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East Bay (Fremont)

Yea, I have noticed this. I am now looking a bit more in the Mountain View area. It is a bit more expensive, but seems to have much more diverse dining options and is a lot prettier :)

East Bay (Fremont)

Not using a Realtor, we are looking at new homes only. I was hoping there might be some useful information here :)

East Bay (Fremont)

If there are pretty good Asian(Does this include Hibachi/Teppenyaki, Chinese, Thai?) and Indian restaurants that is a start.

What about Italian, Steakhouse, BBQ, burgers, etc? How far would I need to travel to find some good options?

East Bay (Fremont)


I'm considering buying a home in Fremont based on a size/price/quality/location basis.

The new complex I'm looking at is on the very edge of the Irvington area...

Anyway, my point in mentioning this is that my partner and myself like to eat out a lot. What does this area look like in terms of decent places to eat? How many decent options are there within 10 miles or so of this area? (and 15, 20, and 25 miles)

I've been looking at yelp and am having some issues getting a decent picture of the dining in the area.