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need ideas for egg substitute

I am so glad I found this board tonight! I, too, am allergic to eggs (red zone off the charts allergic) but am not vegan/vegetarian and have few other sensitivities to foods. I want to check out the chia seeds and chia gel which might be a great alternative to flax. Do those of you who use chia regularly know if this will work in cooking desserts like custards, flan, or creme brulee? Does the chia have a distinct flavor of its own? I really miss making these types of desserts and I haven't found anything that works very well.

May 29, 2012
CJNinSeattle in Special Diets

Low sugar or sugar-free homemade ice cream/sorbet or gelato recipes needed please?

Before reading this post I had never heard of WheyLow. They make an excellent product and its Type D granulated WheyLow is even more suitable for diabetics. But now, two years after your original post, VivaLac makes a WheyLow for Ice Cream which is specifically blended to make smooth, wonderful tasting, no sugar added ice cream! Thank you 'ceashel' for sharing!

London restaurant rec to celebrate engagement?

Not sure what you're looking for, but there is a fun kind of funk meets chic place in Mortlake (SW London) that serves some of the best food we ate during our most recent trip there (Mar 2012). It is called Don't Tell Fred. Very convenient taking the train (destination Hounslow) from Waterloo station. Mortlake is one of the last stops, after Barnes, just before Richmond. Don't Tell Fred is a short walk down Sheen Ln. Check it out at where you can look at pictures. I considered the price moderate+ but certainly worth the good food and certainly not the most expensive place we ate. Plus it was fun, and it was our anniversary.

May 29, 2012
CJNinSeattle in U.K./Ireland