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Starting Dinner Early

Speaking from experience, the invitation is probably a courtesy as it is only convenient for your fiance. They are inviting both of you, but only want to see him. When and if you start having kids you will hopefully have more leverage.

Salmon banana

I find poached and chilled salmon to be bland. You could put chilled salmon in a salad with veggies and your family's favorite salad dressing. Another idea would be adding it to other seafood and make something similar to crab cakes.

kindle cook books

Yes, I have a pretty basic ereader. It is a little awkward because some pages don't convert well to that format, but it isn't a deal breaker. It suits my needs as I have limited space and budget too. Luckily, I have not had any accidents, I put my Kindle in a plastic bag and keep it away from water and heat sources. Comparatively, I like it slightly better than real books because I have the Kindle app on my phone and when I go to the store after work it is like having my cookbooks w/me. For those books you might want both amazon has a deal if you buy the hard copy book they will sell you the ebook for $2.99. It isn't for all of their books though.

Oh She Glows cookbook vs. blog

This is a question for hounds who follow the Oh She Glows blog and have bought the cookbook. Does the cookbook have a lot of the same recipes as the blog? Are the recipes in the book unique compared to the blog or are the recipes variations of what she has in the blog? I have only recently started reading her blog so I haven't been able to a side by side comparison using Eat Your Books index. Thanks

An offal predicament: what is in your umble/humble pie?

Let's say you screwed something up or you upset a friend or family member. What would be in your humble/umble pie? The pie is not limited to offal.

My pie would be filled with unseasoned cooked carrots.

Raw cookbook

Cafe Gratitude has a lovely cookbook. The stuffed mushrooms are real popular amongst people who criticize the raw experience.

Tastemade on Youtube has a raw program. I have not made any of the recipes, but they look like they would work well.

Kenji Lopez-Alt vegan experience

Thanks for posting this question. I already see a few recipes I am dying to try.

Jewish meal

As a Jew, as I was growing up I was obsessed with the idea that Jews were everywhere. If I were you I'd look for the influences of your region.

Sodium amounts in corned beef brisket


Does one RSVP to a Save the Date?

If I am having a big party I definitely send a save the date email and I do appreciate a response. I send one way in advance if the date is during a busy time of the year like in June when there are graduations and weddings. Believe it or not there are people who care for other people and want to attend as many events as possible in order to share in the celebration. There are other factors to consider too, booking affordable flights, reserving lodging, budgeting for gifts for each occasion, scheduling time off from work etc. It makes sense to me on a practical level.

Making Pastrami

What to do with pulled pork

This video makes me drool:

Common Korean Ingredients

Yes, thank you so much! The Korean market in my area is like the international foods version of Whole Foods. Your pictures and descriptions as well as your website are very helpful for when I go shopping.

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? Happy Valentine's Day 2015 edition! [OLD]

I second JO's recipes working well. He really has a knack for layering flavors, yet most of his recipes are uncomplicated.

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? Happy Valentine's Day 2015 edition! [OLD]

Thanks for posting the deal. I have been wanting that cookbook for a very long time.

Favorite broccoli raab (rabe) preps?

Blanched and added as a pizza topping.

Would you buy your neighbors' home cooked food

I think what is being overlooked is that Airbnb brought together networks of friends. They put together many groups of friends and friends of friends who had never met. Of course recommendations are key and that is how trust is built. For example, larger cities where Airbnb is popular there are places with dozens of recommendations. Word of mouth also helps. When I was looking for a place to stay in Seattle I was given the names of hosts friends had previously stayed with.

what to do with camembert windfall?

I gave the cheese to the cat, I did not give the dogs to the cat.

What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]

I bought my first container of the season of strawberries on Sunday. Though I really wanted to use them in sangria or a magarita I made a strawberry and baby greens salad w/strawberry vinaigrette from a farmers market cookbook I have. It was very good. I'll get more berries in a few weeks and use them for imbibing purposes.

What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]

I like the substitutions. I looks yummy. I have not had chicken livers in a long time and I want to have more salad dinners. Thanks for sharing your variations.

What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]

I am in No. California and it was warm this weekend too. Weird. Anyway what recipes did you use for the dessert?

what to do with camembert windfall?

No, they have both passed away. I gave it an elderly cat I had per the okay from the vet.

Best Burger & Fries in Sacramento

My new favorite is Field House American Sport Pub. It wins my praise because they made my burger a perfect medium rare and the fries were excellent. It was just a straight up good burger. I went last Thursday night and expected a lot of college kids partying, but the customers were mostly people coming for dinner and or drinks after work. Maybe the kids come out after 8:00. The service was very good and my food came out pretty fast.

what to do with camembert windfall?

I am afraid freezing it might change the texture. I think adding to a scone recipe that calls for cheese would be nice or mixing it into soft polenta at the end could work. It works really well if you need to camouflage a pill for a pet.

Cooking from Radically Simple by Rozanne Gold

I finally tried this recipe as it has intrigued for quite some time. I love anchovies and especially enjoy them in more assertive roles; however, I appreciate anchovies when they add a more subtle note to a dish. I think this pasta dish is a good example of the latter. I wanted some sort of comfort food last night, but it has been unseasonably warm here so I didn't want anything heavy. It hit the spot for me. I agree with LN that is would make a great side dish. I could see breaking the cauliflower up into smaller florets and using pasta about the same size of the florets. Also substituting half of the cauliflower with broccoli would be nice and add a nice color note to it.

I need help making the perfect omelet

I have been making omelets since I was a kid. I start off on medium high and just before I add the filling I turn the heat down and remove the pan from the heat(my range is not working well so I cannot tell which setting). I add the filling and put the pan back on the less hot burner. I flip it and wait for the cheese to melt. I loved making omelets for my family so my mom gifted me with a wide spatula. It was like training wheels when I first started making omelets. If you can find a wide spatula it works wonders at preventing breakage. And of course practice, practice, practice.

Would you buy your neighbors' home cooked food

Yes, I use Airbnb, Uber and Lyft and find the thought of purchasing or providing meals using the same concept appealing. I personally love this trend and look forward to other areas of commerce it will influence and improve.

Has anyone purchased an affordable electric stove recently?

Thanks for the links and the feedback. I am not a fastidious person and I actually like that I can take the drip pans out and soak them after with the coil cook top. I went to the nearest appliance store. Even the sales person seemed underwhelmed by the glass top. He didn't even try to up sell me on a pricier model.

Has anyone purchased an affordable electric stove recently?

Good point about CL. Some of the marked down ranges I have seen are cheaper than the big microwave that we all chipped in for at work. Your suggestion might be a good interim solution for me.

Has anyone purchased an affordable electric stove recently?

Thanks, I appreciate the information.