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Provence Delices, Cabbagetown?

I have always loved this place. The food has always been very good and the service is great. I would go more often but they really don't make many concessions if you do not eat meat. I do go for the fish, to sit on the terrace and the wine. I would highly recommend this place.

Osteria Ciceri e Tria (Victoria St)

We just came back from Osteria Ciceri e Tria and I have to write about my experience. We used to come here when it was Terronis and my partner and I were waiting to see what changes would be made.
We arrived at around 7 and the place was very busy. They told us we could have a table provided we could clear out by 9. That suited us fine since we were with my daughter and wanted a quick meal anyway. They briefed us on the menu and how to order. We went ahead and got the antipasti and a pasta dish. We also ordered a salad. They brought us bread, olives and olive oil right away along with drinks. I have to say that the service was better than good. The staff were smiling, helpful and organised. I am a vegetarian but my partner and daughter are omnivores so we split the antipasti among us so that I had the veggie stuff and they had the meat. It worked out just fine. There was so much food that I was worried I wouldn't be able to eat the main course. In the meantime the head chef explained what a number of dishes were to my partner. We found out he was from Bologna and a bit homesick. When the pasta arrived I realised that mine had small amounts of some kind of ham in it and I realised that I should have doublechecked before I ordered. We asked the chef what kind of meat was in the pasta and he immediately realised what the problem was. They were so incredibly gracious about the whole thing and they quickly gave me the same dish sans the meat in pretty good time. Now this was clearly my fault but they were brilliant about it. I found the food to be the best I have had in long while - fresh, innovative Italian food served up without pretension or fuss. It is my kind of place. I will go back and next time I will ask. I cannot recommend this place highly enough but judging by the crowd standing outside waiting to get in at 9 pm the place hardly needs my recommendation.

Staff Christmas Party on a very tight budget

Thanks so much to you, JamieK and Cat123 for the supportive suggestions. We are going to go to Betty's on King Street. It is a great place and I have eaten there before and know the food will perfect for our group. The staff have been incredibly helpful, very efficient at getting back to me and not at all daunted by our budget. Betty's gets a happy crowd in and we have a place to let off steam.

Staff Christmas Party on a very tight budget

Thanks for your help!

Actually we have found a place and the reason the budget is tight is because the staff (arts workers) are paying for this themselves - we are not well paid, it is an expensive time of year and we wanted to go out for some kind of meal. Tax and service are on top of that as is what we are drinking. We did find a bar that we all like on King Street that was willing to do a lot of good finger food (with protein) within our budget and have made us very welcome.

Perhaps the right attitude pays dividends rather than the miserable, pessimistic approach suggestion you offered.

Staff Christmas Party on a very tight budget


Does anyone know of a place to have an office party of around 18 people for around $20.00 a head (before alcohol)? We were bumped out of the place we had booked and now need to find another. We are looking around the Front Street area and we need a place that has vegetarian options. A lot of places are booked up like C'est What etc.

Thanksgiving in London, ON

I am going to London, ON for thanksgiving and I am looking for a place to have a fairly traditional thanksgiving dinner on the menu. It is a party of five with one child and I am a vegetarian. We haven't had much luck in the past with London restaurants. Can anybody recommend something with a vegetarian option that isn't pasta or gnocchi?

Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant

The Pear Tree on Parliament has a Thanksgiving dinner menu for around $20.00 for a three course turkey dinner. I have eaten there a few times and it is fine. It is a good local restaurant with a great back patio. It is very popular with the locals and I would imagine they would serve up a good, traditional hanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

Piccolo on Carlton

When we arrived they brought us warm foccacia with a ricotta cheese spread and water, we then shared a salad that was a good mix of leaves, some delicious grapefruit and lovely little parcel of goat's cheese, we each had a pizza and a glass of wine, they then brought us a sambucca gratis. The total bill was $63.00 plus tip. I think that was very reasonable. The pizzas were in the $13.00 range. They did have a lot more on offer but we only went to for a quick supper while on our way to something else.

Piccolo on Carlton

I just had dinner at Piccolo's on Carlton and I have to say I was very impressed. I have walked by so many times and for one reason or another just didn't consider it as a place to go. But tonight we were a bit bored and decided to give it a try and what a surprise. We had pizza and the house wine and both were great. The pizza is terrific - excellent base and a good selection of toppings. Since it was midweek we went for the house wine and it turned out to be a good match. They had even brought out warm bread to start with our salad. At the end of our meal they gave us a shot of sambucca gratis. It was delightful all round. The service was excellent, the decor was just what you expect for Victorian Italian, if you will. It was intimate without being too hush, hush. There is a patio outside but we wanted to be inside because it looked like rain. It was empty which is a shame because the place should be full. The prices were good as well. We will certainly go again for both a more formal meal and for a quick pizza.