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If you're planning to visit Lotus of Siam this summer.......

Gotcha. Speaking of the buffet, I was glad to have read up on these boards and ordered off the menu. I'm sure the buffet is just fine, but it looked primarily like the typical americanized fare. We were happy to explore something more authentic (and delicious).

Jul 02, 2013
mtl_eat in Las Vegas

If you're planning to visit Lotus of Siam this summer.......

Visiting Vegas for the first time, LOS was one of the spots on the must visit list. A bit concerned by the no RSVP policy, but we had no trouble. We arrived at about 12:45 for lunch today, a Monday, and while the restaurant was pretty full we were seated immediately and had a great meal. Won't get into any detail of the meal here, but it lived up to hype in my eyes. Wow!

Jul 01, 2013
mtl_eat in Las Vegas

Deep Dish Pizza?

I'm not generally a fan of Domino's, I find it really pricey for what amounts to a very average pizza. That said, I was intrigued and tried the pan when they first launched it. Found it tasty, much like Pizza Hut as Cookiehead described. A good substitute for PH for a better price *if the $9.99 special is on.

Definitely not a deep dish pizza though, just thick and greasy crust.

Charlie Palmer Steak Cut of the Week--A Simply Superb Steal

Wow, that looks like great value for $48! I'll be in Vegas the first week of July - will definitely check out the menu for that week.

One quick question - what does 'unlimited pour' on the wine mean? It sounds too good to be true!

Jun 12, 2013
mtl_eat in Las Vegas

Deep Dish Pizza?

I ended up buying the President's choice brand at Maxi, was pretty tasty but not earth shattering as SnackHappy mentioned.

Sidenote: was intending to buy the Little Caesars one as well for variety, but it's not available in Canada yet.

Deep Dish Pizza?

Thanks. I've had the frozen one too, I was pretty impressed for frozen pizza. It's my fall back at this point. I didn't know about Detroit-style deep dish - will have to investigate.

Deep Dish Pizza?

Hey gang,

Long time lurker, first time poster. I've pulled advice from you guys countless times in the past but can't seem to find an answer to this one by searching threads.

Is there any notable deep dish pizza in Montreal? Someone special to me has a craving and with her birthday coming up, so I thought I might deliver.

I've seen ads recently for the Little Caesars deep dish, but I'm so underwhelmed with that place that I have a hard time believing it will be any good.

Thanks in advance!