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Outriggers, Stratford, CT

We dined at Outriggers 5/20/12. For starters, several water glasses had obvious lip imprints still on them, clearly visible from across the table. Some of the bread was thoroughly waterlogged on the bottom; the only explanation I can come up with is that it was "recycled" from a breadbasket cleared from a previous diner's table. My wife was served a florescent orange lobster bisque the consistency of pudding; you could almost stand a spoon up in it, in a bowl which was splattered and blackened with baked-on food (I wish I could post a picture; it was so remarkable I photographed it). My salad was gritty, suggesting that the salad was sandy and hadn't been properly washed. One of our party was served a shrimp Caesar salad where at least 1/3 of the shrimp were still translucent and obviously raw. Another was served a steak which was so overcooked it was reduced to beef jerky which couldn't be penetrated with a knife and fork. Another's baked potato was shriveled, dried out, and cold; nobody believed that it had been cooked within the last 72 hours; perhaps it was "recycled" from another cleared plate, too. Another, who is fond of chicken Caesar salads, declared his to be the worst he'd ever encountered; the chicken had been literally incinerated into charcoal. The time from being seated to being served this repast was nearly two hours, and the attitude of the wait staff was one of palpable indifference. After searching in vain for someone in charge, we asked if there was a manager on the floor. We were assured that there was, but no one ever revealed themselves to speak with us. Outriggers is quite possibly the worst restaurant I've ever encountered.

May 24, 2012
Piobair in Southern New England