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Long Branch, New Toronto, Mimico Restaurants & Food Shops

VB moved around the corner and is now right next door to the restaurant. I just popped in for breakfast yesterday for the first time and it was pretty good. I ordered the Hearty Breakfast and they did my eggs perfectly (over medium) which almost never happens, they asked how I liked my bacon done (crispy) which is a welcome surprise and the potatoes were delicious. The side of fruit that came with was very juicy and tasty.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows however - the toast was flavorless, the bacon wasn't great (I've been buying my bacon at VB for ages but this nitrate free stuff leaves much to be desired) and the pancakes were too sweet. The maple syrup was amazing and it was sweet that they asked if I wanted chocolate sauce, plus the pancakes came sprinkled with candy hearts :)

The americano was great and the prices were reasonable.

I'll definitely go again.