturday dinner.
The season in Silvestre is now over
Salud !!

Nov 13, 2008
bigotes in Mexico

Eating in Polanco, staying at the W

I also like Charco de las Ranas the chuleta adobada is very good, chicharron de queso is a clasisc there one of the first places that did it. Expensive yes .
Azul y Oro is in the centro cultural universitario right in front of the sala Nezahualcotl , open only for lunch, the duck pouches with mole negro are out of these world !!! They recently opened another one in the ingenieria building in ciudad universitaria.

Oct 17, 2008
bigotes in Mexico

Any acceptable restaurants in Cancun????

Hello when I firt read your post I had just been back from Cancun and I don't know what to tell you ! The Me by Melia hotel is having a festival called Celebrity cooks and every month at the Beach House and at their Silk restaurant they will feature a special menu by some of Mexico's most talented chefs. I heard that the Aqua Hotel is consulted by Martha Ortiz or Patricia Quintana. I ate at a place called John Grey's downtown the food was good but not particularly what you would expect for traditional cuisine from the area it's more continental well executed food. They have two more locations.Their selection of Mexican wines is very good . I also had amazing Lechon tacos (suckling pig) the thing is that they open at 3 am I don't remember where they are but I can find out.

Oct 02, 2008
bigotes in Mexico