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What's for Dinner #331 - the Pumpkin Carving Edition

I made Panes con Pollo - Salvadoran chicken sandwiches. After a quick web search I chose the Saveur magazine recipe. I stuck to the recipe pretty closely (I used chicken instead of turkey), but added some capers as I think it needed a briny/piquant element. I made a quick cortido (cabbage salad)and put slices of pickle I bought from a Middle Eastern market. The Mexican grocery store in my neighborhood even had the torpedo shaped rolls I saw in El Salvador. It was excellent. I think I will buy a turkey next month and freeze it so I can make the sandwiches again for company.

What's for Dinner #331 - the Pumpkin Carving Edition

I love stuffed bell peppers, but I think I'll try this next time!

Replacing Pancetta with Corn Beef - French cooking

I don't think the meat part of pancetta brings that much to the party for beef bourguignon, but corned beef would alter the flavors. I would use a stew meat that has a little more fat than you would use and brown it in a combination of olive oil and butter.

What are you baking these days? October 2014 edition, part two!

That is truly something to be thankful for.

My Chinese supermarket items to get

Fresh chow fun noodles
Chinese sausages
Rice flour (much cheaper than in non-Asian markets)
Yaki Soba noodles and fresh chow mein noodles.
Ditto on Star Anise
Coconut milk and water - it is usually half the price compared to other places.
Don't forget produce! Some places have a nice array of fresh herbs.
Cooking implements like a spider for frying or boiling, long chop sticks, bowls, hot pots,

Empty Nester Breakfast Nook Kitchen Project

I became single after a long relationship and can relate to transforming a space where you heat up leftovers (or assembled meals around takeout in my case) to a place to create and enjoy healthy meals. I love the converted rosewood bar and owe you big time for posting the picture. It is precisely what I need; however, I would have never thought of it. I can see where it can serve many uses. I also have a smaller fridge, I am not sure about you but a lot less goes to waste as a lot less can be kept in the fridge and everything is easy to find. I love the mix of warm woods with the pretty enamel ware. Thanks for posting and may you have many happy meals in your nook.

What cookbooks have you bought lately or are you lusting after? October 2014 Edition.

I saw a couple of recipes on Pinterest from Seriously Delish. I would have otherwise passed it up in the bookstore. It is on my list right now.

Complaints about take-away

Yes I'd call or return with my complaint and have done so in the past. I am not sure why there should be a double standard for eat in and takeaway. A good manager wants feedback whether it is good or bad. A friend of a friend owns a chicken wing franchise. In order for his business to be successful he relies on all of the to go orders being correct and prepared well. He takes complaints via phone calls, photos from cell phones and people stopping a few days to a week after the purchase.

What's for dinner #329 - The Colorful Leaves Edition! [Through October 9, 2014]

I paid the same bill twice and much to my chagrin it wasn't a small one. Needless to say I needed to make my dollar stretch this week. As luck would have it, I have been reading Roy Choi's book LA Son and came across his $4 spaghetti sauce recipe. Basically you cook the garlic in olive oil for a long, long time and you cook mushrooms in water for a long, long time to make mushroom stock and then you combine it together with canned whole tomatoes and cook it on low for a long, long time. It came out really good, I loved the smooth, creamy texture and it was a nice alternative to more highly seasoned spaghetti sauces. I think I'd add some fresh garlic during the last half hour of cooking, it needed a little edge to it. I used some rigatoni I had on hand, but I think this sauce would work well with ravioli or gnocchi. I am not sure if it compares with $24 sauce, but it was very economical. The recipe says it serves four. I think he meant four families. It is all good though as I have plenty of sauce to freeze and enjoy again.

I'll try Choi's other recipes after pay day, I am over due for a trip to the Korean market.

Cookbook for "ELECTRIC" Pressure Cooker

I don't have an electric pressure cooker, but I do have the ATC cookbook. There are not 100 recipes in the cookbook. They count variations on a recipe as a separate recipe. As for the recipes themselves, I was underwhelmed, nothing stood out as really good. I have a friend who has Lorna Sass's book and I think it is a lot better. I do suggest trying the recipes on Miss Vicki's blog and Hip Pressure cooking before buying either of their books. I have found I really don't need a pressure cooker cook book per se I just needed to know how to convert my favorite recipes. The blogs were really good for researching conversions. I would get one book for reference purposes.

visiting Sacramento from SF

+1 for One Speed. I met a friend traveling from Redding to SF there for a late lunch. It was perfect. Parking was easy and she really enjoyed the food.

Party Early Birds

I used to entertain a lot. I had a group of friends that always arrived early because they couldn't judge traffic or were in the area earlier and didn't want the hassle of going back home and leave again (they lived about 45 mins away ~ mostly traffic). If they came early I'd set them up with some cards and magazines, some snacks and drinks. I usually put them in a spot where they wouldn't be in the way. One time I sent them to the store with a list of things I forgot.

Upping the ante on boxed pancake mix

I like to replace the liquid with banana bread ale and a little cinnamon:

Cold stuffed mushrooms

I love this recipe:

I'd cook the garlic though.

