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Two Gay Foodies and a non-foodie Mom on the Strip - premiering on Bravo this Fall

Tallivant for lunch I think is less intimidating... But great you took your mom there since the food is great.

how about Charlie Parmer Steak the cut? Heard great things about it.

Oct 19, 2012
Snoopyoo in Las Vegas

B & B Ristorante or Valentino pros and cons

Have not had dinner at B&B yet. might go there for dinner Monday night when I get back.

Looking at how full the restaurants are this last few day, B&B Batali/Bastianich is by far one of the busy ones. At 9pm last night (Thurs night) Morel had a couple of large tables and a few small ones, Delmonicos only had a few people at the bar and Grill at Valentino only a few tables too.

But B&B across from Delmonico was packed.

Between 5-6:30 and 9:30 -11:00 there is a 4 course menu for $75.

Oct 19, 2012
Snoopyoo in Las Vegas

Best French & is there Fondue in Vegas

Moral has decent french food. Excellent creme brulee with 3 little cups of vanilla, caramel and pastachio with couple of cookies. Fish was decent and so was the soup.

They do a cheese foundu.. $10 per person with minimum of 2 people.

Oct 19, 2012
Snoopyoo in Las Vegas

B & B Ristorante or Valentino pros and cons

If someone do want to go to Valentino, I have 20% off coupon from the hotel on food only.

Oct 18, 2012
Snoopyoo in Las Vegas

Price of Champagne in Paris and Reims / Epernay

Nicolas is a large wine store chain in France.

Oct 18, 2012
Snoopyoo in France

Dining for One in Paris

You are in the border of 14th, 15th and 6th.

Do you want walking distance or are you willing to do a little ride on the metro?

Shopping do you mean food shopping or stuff shopping?

Oct 18, 2012
Snoopyoo in France

Tipping High End Restaurants in Paris

A french friend who works in London leaves some by rounding up or leave cash but from my estimate close to 5%. You can leave something if you like the service by asking them to put a higher amount on your plastic. For example if bill was 47 euros, you can easily say 50 before they put it through but I am not 100% if it would go to the server in question or pooled or to the owners.

When I had dinner at Pur and Tallivant, the service were excellent at both that if I was tipping in Canada or US I would have tipped 25%+ so added 8-12%

Oct 18, 2012
Snoopyoo in France

B & B Ristorante or Valentino pros and cons

Only eaten at the Grill by Valentino (more casual place in front) and this is my experience last night if it is of any help. The main Valentino have tasting menus and a pricier general menu.

I have eaten here serveral times before on previous trips for conventions at the Sand Expo while staying at the Venetian and had been happy. They have a very decent Tuna Nicoise salad for $12 during lunch, great for a take aboard meal on the plane or a light meal or a starter. Also had eaten here for lunch and dinner before and had solid 2 or 3 courses for between 35-50.

It was kind of late at 10pm and decided to go there since I am familiar with the restaurant and there was a 20% coupon from the Palazoo Suite deal supposed good for both the Grill and the more formal restaurant Valetinos. I realized after I sat down and started ordering that I forgot the coupon in my bag since I only took my phone, my room key and a small change purse with credit cards.

There was a $38 menu for dinner which included soup of the day, main course of pork medallion that day and a special dessert. Not in the mood for pork so I asked about soup of the day which list for $10 in the regular menu and was told there is a mushoom soup with smoked ham and a lental soup. The mushoom soup was listed on a special daily special menu including some truffle dishes and steaks. Decided on the soup rather than the ahi tuna salad ($17) even though I loved the tuna nicole salad on my last visit since the tuna salad is a regular and the soup was a daily special. Also took the seafood linguine with spicy tomato sauce ($21) on the daily special menu.

The mushroom soup was tasty and had porcini and maybe other mushroom. The seafood linguine had salmon, shrimp (a bit tough), mussels (mediocre) and maybe a few others things in a tomato sauce. Either the pasta was boiled in very salty water or it was highly seasoned with salt. I had to specifically ask for water in addition to the red wine I ordered and no bread were offered. The spicy sauce was decent enough and I asked for freshly ground pepper after tasting rather than the waiter offering grated parmasan and/or freshly ground pepper for the pasta.

There are many small samples of dessert and seem to be good choices at 3.50 each for 2.5 ozs. Just enough to have a taste but not enough to be on a sugar high. I had the tiramisu and aside from being overly frozen, it was pretty decent with some chocolate drizzle and berries.

