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Oldest Halifax, Provincial and Atlantic Canadian restaurants

Unsure which is the oldest but ..

Willmans, Ardmore, Armview, and the KFC on Quinpool are the longest operating in the same spot all have been open since 1964

The oldest Tavern is The Seahorse which opened in '49 but they are scheduled to close next week and move to Gottingen st

Open City May 10th Halifax

Great way to eat your way around the city

Jackfruit in Halifax?

Best Supply of Asian grocery in town is Tian Phat on Bedford Highway at the bottom of Flamingo

Unique Regional Must-Eat Foods and Famous Dishes in Halifax

Salvatore's Original Pizza
Salvatore's Meatball Hero <best sandwich in HRM
Dimitris on Chebucto has a Soulvaki Pizza with pickles that is top notch
Brothers pepperoni
Brothers mixed meat sandwich

Just out of Halifax in Elmsdale at Bitars They have a Donair Quesidilla that is fantastic

Darrell's Peanut Butter Burger
The Coastals Huevos or McSandwich

Unique Regional Must-Eat Foods and Famous Dishes in Halifax

Mic Mac Tavern Steaks

Foodie Angst about East Coast Canada Move

Basically all our corporate owned Loblaws stores are called Real Atlantic Superstores

There are smaller ones that just sell groceries Quinpool and Young St

Larger ones that are mostly grocery Braemar, Barrington St, Bedford

And large ones that have lots of general merchandise Bayers Lake, Sackville, Joe Howe & Portland St

I agree the SS here are much nicer than the ones out west

If you want to part in the snow there are people, but mostly involves snowmobiles

And just as another note notice the response are all about Halifax,we are the food centre of the Atlantic.

Foodie Angst about East Coast Canada Move

Lots of great advice in here already from existential_crisis and CanadaGirl

the majority of the ethnic food is on or near the Halifax Peninsula

I like Heiwa on Chebucto for Korean, across the street from the Mid East Food Centre is Cafe Aroma Latina which has a small selection of Latin Groceries like dried chillis

The Japanese grocery on Barrington is for lease so their days are numbered

Pelley Foods can often get odd fresh items for you

and the Markets are a boon of goodness but mostly on Saturdays

Pete's Frotique is great for British items, the new Walmart Supercentres actually have a selection of non perishable ethnic items that aren't available at Sobeys/Superstore

Speaking of Superstore I've noticed this year that they have started to carry some T&T branded items

Fanor on Oxford has been converting from Indian to Middle East but Taste of India (220 Volts) is great for Indian foods

Tian Phat on Bedford Highway or Ca-Hoa on Queen are great asian selections

Best thin crust pizza in Halifax?

Mother's is pretty pretty good they have some really creative toppings Salvatore's is still number one

but Sal's is almost so good and different its almost like not eating pizza

Halifax Barbeque

Boneheads on Barrington still the go to spot, they love what they do and it shows

Q recently closed
Boneheads now has a 2nd spot but the original Barrington @ Inglis is the go to

Knife sharpening in Halifax

you can drop them off at ikebana shop on Quinpool or at Paderno

I hear he does fantastic work

vegetarian in PEI

Well not far from Cymbria in Brackley is The Dunes one of my favourite spots in PEI
who always have veggie offers

and Charlotte town is only 20 minutes away from where you are going to be
Formosa Tea house is and odd little vegetarian Chinese restaurant

and in Charlottetown is where you will find full sevice Superstores and Sobeys for your grocery needs

Best thin crust pizza in Halifax?

Salvatores is something special and for me would be the best, but frankly consider it in a league of its own

Morris East has really good ingredients and are tasty but Piatto I give a slight edge to overall

Bramoso its alright but would never choose over the 3 above
Tomasinos have had once since they reopened and was not wowed
and A Mano is ok but I always choose a pasta dish

Unique Regional Must-Eat Foods and Famous Dishes in Halifax

Five Fishermans Mussel Bar?

Friends going on a road trip from Toronto to Halifax and beyond. Fellow Canadian Foodies, we need your suggestions for great places to hit up along the way.

they said St.John,
I was just distinguishing between them

Friends going on a road trip from Toronto to Halifax and beyond. Fellow Canadian Foodies, we need your suggestions for great places to hit up along the way.

Da Maurizo I would skip and go to Bicycle Thief instead
in Halifax Brooklyn Warehouse is a must as well Edna which just opened is fantastic

Friends going on a road trip from Toronto to Halifax and beyond. Fellow Canadian Foodies, we need your suggestions for great places to hit up along the way.

I'll reply with more but .. it's Saint John

St. John's is in Newfoundland

John's Lunch

John's is overrated

myself I am devotee to Phil's
used like Fries & Co but since ownership changed it is terrible

I've yet to try it myself but have many that are devotee's to Freddies in Bayers Lake

(New) Janes-on-the Common-Halifax

Jane's daughter quietly opened Edna this week on Gottingen St and it is quite good, it's going to be more concentrated on a fluctuating menu based on local seasonalavailability

Dining in Nova Scotia

Yes good food and fantastic service
the Rice Paper Scallops are a must

Most Overrated/Underrated Fine Dining in Halifax

Boneheads has now opened in Fairview as well

but most reviews say downtown is better

Breakfast and lunch ideas for Halifax needed.

I never go there for lunch but should

oh yeah I know why I don't go I always feel compelled to drink the Ringwood

but at Supper time yum
and the Gingerbread is top notch

Halifax -- where to buy carrageenan?

maybe Planet Organic?

Breakfast and lunch ideas for Halifax needed.

a 2nd for The Coastal for breakfast

Brooklyn Warehouse, Fid, Ciboulette for lunch

Trattoria della Nonna-Lunenburg,NS- Is there a future?

Terry is is taking over the kitchen at Cafe Chianti

Vietnamese Subs in Halifax

also Brooklyn Warehouse has Banh Mi on their menu thismonth

Dining in Nova Scotia

by the time June rolls around we will have Two Doors Down which is an offshoot of Chives but at a lower price point and moe casual

Vietnamese Subs in Halifax

Fid often has Bahn Mi on their menu

Best Donair in Halifax, NS?

Grilled pita
Meat from the spit ideally cut by hand
And classic condensed milk sweet sauce

Anything else is blasphemous

Dried Chiles for home made chili powder?

Cafe Aroma Latino (Agricola @ North) has a selection of dried chillies in small little latino grocery part of the cafe

Tellicherry Peppercorns

any one in HRM who likes spices needs to get on this mailing lis "costas at halavrezos dot ca"

anyway Costas has a stand at the old Farmers Market on Saturdays and has the best Tellicherry by a mile