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Charleston Suggestions?

Check out the Macintosh in downtown Charleston ( 479B King Street)! WE LOVE THAT PLACE! Killer food and great vibe! The service was outstanding too. A Young lad named Austin was our server and "navigated" us through the cocktails, the wine list, and of course detailed the purveyer and dishes magnificently! This might be the best place EVER!!!

May 24, 2012
TouringFoodie in Southeast

Going to Rome June 3rd through June 7th! What and where are the can't miss places for a food lover?!?

Italy of course! Okay, so I am reading through the board and it seems like there are a lot of informed "foodie's" following the site and the board. I am traveling with my girlfriend to Rome for a brief vacation and want to pack in as much as possible! We speak both English and German just in case thats important. I am reading and reviewing the many wonderful places but I want to hear from some people on their experiences and recommendations!

On top of that, I would love to hear of where to go and what to not miss! Where are the best markets? Where are the best truffles? :-) Thank you so much for your time and help and I hope to share any information that I have that discussions might deem neccessary!


May 24, 2012
TouringFoodie in Italy