I was seated at the bar and the service was pretty poor imoh. The female bartender was very into discussion with 2 older ladies that are either regulars or connected with the hotel/casino. There seem to be another large group doing some kind of function in the main Valentinos. The grill was fairly empty with only about 3 tables taken. So between 1 bartender and 2 servers (might also be working the back too), service should be decent. The bartender was more interested in her discussion and later texting on her phone once the older ladies left to do more than half hearted check if I am okay. Tried to signal her a few times and was not observed.

In addition to forgetting the coupon so no discount on food, there was an issue with the bill. The mushroom soup was $16 rather than $10 as I had thought. It was explained to me it was the fine dining soup of the day which is always $16 and that the regular soup of the day for $10 is the lentil soup. If so, they really should put the price on the menu like the other items or when describing it to customers, differentiate between the two. i..e the soup of the day is lentil which is $10 and the fine dining soup of the day is mushroom with xxx (smoked pork) for $16. I would probably have taken the ahi tuna salad rather than the soup if they are about the same price. With a $11 glass of red wine (don't know much about it since I know more about French and California wines than Italian wines) the bill came to $51.50 plus tax and tip. To be honest, I would probably preferred to spend a few more $ and eat at Mario Bartali's B&B or another restaurant in the Palazoo / Ventian complex.

Lessons learned:
1. don't go to this restaurant when it is almost empty. Likely sous chef or lower level cooking.
2. The Grill is not a great venue in the evenings with loud music from either the casinos or the clubs next door and noise. Valentino should be more insulated but can be still noisy.
3. Should have left when the service was poor in the beginning
4. ask more direct questions on items. the pasta was not that great except for the sauce. I expect the seafood may have been partially cooked before. The linguine did not taste like freshly made or if so been sitting there for a bit.

Oct 18, 2012
Snoopyoo in Las Vegas

Going to Paris tomorrow -- 11th hour help, pls!

How did you booked the Regelade Saint Honore? Been trying to contact them last night but kept getting recorded message

Oct 10, 2012
Snoopyoo in France

Paris, day one.

I bought some foie gras pate one time for the plane ride with some nice bread...

Oct 10, 2012
Snoopyoo in France

One month in France for a food and wine adventure

Have you consider cutting down a couple of days i.e. a day each from a couple areas/cities i.e. Rhone, Bordeaux or Drodogne and spend 2 days in Lyon? It is considered by some to be the gastronomic capital of france and has a lovely old town, river and aquduct :D

They have dined at some of Paul Boucouse bistros and also dined at Trois Gros, one of the restaurant in Rhone where they are now 3rd generation and father/uncle plus current owner Michel have held 3* for 40 plus years.

My friends drove there from Lyon for lunch but they said they would have loved to do a stay overnight at the hotel onsite.

Oct 10, 2012
Snoopyoo in France

Pur - 1 star Michelin restaurant at Park Hyatt Vendome Paris Review

Had a wonderful dinner at Pur Tuesday night with the 6 course tasting menu for 100 Euros and the service like the rest of Park hyatt Vendome had been excellent.

Have stayed at the Park Hyatt several times over last few years and eaten at breakfast at L'Orchidees, champagne brunch at L'Orchidees, at the bar/near the seating area by the fireplace for tapas, and I think on the Terrace too but had not made it to PUR before. The favourite thing I had eaten at Park Hyatt Vendome before was a foie gras creme brulee on a japanese porcelin soup spoon on the brunch buffet I think. Yumm..

Had tried to go to PUR before for dinner on a previous trip and they were fully booked when I tried the day of but I think it was a weekend (Fri/Sat) when I tried vs Tues night on Oct 9 this time. I got a reservation same evening of and a table facing the kitchen with one of the best view of the house, probably only 2nd to the chefs table :D It is the photo on the Pur website which if you see the Chefs table, part of the open kitchen and 1.5 tables, I had the full table on the photo and frontal view of the open kitchen.. Full foodie haven!!! Hotel’s head chef, Jean-François Rouquette and team had earned 1 Michelin star and I think it is well deserved.

I choose the 6 course tasting menu for 100 Euro since the 9 course one for 160 euro sounded as if I would totally stuff myself to the gills. Also I love lamb and the saddle of lamb was only on the 6 course menu. Declined the wine pairing which is 176 Euro if you have it with the 6 course tasting menu since I drank a bit the day before and just flown in that morning and was a little tired and jetlegged. Only intended to have 1 glasses of wine, maybe 2 if I found something I really liked.

not sure if the menu I had is here still..

Pur has an excellent wine list and you can droll over the wall of wine fridges on your way in.. Some absolutely beautiful wines there. Some prices were not cheap, like the the 1996 PETRUS for 3500 Euro cough or the 6500 Euro for the 1995 KRUG CLOS D’AMBONNAY cough cough, but there are affordible choices on the wine menu.

