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Hervey Bay and then Brisbane on a Sunday/Monday

We'll be driving from Adelaide to Brisbane and then down the coast and back. We'll be staying in Hervey Bay, then Fraser Island, and then down the coast. We'll be in Brisbane on a Sunday/Monday. So Ortiga has closed, Esquire and Urbane are both closed Sunday-Tuesday.

I've read the old thread, but quite a few have next choice for a Sunday/Monday meal. Cost is not a factor (my present to myself for getting my permanent residency) and can't do seafood (partner allergic). Thanks for your help!

Mar 04, 2014
kellymc in Australia/New Zealand

Breakfast/brunch with in 30 min of LAX

Landing with my Australian boyfriend at 6:30am on a weekday on my first trip home since moving to Oz. A friend who lives an hour outside of LA is picking us up at terminal and dropping off before next flight. Flight for Chicago leaves at 1:30pm. Factoring in 2 hours for customs and 2 hours preflight that gives us 3 hours to catch a bite to eat and maybe a quick stretch of legs.

Any recommendations that factoring in am traffic wont be more than 30-40 minutes? And yes our luggage will be in car, though not much as I plan on shopping while home :)

May 12, 2013
kellymc in Los Angeles Area

5 days in downtown with a country boy

Yes I did mean Rick bayless. And I hadn't found much near McCormick, but I don't mind walking to Chinatown. I think the hardest thing about a new city is not knowing what's doable location wise due to highways, traffic, public transport issues and not knowing who's closed which days/meals! Thanks for the ideas. I'll keep perusing old threads too!

May 06, 2013
kellymc in Chicago Area

5 days in downtown with a country boy

I'll be in Chicago in July and will be bringing my Australian partner/bf while I attend a 5 day conference for work. He has only been to Sydney once, and otherwise lives an hour from a city of less than a million. I have been bringing him up to speed on food, and he's been amazing about trying everything I give him. We'll be staying downtown at State/Kinzie. As a native St. Louisian I have been many times to Chicago and am fine with taxi/train/walking, but will be limited on time due to conference. I'm looking for suggestions that I may be missing or new since I left home or something you would say is a cant miss for a first time USA/Chicago visitor.

My plans are as follows:
Thursday night: delivery of Gino's East, plan on crashing after 30 hours of travel
Friday night: city winery with friends from vet school
Saturday: friends picking and organizing, so no worries on this one
Sunday was going to be vivere before Book of Mormon, but closed Sunday so Teserie or tratorria 10?
Monday: open, maybe try for one of bobby flays? Scratch that idea. They are closed on Mondays. So back to new ideas.
Tuesday: bin36 as around corner from hotel and flight to catch from midway at 8

Sadly wont get a chance for breakfasts. If I get a chance or need a break from conference any suggestions near McCormick place for lunch?


May 06, 2013
kellymc in Chicago Area

East Tasmania

In Melbourne now (from Adelaide) head over Sunday to Sunday. Staying with friends family in Hobart and luanceston and will have a car. I'll check out that site tonight.

Mar 07, 2013
kellymc in Australia/New Zealand

East Tasmania

A friend and I are starting in Hobart and headed up the east coast to Bay of Fires on to Launceston over 8 days. Good food is the only requirement whether its a dive or Like the Quay. Any restaurants or foodie must dos?

Mar 03, 2013
kellymc in Australia/New Zealand


We're going to Bali for a week in December. It will be my first trip there, and my partner's first trip abroad. We'll be in Ubud the first half and then moving on to Kuta/Seminyak.

I've seen lots of options for Ubud, but not much for the East side other than a few cafe types. Lookin for good local food. Looking for at least one nice meal for my birthday.

Options? early dinner and one late

It is that surf school :) place to get a good cocktail or wine on a Sunday night? I could still head to that pub and just have some drinks. Or the other idea would be a place that does great desserts/drinks.

Aug 13, 2012
kellymc in Australia/New Zealand early dinner and one late

I am headed to Sydney again for a surf school south of the city. I am in search of an early dinner on Friday. My flight lands at 3:30 and my pick up @ 6:15 at Central Station. So looking for something right near the station or someplace right along the rail line.

On Sunday night I arrive back in Sydney at the same location. I have no hotel booked yet, so anything along the rail line to the airport where there may be a cheap room (my flight back to Adelaide is at 6am :o).

I am sooo looking forward to more Sydney food (last time was Rockpool, Mrs. Gs, Cafe Moreso, and Pyrmont)

Thanks :)

Aug 13, 2012
kellymc in Australia/New Zealand

Single diner in Sydney

Just wanted to thank everyone. Thought I'd post back after the trip :)

Rockpool for lunch: best meal I've had since moving here three months ago, service for the tshirt and jean girl as a walk in was stellar. I had a chicken dish with curry dauphines

Ended up eating dinner with the couple I was staying, but grabbed a quick dessert creme brulee with passion fruit at Pyrma.

Cafe Moreso for bacon and egg gnocchi in the morning. Great views, and good food.

Ms. G's for lunch with the lamb ribs. They were awesome. Had the lemon tart with marscopone ice cream for dessert, nice and tart.

Too full for dinner on Sunday :(

Was in Bondi on Monday, and Iceberg was closed :( grabbed a quick wine at Fix on the way out of town.

Overall I was thrilled with the food in Sydney. The prices were high, but not higher than I expected. The service was so much better than it has been in Adelaide. I can't wait to go back and add some more to my list!

Jun 28, 2012
kellymc in Australia/New Zealand

Single diner in Sydney

I'm working on Adelaide spots, just trying to find my way through the schnitzel! I am also still suffering from being spoiled in Denver/price shock.

Thanks for the options so far. I would love one nice dinner (read expensive) with the other meals more about fun location/good vibe with solid food. I don't have a huge appetite, so small plates, tapas style tend to do really well with me so that I can try 2-4 things rather than 1 main. My favorite foods normally are ethiopian, indian, mexican, thai, vietnemese...but I"m always up for trying new things.

May 28, 2012
kellymc in Australia/New Zealand

Looking for good, cheap(ish) eats near Capitol Hill, Denver

May 28, 2012
kellymc in Mountain States

Single diner in Sydney

I'm an Denverite that's recently moved to Adelaide for work. I am going on my first trip to Sydney at the end of June and planning out some options for eating. I was a huge foodie in Denver, and am a little sad in Adelaide so far.

I will be in Sydney for 3 days staying in Pyrmont. I would like to have to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and maybe a bar or two options. I'll be on public transport or walking (don't mind walking 30+min). My current plans include a rugby game on Sunday afternoon, a tour of the Opera house, and maybe Harbor Bridge. I'll eat about anything (except organ meat), and I've read other Sydney threads, but would like to find some places that I won't stick out/bother staff as a single diner, bonus if it's a social enough place I can chat with others.

May 27, 2012
kellymc in Australia/New Zealand