My Seattle Report

I think midweek in winter would be ideal.

My Seattle Report

I just finished my visit yesterday. My plans changed quite a bit since my first post. Instead of a spendy place I took a tour to Rainier so I kept myself to a slightly tighter budget. I ended up staying in West Seattle and everyday I explored two or more different neighborhoods.

Pike Place Market: I went with too high of expectations. Despite going early, it was too claustrophobic for me. I was sad as there seemed to be so many wonderful places to try. I did have a piroshki which led me to consume more piroshkis on other days.

Piroshki on 3rd ave. I ended up there twice during my travels and had a corned beef piroshki and a spinach, cheese and egg piroshki. They were both excellent and held me until the afternoon both days.

Anapurna (Capitol Hill): Cute place with a lot of character. I had the Goan Curry with lamb. It was so so. I think I ordered wrong, but it was a fun place in a fun neighborhood.

Central Dock in the Pt Orchard Public Market: I had a dozen oysters on the half shell and fries. The oysters were perfect, probably some of the best oysters I have ever had. The fries were crispy and were seasoned with salt and rosemary.

Ivar's Acres of Clams: This was a friend's recommendation. I did the walk up counter and sat outside at sunset. I have a weakness for calamari and they didn't disappoint. I know the place isn't considered chowish, but it a was cheap meal (they lost my order so my snacker size became a dinner size) and the sunset was lovely.

Taylors Shellfish Farm, Pioneer Square: I had a dozen Shigoku oysters and an order of geoduck clam. The oysters were excellent here too and quite different than any I have experienced in SF bay area. The saltiness was really interesting. As for my geoduck it was my first time trying it. My server really did a great job of explaining (with a sexy, deep voice)the parts of the clam and how each would taste. I loved it. It was an unusual treat. I really liked this restaurant a lot. I wanted to try the steamed mussels and clams, but I was a bit overheated from my walking around all day. I could see whiling away an afternoon here.

Pike Place Chowder in the Pacific Place mall. I had lunch there before going to the airport. Yelp (I use yelp for the map function) had a $2 off coupon for the a soup and crab roll combo. I had the 1/2 crab roll and 8 oz New England clam chowder. It was a perfect little lunch. I am not a crab roll sort of person as the mayo can be overpowering, but this crab roll was the opposite. The mayo was more like a yogurt, the crab mixture was tangy, light and refreshing. I liked the chowder a lot, I have not had clams that tender in a very long time.

I went to both QFC and Whole Foods for dinner salads and lunch provisions for Mt. Rainier. I wish Sacramento would become as food driven as Seattle. Even though we have WF the Magnolia location was a lot better.

I know I missed a lot of other opportunities, but I plan to return. There was so much to see I was actually too tired a couple of nights to eat! Overall I love Seattle, everyone was so friendly and I was stunned how clean it is.

Overwhelmed, need ideas on where to start

About Tostones

For breakfast w/scrambled eggs w/black bean frijoles on the side. I have also had them served with a small amount ceviche on top, sort of like a canape.

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? September 2014 edition! [old]

I am lusting after Roy Choi's LA Son. His story really resonates with me on many levels. The recipes seem ideal right now as I am having a "love affair" with a Korean/International market in my town. It has other foods and products from around the world as well (house made tortillas!). I think his book would be a nice companion for my trips to there. I am still lusting after Pok Pok and Smoke and Pickles, but I think I'll pick up Choi's first.

What's for Dinner #323 - The Labor Day Edition! [through Sept 3, 2014]

No rain here, only 100 degree weather and a brief power failure. I always wanted to try the sausage and plum recipe in All About Braising by Molly Stevens. Being that plums are still in season here I chose tonight to try it out. I had to make several changes to the recipe as I decided to make this at the last minute and had to use what I had on hand. I didn't have a shallot and I had to substitute mild sausage for sweet and a sweet white wine for the red. Despite the substitutions it came out very good. I would have tagged this to the COTM when the cookbook was featured, but my computer is moving slowly and it took forever to search. I made some creamy grits to go with it as well as some steamed broccoli.

What's for Dinner #323 - The Labor Day Edition! [through Sept 3, 2014]

I love goat curry. What recipe did you use?

What is omakase?

Nice and thank you. This is precisely what I am looking for.

What is omakase?

Thanks for the suggestions, they are very useful.

What is omakase?

Why point that out?

Sushi and small plate dinner ideas need.

I am just looking for ideas right now. I am not asking for help in developing a menu. It would be another guest and myself.

Sushi and small plate dinner ideas need.

Yes, and thank you.

Sushi and small plate dinner ideas need.

I just want hear about an array of Japanese small dishes and sushi. Since some of you are interested in discussing my misunderstanding of the word then I have posted the question here:

What is omakase?

Since my post got hoodwinked:


Sushi and small plate dinner ideas need.

Wrong. I mean as in an array of sushi and possibly other small plates. Is there an acceptable word for that I should be using?

Sushi and small plate dinner ideas need.

>In my house, the "customers" get what I choose to serve them--always<

That really isn't answering the question. Now I remember why I
infrequently post on CH.