I was dining by myself so was first looking at the wine by the glass (15cl) and saw a glass of 2011 Chablis 1er cru from Vaillon for 24 Euros which is 89 Euro if you get the bottle. Chablis 1er cru was my favourite when I used to live and working in Paris many moons ago so ordered that. Nothing really grabbed me on the glass list to go with the lamb so started persuing the main part of wine list since there were some half bottles there too.

Looked through the bottle selection and saw a 2008 Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru - Les Marconnets - Domaine de la Vougeraie that looked very interesting for 38 Euro for the half bottle 37.5 CL. The 2008 or 2009 bottle from the same vineyard is 90 Euros. I love Beaune and remember fondly of a wine festival I went to many moons before where for 20 francs entrance you tasted some fantastic wines including Gevrey Chambertin and Nuit St. George. I tend to prefer red wines these days so if I had seen this before I ordered the glass of Chablis 1er Cru, probably would have just gone with the half bottle of red. They opened the half bottle to let it breath.

You get many surprise tasting samples / amuse bouches. First up this night was foie gras lollipop with a grape coating and nuts with 4 others on a plate. An aspic on a toothpick wrapped around something, a mini-slice of toasted brioche with a topping, a small slice of something I cannot remember and a cigarillo type lacy pastry with nut butter and what tasted like slices of almond? The foie gras lollipop was great but did not surpass what I remembered of the foie gras creme brulee on a japanese style porcelin spoon from a brunch buffet at L'Orchidees a few years ago.
I like that cigarillo thing too..

Then they came around with another amuse bounch of red snapper with red fruit and tomato and a smoked tomato coulis. The mix of flavours were excellent.

The first course was duck foie gras poached in hibiscus juice with enoki and soba noodles. Tasty and I liked the foie gras but I realized I prefer my foie gras seared and the enoki was fine but the soba noodle did not do it for me.

The 2nd course was chanterelle mushrooms (or girolle sp? from the french explaination they gave to the next table) bouton de culotte, sazelnut cruble, sweet and sour mulberries... This I liked but I always like mushrooms and the mulberries were tiny bits of flavour.. In France you can go pick mushrooms and take it to pharmacy to be identified before when i lived there.

Third course was Anglerfish (Lotte) with sea scented emulsion and young leeks. Nice fish and the taste was more delicate and subtle but with the memories of the bold and more complex flavours from the red snapper amuse bouche, I preferred that since I loved the smoked tomato coulis with the red snapper.

4th course was the stuffed saddle of lamb, browned eggplant & sweet onions with some white filling on the tiny layer of grilled onion and jus and I think pine nuts in the stuffing. The Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru went well with the lamb which are 2 slices probably about an inch thick each and size about same as the center from probably a 1lb rack of lamb.

5th course was comte, red onion and wine aspic which was probably the course I was not sure about. Comte I can take or leave and given the choice would have preferred brie de meaux. Wondered what was on the custom cheese cart on the 9 course menu which the table to my right was having.

I was suprised when they came with a little cup of chocolate mousse with ice cream but apparently dessert is served with pre-dessert and post dessert.
Nice touch.

The last or dessert course was a shortbreas tart with figs from Mr Baud lightly tangy with passion fruit juice, ice cream with sweet clover. It was a a small rectangle of sable pate with slices of figs and a small fig wrapped in a passion fruit juice and another small fig wrapped with grape juice. Loved the figs and especially the one in passion fruit juice.

Post dessert was 3 things plus some home made nouget which they bring in a large jar.. the small square of nouget was excellent. The 3 things was a small sheet of orange crystalized lacy patisserie style baked with nuts and flour and sugar. Couple of chocolate truffle dipped in dark chocolate served on top of what tasted /smelled like burnt or toasted chipped espresso. And the last was some white chocolate and nut domed cluster with some freezed dried berries (blueberries perhaps).

The bill came to 162 Euros service and tax compris. Since the service was excellent throughout the night, attentive and more than happy to answer any question I had, I added more than 10% additional tip to round up. When you exit the restaurant, you are given a small bag of a nut brittle covered one side by dark chocolate as a gift. I really do not want to know the sugar count of that meal with the wonderful desserts lol.

Overall a very enjoyable meal with superb service.
Highly recommend to go for dinner there and try to get a table with full view of the kitchen if you are a foodie. The price is highish but inline considering the quality of the food you get (especially with all the extra) and Pur is a 1 star michelin restaurant. The courses are not huge but you have more than enough to eat with the 6 courses and 4 additional surprise courses or amuse bouche.

