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Early sightings of Pepperidge Farms Cornbread Stuffing?

I thought I'd add a note in case anyone searches and finds this thread. If there's just one or two lonely bags pushed to the back of the shelf in a store... don't buy it! I thought I was lucky to find a couple of bags in my October search and as it turns out, they were awful. The cubes had been reduced to dust and possibly beyond the good dried bread "stale" and into a off-tasting yucky STALE. The stuffing was entirely inedible. Gooey after the slightest light-handed folding in of additional ingredients. Beware.

Dec 02, 2013
CCeliaS in Manhattan

Early sightings of Pepperidge Farms Cornbread Stuffing?

Thank you!

Oct 17, 2013
CCeliaS in Manhattan

Early sightings of Pepperidge Farms Cornbread Stuffing?

Has anyone seen this stuff in the stores yet? It comes in a big 16 (maybe 14?) oz bag.

I'm making my Thanksgiving stuffing/dressing for an "Octobersgiving" party and am (sadly, I know) dependent on Pepperidge Farm's Cornbread stuffing mix.

Although I would ordinarily be happy to work from scratch, this is an unusual situation.... so before you tell me to make my own cornbread and work from there, let me explain. I actually really like the lighter texture that you get from using their bone dry little cubes of corn(ish) bread.

I used the Stovetop version before in a similar Pepperidge-Farmless bind, and it was, frankly, awful.

Any early sightings of the real deal? Any suggestions for replacements?

Thank you in advance!

Oct 17, 2013
CCeliaS in Manhattan

Socca and panisse

Looking forward to hearing how the Italian flour tastes... where did you find it?

Jan 04, 2010
CCeliaS in Home Cooking

Socca and panisse

Has anyone else thought that the Bob's Redmill tasted a little too grassy? Did I not rest it long enough? Or do you need the rosemary & herbs to cover/blend the grassiness? I was trying to do the very basic crepe-style (chickpea flour, water, olive oil, salt, pepper) so I could refrigerate the batter & use it with a variety of cuisines. Do I need to switch to Besan (which, apparently is toasted?). Thanks!

Jan 04, 2010
CCeliaS in Home Cooking

Champagne Tasting Party

Just to close the loop: the party was on October 30th and we had a wonderful time!

The wines:

Dom Perignon 1999
Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut 2004
Pierre Peters ‘Cuvée Reserve,’ Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc, N.V.
Varnier-Fanniere Brut, 'Grand Cru', N.V.
Chartogne-Taillet 'Cuvée Ste.-Anne', N.V.
Domaine Ste Michelle Brut

The price range was $150 (Dom) to $11 (Ste Michelle)

The methodology for chosing them? Budget & Panic. The Dom had already been volunteered by a guest, and then I just couldn't decide on a game plan for the rest of them. I knew I wanted to try some estate bottled champagnes and to have a couple american bottles in the mix. So, I asked for recommendations from Lief at Skurnik & away we went.

Each guest got 6 tasting cards (w/ blanks for color, aroma, taste, bubble, finish & score), each card decorated with a ribbon color matched to a ribbon tied to the stem of one of six flutes in front of them. It made for a very festive table with all the glassware and ribbons!

The wines were wrapped in foil and then tagged randomly with one of the six colored ribbons by a neutral party, not participating in the tasting.

We poured three wines at a time, about a two ounce pour. I have to admit, that since we weren't spitting the notes degraded significantly after the first round. However! People were really engaged and talking about subtleties and comparing impressions ("I'd call it - soil?" "Maybe -- chalk?" "Yes! Chalk!" or "What is that? Nutmeg?" "Well first I'm getting lemony but then - gingerbread").

In terms of scoring: almost every wine had its fans and its detractors. The two people at the table who were used to drinking fine wines rated the Dom very highly. For the rest of us it was "caviar to the general" and did not particularly please or displease.

The farmer fizzes were sort of all over the board in popularity, with everyone liking the Pierre Peters.

The two American wines (Iron Horse & Ste Michelle) did surprisingly well, considering their price points. The notes indicated less adventurous tones (more familiar terms like lemon, powdery, many people noting an absence of finish), which in some cases was better received than the farmer fizzes, where more than once people registered a bit of "skunk."

My impression is that perhaps one likes what you're familiar with. If you've been trained to appreciate notes of Tobacco and moss, you like them. If you haven't been acclimated to them they can be unpleasant.

And if you're curious about the menu: crudite plate, brie & chevre on water crackers, jumbo shrimp w/ a glisten of lemon, creme fraiche crab salad crostini. Then coconut cake for my birthday.

