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Critique my Vancouver visit schedule

Solid choices. I personally prefers Dynasty over SSW, but others' opinion may differ.
Sea Harbour in Richmond at BridgePort is a convenient stop on the way from the airport, and in my opinion is as good as Kirin. Either way you can't go wrong with both choices.

anyone been to Vicino Pastaria & Dlei on East Cordova, Vancouver, BC.

Went to Vincino last weekend and enjoyed it. Very fresh ingridients, and pasta is excellent. Quality is consistent to Nicli next door. Will go back for sure.

Vancouver 3 Day visit - on a budget

Nook on Denman is worth trying for casual Italian. If Neapolitan pizza is your thing, Nicli Antica Pizzeria near gastown is one of my local favorites. Kingyo on Denman is another choice for Izakaya and they have good selection for lunch as well. Also can't beat Bella Gelateria for gelato on a warm summer day.. just my two cents :-0