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Mezes: Another one bites the dust on the Danforth

in the early 90's was excellent they had that small store front about 5 down from where they are now. it was an intimate local, with a small menu of tapas. just like all the greek restaurants (i bought a house in the hood in 1994). none have kept up quality and the neighbourhood has changed to that boring hipster crap.

best take-out sandwiches to take on the train?

Rahier on bayview does beautiful sammies. veggie, beef, chicken on their homemade bread. can't go wrong $6-$7.99

new dim sum on danforth beside square boys

anyone see the sign for 7 dim sum opening on danny right beside the little strip of square boys? any info. also the old works burgers doesn't look like much construction for the shopsy's suppose to be going in there>?

Royal Beef

When we first moved to the Danforth in 1995, we loved royal beef, very loyal customers we were, and Paul was a very loyal proprietor to all his neighbourhood clients. Unfortunately after Paul passed away it was never the same for us. I would on average spend at $100 a week in there. I was turned off 4 years ago when i made a comment about the $60 racks of lamb i got (all fat). Carmen shrugged it off like "oh well" never went back. I'm liking the new Stock and Trade near Greenwood.

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

Sorry but parking easy on dundas near spadina in the p park.also not dirty cleaned every night by the trusty union paid toronto city workers. And for the gwai-lo no that is happening in maybe 10 percent of the restaurants. I don't know when the last time u were there but I live very close by and on any given day u have ur asian older contigent in tow at all the restos and then ur smatterting of tourist which in this city are golden because no one wants to come here anymore.

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

Why do u avoid spadina and dundas like the "plague"? That area has many great restaurants. Mother dumplings on spadina used to be the best when they were small scale then they became too popular and dropped in quality. However that has been ironed out and they are just as good as they used to be. The danforth location is the same. Same dumplings same service a bit pricer maybe. But I didn't find any difference. Its a great family run business that for the $$ we should all go to. Let's support a mom and pop business that works.

Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ: opening soon at Pape & Danforth

i agree with you. my god give the guy a chance!! he just opened and spent a tonne of $$ trying to make the neighbourhood a good neighourhood he's just a guy that needs our support.

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

sounds interesting. something new to the danforth menu. mavericks had numerous owners and didn't make it so maybe this will be the stick in there

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

not the same owners

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

it's not the same owners. mother's dumplings is on spadina. the one on gerrard is ok but they are not the ones opening this location.

Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ: opening soon at Pape & Danforth

the owner lives on greenwood so used that in his name of restaurant. close enough

Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ: opening soon at Pape & Danforth

they opened last night and the ribs were terrific so were the sides. they had a problem with a water leak that delayed opening today. i'm looking forward to trying the wings

Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ: opening soon at Pape & Danforth

why wouldn't torontians know bbq? some love their swiss chalet like my 75 year old mother but the rest of us are well equipped to understand what bbq should be. let's give it a chance and the people of east danforth toronto a chance to try and like. who cares if they use wet vs/ dry if it's good let's patronize the restaurant and help out a mom and pop resto.

Sushi/Korean on Danforth near Coxwell

Havent been back as away on holidays will check it out again in the fall after all the "new" is gone. BTW deca has 5 food trucks coming to East Lynn Farmers market this Thursday. that should be interesting.

Sushi/Korean on Danforth near Coxwell

Neighbourhood Guy, Is Deca a clique of only certain people? i have emailed to volunteer many times. never got a response.

Sushi/Korean on Danforth near Coxwell

someone in the DECA blog loved it, so glad they did, i want these restos to make it, i do to, but honestly it was probably the worst sushi ive ever had. wanted to like sooo much.

Sushi/Korean on Danforth near Coxwell

we went friday night, i hope they make it. they didn't have 4 of the 8 sushimis on menu. and when the sushi dinner came all the fish was lukewarm. It wasn't good, much like a mall meal $19.99 for this $10 for a saporro, husband had korean beef, not good either. bill was $60. We were asked how the food was and did tell them our concern (it is early days). They did nothing or said nothing to rectify. nice reno though

"The Wren" on Danforth -- anyone heard about what it's going to be?

That's so funny we had the same thing.
I think they need to iron out some details. But a quaint addition to the neighborhood.

"The Wren" on Danforth -- anyone heard about what it's going to be?

Weird techno music was playing but not loud the room was crowded but noise level tolerable

"The Wren" on Danforth -- anyone heard about what it's going to be?

Went tonight had the chimichanga $15 and burger $12 the places renovated okay not for a crowd of over 50. I found it strange that owner wasn't out there asking people how everything was. Will try again in a couple weeks and see how everything is but I'll give it a six out of 10

Columbo's Pizza on Danforth

the realtor sign now says `sold`wonder what it will be

1820 Danforth ave East Cafe Di Pietro

I saw a liquor license application in window. anyone know anything about it? i hope its not just one of those Italian "clubs"

"The Wren" on Danforth -- anyone heard about what it's going to be? here's a link to more about the wren

Columbo's Pizza on Danforth

In the last month they have been closed During business hours and they no longer had the hot table. That's too bad the owner was such a nice guy and the rice balls fantastic

New to Greenwood

For meat the butcher at marsellis (danforth west of donands ) is excellent. Prices very reasonable and wide selection. Closer then royal beef. That's never been the same since Paul died.

"Sauce" on the Danforth

They now have a 20's inspired cocktail list. The small app menu is done by Carolyn hogg previous owner of threes company on the danforth. Thursday night packed at 6 for the piano player.

"The Wren" on Danforth -- anyone heard about what it's going to be?

I heard it was going to be an Irish pub from the owners of sidewalk cafe they know the landlord

Three's Company--mediocre, go in with low expectations

they sold the business, the paper is up in window. i hope it's something better then a glorified breakfast/brunch spot.

Paulette's in Leslieville - any info?

you must have went to chicken joy on a bad day, which ive never had. popeyes is sooooo greasy and stockyards is all batter no flavour.

McGugan's - Scottish pub at Gerrard and Jones

my review: 3.5 stars. I like McGugans, the place was a little kitchy british pub but that's what it is a pub. The brunch menu served from 9-3 on wknds it is classic breakfast fare just more upscale on plating & quality. Our server was very green and young..but soo nice she did have to consult kitchen on a few things but that's ok, she's learning. The beer unfortunately is not as cold as you would want it on a hot day. The bartender did put our pint glasses in fridge to cool down or ice up for us so the subsequent one(s) were cold. The eggs bene was perfect just what you would expect the hollandaise was light and lemony (one of the orders had a bit overdone hollandaise so the lemon was lost). They offer $5 brunch cocktails (ceasars, bloody marys and mamosas) during brunch. I didn't find the prices over the top.

The order:
lrge ceasar salad $8.95
full fry up with black pudding $8.95 (black pudding very moist)
2x eggs bene $12.95
one mamosa $5
5 pints $6.75 each

Busy enough for 2pm. will be back to try regular menus