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How many people buy supermarket chicken and meat?


I certainly sympathize with your sentiments. I am a student on a fixed income and thus I cannot afford the luxury of organic poultry/meat. As a whole, the price organic food is prohibitive. Those who vehemently condemn those of us who do not purchase organic produce do not seem to take income into account. Individuals whose wages are hovering or below the poverty line spend 40% of their income on food. Due to the increased cost of organic produce/meats, individuals could be spending 50-60% of their income on food. Is this not unethical to humans? We are constantly barraged with admonitions to eat health and condemnation for those who do not, yet we do not provide a means for the have-nots to purchase better quality foods. Even conventional supermarket food has increased in price. I have noticed that in the last year the amount of food I can purchase for the same amount of money has declined slowly but surely. My only compromise is that I will purchase organic condiments and bread. My nutrition rule is simplicity. I try to purchase foods (although not 'organic) that are close to their natural state. When I cannot, I purchase the organic equivalent because the ingredient list is simple and does not contain crazy chemicals that I do not want to have in my body.

Jun 03, 2012
MelanieV in General Topics