The restaurant is open 8pm to 10pm every night but i got there just before 9pm and the meal took close to 3 hrs.

Oct 09, 2012
Snoopyoo in France

What edibles or food related items do you bring home from a visit to Paris?

I tend to bring foie gras, duck confit, pate de madame du berry, mariage et frere tea and wine, especially hard to find stuff.

I had duck confit for a friend on my last trip and was only having carry on luggage for a weekend in Paris from Canada. The french security confiscated the duck confit since it was not allow in carry on and it was too late by the time I tried to go out of security to try to check the bag (just under 1 hr before flight when I got back out). End up giving them to the check in staff at air canada so check those cans!!!

I thought you cannot bring foie gras in jars so have always brought tins.

Oct 09, 2012
Snoopyoo in France

Mother-daughter Ottawa trip

NIce TO Fastfoodie.

What did you have at Zoes? Heard about the centennial menu.

Had eaten at the original Cora in Montreal many times when I was living there about 10+ years ago. Ate once at the one on Merivale in Ottawa when it first opened and never again for the franchisees.

Mother-daughter Ottawa trip

forgot to mention Petit Bill's Bistro on Wellington have lobster Poutine

Ottawa Recs

Actually just checked and Le Cordon Bleu's Signature restaurant has a Wed night special of $99 per couple (equivalent to $50pp) for 4 course menu with a bottle of wine between 2 people.

Thurs-Sat they have a more normal $59 4 course menu or $80 with wine pairings but that ends end of May I think.

You can look at dinner menu options on that website.

We did an alumni dinner there last year and food was very good.

Mother-daughter Ottawa trip

We did an Izakaya dinner Tuesday night at the C'est Japon à Suisha, a Traditional Japanese Restaurant about 1-2 blocks from Arc Hotel on Slater.

another lunch spot near you is Sconewich on Albert and Lyon.

Also Le Cordon Bleu school's Signature restaurant has a nice 3 course menu at lunch Wed-Fri for $26 but not as thrilled with this weeks options:

Mother-daughter Ottawa trip

I remember the creator of WannaWafel on Dragons Den circa 2010?

Mother-daughter Ottawa trip

A few places open late on Elgin and 222 Lyon is open till 10pm (closed Sunday) but I would probably head to byward market since lots open there..

What does Montreal have to offer? June 30 - July 3


you will be in Montreal during the Jazz Festival. Might be worth spending an afternoon there. There usually is a patio with wine and cheese between Hyatt and the fountain which I like to do with friend while listening to music.

There is a casual french bistro style steak frite place on Peel..

cake decorating classes (Ottawa)

This is not really cake decorating but dessert making..

at the cordon bleu they have demo sessions and short practical classes

There is one in July for summer patisseries and one in dec for holiday dessert.

Mother-daughter Ottawa trip

Same bylaws in Ottawa so the food truck scene is pretty poor here.

Byward farmers market downtown or the Ottawa farmers market on Bronson

Benny's Bistro - only open for breakfast and lunch behind the french bakery storefront on Murray

Murray Street Kitchen has lunch for 12-15$ on Murray

Chez Lucien on Murray - casual place and good for an early dinner before it gets busy - nice burgers and some other good specials

222 Lyon on Lyon - Spanish tapas place -$9-14 each (2 is usually good for an adult) and also open for weekday lunch with a slightly lower price for lunch

Dunn's have montreal style smoked meat sandwiches

Ottawa Recs

Hi BekahR,

Are you going to be in the convention center downtown? The one attached to the Westin?

If so likely you guys will not have a car so will recommend more towards the Byward market

* Play - York Street casual tapas style, from same owner of the more expensive Beckta
* Domus Cafe on Murray - some very good local area food source creations nice dining room
* Murray Street Restaurant - focus on charcuteries and meat
* Benny's Bistro (back of the French Bakery) and only open for lunch on Murray
* Lyon 222 - on Lyon Spanish style tapas

Needs a cab
* Wellington Gastro Pub - on Wellington - if you like gastro pubs you will like this one
* Petit Bill's Bistro - on Wellington

Where to eat in Ottawa [split from the Quebec board]

Play is a good choice. Went there for my birthday before.

Other restaurants I like are and the Wellington ones you need a car are:

* Domus Cafe on Murray

* Wellington Gastro Pub - on Wellington

* Petit Bill's Bistro - on Wellington

* Murray Street Restaurant - especially nice for lunch and brunch at the patio

* Benny's Bistro (back of the French Bakery) and only open for lunch on Murray

* Lyon 222 - on Lyon Spanish style tapas