I think my favorite tasting note of the evening was "sauvignon blanc spilled on leather" (penned by one of the playwrights at the table).

It was a truly great evening. Thank you all for your help!

Nov 17, 2009
CCeliaS in Wine

Champagne Tasting Party

Yes, exactly sedimental: that's the thought. :-) Though now that I'm interested in the mid-priced estate wines from France, it might pressure my budget beyond affording the Dom. [sigh] Good problems to have, I suppose!

Oct 09, 2009
CCeliaS in Wine

Champagne Tasting Party


Great ideas all around. I think I will skip the prosecco and cava... I'm just now finding out about the existence of Cremants so I'd like to explore more there.

I like Brad's list: I'll try to fill it in with Eric Asimov's recent(ish) picks from those regions - who else should I consult?

I'm reading the intro to the Terry Theise catalog now: inspiring! I'll see if I can find some "farmer fizz."

I kind of know I should skip the DP: but I guess when you've never tried the "super premiums" you want to see that the emperor has no clothes for yourself. Although maybe I'll wait 'til I've got money to burn for that particular experiment!

I'll look for the '95 or '96 Heidsieck: (found it for $122 at Beacon Wines, which is in subway distance -- any other suggestions)?

Yes, absolutely will expand the guest list. Should be easy enough to find people willing to play along :-)

kaysyrahsyrah: I was thinking classic/retro: water crackers with brie & chevre, crudite (cucumber, endive, daikon, celery) grapes & kiwi, crab crostini: sort of a white & light green fantasia! Is that too boring? I was told that spicy can compete with and overwhelm the subtleties of the wines.

Hurray! too much fun. Thanks again for all the wonderful suggestions!

Oct 08, 2009
CCeliaS in Wine

Champagne Tasting Party

Hello All!

I thought I'd tap into your combined expertise for a Champagne (actually Champagne/Sparkling Wine) tasting I'm planning for my birthday.

I thought that, heading into the holiday season, it'd be fun for my friends to get to taste one of the "important" vintage champagnes and then discover some reasonably priced alternatives by doing a blind tasting with notecards and everything. I thought it'd be fun to include wines from a variety of regions, trying to pick a wine that would "do justice" to each.

I've never tasted a vintage Champagne and haven't had much experience with the non-vintages outside the occasional glass of Veuve at a party.

After doing some research online about the possibilities (mostly via the NY Times, but hitting some blogs as well) I'm a little overwhelmed with choices and have to narrow it down to 6 bottles (8 guests total).

So far, I've looked at:

Vintage Champagne: Dom Perignon (the idea is to try one "once in a lifetime" bottle)
Non-Vintage Champagne: ????? so many choices!
Cremant: Lucian Cremant d' Alcase or Boyer Blanc d' Blancs
Prosecco: Col Vetoraz
Cava: ???
California: Domaine Carneros
Nevada: Gruet

I'm wondering if I should impose some some limitations, like trying to keep them all in a certain range of dryness, or exclude Rose's.

I've budgeted $250 for wine, much of which I expect will go towards the two Champagnes.

Thoughts? As you recommend a wine, it'd be nice to hear why: what you like about it and where it fits into the tasting as a whole. If you're discouraging me from a particular wine, I'd also love to hear your reasons.

Many thanks for chiming in!

Oct 08, 2009
CCeliaS in Wine

Inauguration day lunch?

I'm coming in for the swearing in, down from NYC.

The Metro website is recommending waiting out the massive crowds that will be swarming the stations right after the ceremony by "having lunch."

Okay! I'm thinking I should probably walk at least a mile (and would prefer walking no more than three miles) away from the Mall to get away from the crowds, and will eventually need to get onto the Orange line out towards Vienna/Fairfax. Can anyone recommend a bistro/cafe, not-a-chain restaurant with good food and pleasant service that's in that radius?

Many thanks in advance!

Most Economical Onions?

Perhaps a silly question, but if you're shopping for value, do you buy the 5 lb bags of onions? They're usually smaller, which I think might lead to more waste (skin, etc) per pound. Also, can someone link me to an onion primer? Yellow vs White vs Red vs Vadalia and why use what when. Thanks!

Nov 11, 2008
CCeliaS in Home Cooking

Mattus Ice Cream?

Is it just me or has this disappeared from the stores? The Cookies and Cream flavor saved me from many a night of over-indulgence.

Apr 08, 2008
CCeliaS in General Topics

Are these Patesseries related?

Anybody know? The even older Lanciani on West 4th Street in the village did an amazing Sacher Torte inspired wedding cake for me back in '96. Would love to find the same bakers.

Sep 26, 2007
CCeliaS in Manhattan