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V+V Diners Spring into Summer!

Broccoli has been on sale every where so Sunday night I made steamed broccoli, sweet potato, spinach and green beans w/pan and oven fried tofu with a spicy peanut sauce for dinner. For lunch I made a broccoli and cheddar cheese soup.

Ideas for vegetarian dinners, please

I know it is South Asian, but I like making a Thai-ish pineapple rice. I add cashews and oven baked garbanzos for the protein. All kinds of veggies go well with it, red bell pepper, carrots, broccoli, fresh or frozen peas, etc.

Pasta is great too, Marcella Hazan's tomato and onion sauce or a good penne and vodka sauce is delicious.

In the summer I do a lot of grilled or pan fried polenta and skewered vegetables with a spicy red sauce or chimichuri sauce.

Naan pizzas - use naan bread as the crust and top with whatever you like.

Roast potato and red pepper tacos, I cut up 1 potato and 1 red bell pepper toss with some olive oil and seasoning and roast. Put it in warm tortillas and top with your favorite taco toppings. Leftovers the next morning with eggs is really good.

Wilted spinach salad with poached egg. A good anchovy free salad with croutons.

Pronunciation-checked at Penzey’s

That would drive me coo coo.

Bubbie's Love Jewish Deli - Citrus Heights - Sacramento

Oy gevalt! My prayers have been answered. I know someone who is having a Bat Mitzvah next year. I'll have to let her know.

Make ahead croissants

I agree. Last night I wanted some dessert so I used my last croissant and made some almond filling. It was tasty, but not the same.

Make ahead croissants

Oh that is fabulous, thank you!

air travel with sushi

I would most likely buy unsliced fish. I think I will with the dry ice/checked bag method. Life is too short for the what if they lose the baggage? What if the TSA person is a big jerk? etc.

Make ahead croissants

Thanks. That is good to know.

air travel with sushi

I am visiting THEM, I am bringing THEM a gift to show my appreciation for THEIR hospitality. THEY invited me. I don't have room to host more than one person.

Make ahead croissants

As mentioned before: I don't shop TJ's.

air travel with sushi

Oh really, did I win the lottery and not know it?

What's for Dinner #361 - April Showers Edition [through April, 29, 2015]

I think I can smell it, yum!

Re-creating those perfect diner, IHOP, or Denny's pancakes?

Pancakes are always relevant.

Make ahead croissants

I found my copy of Tartine and it has a recipe for almond croissants. As mentioned by snackhappy the croissants are baked ahead of time, sliced, filled and garnished w/almonds and rebaked. Has anyone tried this?

Make ahead croissants

Thanks, I don't shop TJ's.

air travel with sushi

I think that would work best too. There is a market that has been getting rave review from home sushi chefs. It is on my way to the airport.

Make ahead croissants

Thanks, I was having problems posting this question and chose the wrong board.

Make ahead croissants

I am having company this summer and I would love to spoil my guests with fresh baked almond or chocolate croissants in the morning. Would they turn out well if I assembled them the day before using previously frozen homemade dough and then baked them the next morning? I need some insight as experimenting is way too fattening for me.

Pressure Cooking for Two

In defense of lastZZ, he/she probably knows more about pressure cooking because the presto cooker allows the cook to control the PC rather than having the cook rely on factory set controls. Regardless of models they all have a learning curve, I can't think of one appliance I have bought that operated with very little guess work right out of the box.

Pressure Cooking for Two

Ribs could be the gateway food for the dude making other food in the pc. I have a stove top model and I think I have saved enough money from making homemade ribs to replace all of my small appliances. I was paying through the nose for ribs from my local barbecue place or buying them from a friend who has a little side business.

Re-creating those perfect diner, IHOP, or Denny's pancakes?

I agree about using buttermilk. When I can get it I use the full fat, expensive kind. It really makes pancakes so much better.

air travel with sushi

@JRC14 I have traveled a lot and have been through customs a couple of dozen times in the last 5 yrs. I have not seen any TSA or customs officer mess w/people's food.

air travel with sushi

They have lived in Japan. They have all the "fixings" for sushi that they use for other dishes.

air travel with sushi

I will be visiting friends who love sushi, but have limited choices in their town. The flight is just over an hour and my idea is to leave directly from the place I purchase the sushi to the airport. I am looking for input from hounds who have successfully done this. I am doing research on this w/TSA and the airlines I am considering. I have done some searching on this board as how to keep the food chilled. It would be nice hear from people who have done this or something similar.

PS I realize this may not work.

How to invite friends for dinner, where everyone pays for their own food?

Let's go to xyz for dinner next weekend, since we haven't hit the lottery yet we cannot treat. The meals including beverages are $$. Include a link to the menu as well.

Starting Dinner Early

Speaking from experience, the invitation is probably a courtesy as it is only convenient for your fiance. They are inviting both of you, but only want to see him. When and if you start having kids you will hopefully have more leverage.

Salmon banana

I find poached and chilled salmon to be bland. You could put chilled salmon in a salad with veggies and your family's favorite salad dressing. Another idea would be adding it to other seafood and make something similar to crab cakes.

kindle cook books

Yes, I have a pretty basic ereader. It is a little awkward because some pages don't convert well to that format, but it isn't a deal breaker. It suits my needs as I have limited space and budget too. Luckily, I have not had any accidents, I put my Kindle in a plastic bag and keep it away from water and heat sources. Comparatively, I like it slightly better than real books because I have the Kindle app on my phone and when I go to the store after work it is like having my cookbooks w/me. For those books you might want both amazon has a deal if you buy the hard copy book they will sell you the ebook for $2.99. It isn't for all of their books though.

Oh She Glows cookbook vs. blog

This is a question for hounds who follow the Oh She Glows blog and have bought the cookbook. Does the cookbook have a lot of the same recipes as the blog? Are the recipes in the book unique compared to the blog or are the recipes variations of what she has in the blog? I have only recently started reading her blog so I haven't been able to a side by side comparison using Eat Your Books index. Thanks

An offal predicament: what is in your umble/humble pie?

Let's say you screwed something up or you upset a friend or family member. What would be in your humble/umble pie? The pie is not limited to offal.

My pie would be filled with unseasoned cooked carrots.