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What's for Dinner #383 - The Shank of the Summer Edition! [through August 28, 2015]

I finally made Rozanne Gold's Golden Fettuccine with Sardines, Fennel and Saffron. I decided to make it at the last minute so I wasn't able to get top notch sardines or fresh pasta, but I did have good saffron from my last trip to Penzey's. I really liked how light the dish was and will definitely use better ingredients next time. I think the sauce itself would make a nice bruschetta. I can also see using a good quality canned or jarred tuna in place of the sardines. I plan to recycle my pasta water and use it for rice during week.
I loved the saffron fettuccine and I think I will use it in the winter with a braised lamb shank.

Mariposa for dinner

Thanks, especially for the coffee suggestion. Erna's was suggested by someone who likes to drive. A lot of things are not far from his perspective.

Mariposa for dinner

Meeting with some friends in Mariposa before heading to Yosemite. Most of the group will be driving in from LA area and others will have had a long day hiking. No one will be in the mood to drive anywhere. Is there any good places in Mariposa for dinner? I realize Erna's Elderberry is not far, but that idea was nixed. We will all be staying in Mariposa. We'll probably eat at the Mountain Room at the lodge or the Awhanee one night.

Sacramento - ISO Great Takeout/Delivery

For pizza take light rail up to 16th and R st. and get a pizza from Hot Italian. Not like NY, but the pizza is better than Pizza Rock, IMHO.

Delivery is very limited in Sacramento.

Solo Dinner in San Francisco


Making dates taste better

Make it a part of your ice cream treat and have date shakes. Date balls are good too, there are zillions of date ball recipes on the web. Here is one I used to make at a preschool I worked at:

Your kitchen in a word (or two, or three...)

You could have a small computer monitor with a video of an endless loop of the priest visiting the Amityville house. I have said get out to guests on numerous occasions. Considered how quickly I can dirty my kitchen I am surprised it doesn't say it to me.

My Aquafaba Disaster

I did an all out aqua faba search and I think the use of bean water from canned chickpeas would be hit or miss. I like chickpeas if I cook them, but I think they taste weird if they come from a can. I think the liquid from the can would be gross. Some of the articles mentioned using northern or canellini beans. I think a milder, lighter bean may work too. I saw some youtube videos and it looked like you have to whip for a long time to get the same sort of peaks as meringue and once you add the ingredients you have whip it some more.

At some point I will try this too. I think the addition of cream of tartar might help.

Make ahead croissants

So I tried the TJ's almond croissant. I was on vacation and my friends wanted to pick up some wine at TJ's and I asked them to get a couple of packages. The croissant quality was very good, but the filling was so-so and mine had just a little bit in it. All was not lost, the homemade preserves at host's house saved the day. I might try the chocolate ones as I will be having dinner next door to a TJ's this week. PS: I followed the direction for letting it rise the night before.

The Naked Lounge Coffee House | Midtown Sacramento

That is so funny, because when I have gone to Temple I get the hipper than thou vibe. I love Naked Lounge, they have always been nice and have brought me my coffee. I am not sure of the origin/story of the beans, but I have yet to have a disappointing cup. I like a stronger, thicker brew and their coffee is just right for my tastes.

Southern and Bar B Que in Sacramento; "South"

>Lots of chains and strip,malls, but I'm pretty cool being so near SF, Napa and Tahoe. <

I write this not to criticize you, but to clarify a misconception. Yes, parts of Sacramento have a lot chains and strip malls, but there are quite a few gems. In fact in my neighborhood the mom pop places out number the chains.

V+V Diners Spring into Summer!

nice, thanks.

V+V Diners Spring into Summer!

Broccoli has been on sale every where so Sunday night I made steamed broccoli, sweet potato, spinach and green beans w/pan and oven fried tofu with a spicy peanut sauce for dinner. For lunch I made a broccoli and cheddar cheese soup.

Ideas for vegetarian dinners, please

I know it is South Asian, but I like making a Thai-ish pineapple rice. I add cashews and oven baked garbanzos for the protein. All kinds of veggies go well with it, red bell pepper, carrots, broccoli, fresh or frozen peas, etc.

Pasta is great too, Marcella Hazan's tomato and onion sauce or a good penne and vodka sauce is delicious.

In the summer I do a lot of grilled or pan fried polenta and skewered vegetables with a spicy red sauce or chimichuri sauce.

Naan pizzas - use naan bread as the crust and top with whatever you like.

Roast potato and red pepper tacos, I cut up 1 potato and 1 red bell pepper toss with some olive oil and seasoning and roast. Put it in warm tortillas and top with your favorite taco toppings. Leftovers the next morning with eggs is really good.

Wilted spinach salad with poached egg. A good anchovy free salad with croutons.

Pronunciation-checked at Penzey’s

That would drive me coo coo.

Bubbie's Love Jewish Deli - Citrus Heights - Sacramento

Oy gevalt! My prayers have been answered. I know someone who is having a Bat Mitzvah next year. I'll have to let her know.

Make ahead croissants

I agree. Last night I wanted some dessert so I used my last croissant and made some almond filling. It was tasty, but not the same.

Make ahead croissants

Oh that is fabulous, thank you!

air travel with sushi

I would most likely buy unsliced fish. I think I will with the dry ice/checked bag method. Life is too short for the what if they lose the baggage? What if the TSA person is a big jerk? etc.

Make ahead croissants

Thanks. That is good to know.

air travel with sushi

I am visiting THEM, I am bringing THEM a gift to show my appreciation for THEIR hospitality. THEY invited me. I don't have room to host more than one person.

Make ahead croissants

As mentioned before: I don't shop TJ's.

air travel with sushi

Oh really, did I win the lottery and not know it?

What's for Dinner #361 - April Showers Edition [through April, 29, 2015]

I think I can smell it, yum!

Re-creating those perfect diner, IHOP, or Denny's pancakes?

Pancakes are always relevant.

Make ahead croissants

I found my copy of Tartine and it has a recipe for almond croissants. As mentioned by snackhappy the croissants are baked ahead of time, sliced, filled and garnished w/almonds and rebaked. Has anyone tried this?

Make ahead croissants

Thanks, I don't shop TJ's.

air travel with sushi

I think that would work best too. There is a market that has been getting rave review from home sushi chefs. It is on my way to the airport.

Make ahead croissants

Thanks, I was having problems posting this question and chose the wrong board.

Make ahead croissants

I am having company this summer and I would love to spoil my guests with fresh baked almond or chocolate croissants in the morning. Would they turn out well if I assembled them the day before using previously frozen homemade dough and then baked them the next morning? I need some insight as experimenting is way too fattening for me.