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Wild rice salad ideas

I make this salad for potlucks, etc., and people absolutely rave about it. It is a little involved, but worth it. Note--I don't use smoked chicken, just standard roasted chicken breast cut into cubes.

Jul 27, 2015
isabellacat in Home Cooking

New dining options in Bmore?

Thames St Oyster House. You need to make reservations.

How to eat frugally?

A couple of years ago a regular chowhound poster did a wonderful series on frugal eating. Here is one of the posts, so you may be able to find the entire series by follow the links. Good luck.

Freezing Lasagna

I make several types of lasagna for a Christmas party every year. I always freeze them uncooked. The night before the party, I put them in the fridge overnight and then cook them the day of. However, leave PLENTY of time for cooking. You may need as much as 2 hours.

Sep 23, 2014
isabellacat in Home Cooking

My Chowhound Wedding

Would love to see the entire menu (in written form).

I WANT that cake.


Jul 29, 2014
isabellacat in Home Cooking

Parts and Labor - any thoughts?

Prime Porterhouse steaks are <<on sale>>for $22.99 at Victor's Meats (aka Eddie's). I think I've paid $24/lb for NY strips at Cierello. Good meat is expensive. As a once-a-year splurge, though, it's worth it (at least to me :)).

New restaurant in Hampden - Le Garage

I'll give the chauctuerie place a whirl. Love me some cured pork. So we'll see. I'll report back.

Bistro "b" in Bolton Hill

I have never had a bad meal there. It really is a lovely place that doesn't get much publicity on this board. Maybe we should keep it on the down low, though, so that it continues to be easy to get a reservation. :)

New restaurant in Hampden - Le Garage

You are right about the fries. They remind me of boardwalk fries...not frites. I did note that the wine pour was very generous, which is unusual these days.

Even though I live in the neighborhood, I have not been to the Corner. Early reviews scared me off (are they still charging for a box to take home leftovers)? Also, I attempted to make a reservation once, and the afternoon of the day we had our reservation, someone called and said that they had decided to close that night. Um, OK. That just rubbed me the wrong way.

Thanksgiving Ideas, recipes & hints to make the day perfect

Just want to say that's an AWESOME idea for storing pies (on your grill)!! Love all this creative use of space.

Oct 30, 2012
isabellacat in Home Cooking

Eat good food, then drink/schmooze in Baltimore?

The bf and I often sit at the bar at the B&O and eat dinner. The drinks are fabulous. You can linger as long as you want.

Do you dread Thanksgiving?

Like Janet, I think it is way too much work for very little payoff. I think the meal is boring to cook but at the same time it is incredibly labor intensive. My mother refuses to be invited anywhere because she claims that my dad doesn't like to eat other people's food...but she stresses out to an absolutely INCREDIBLE degree over serving Thanksgiving dinner to the four of us. It is very depressing. This year I gave up and am going to the boyfriend's house.

I have highjacked Christmas, however. I invite my parents, brother, stray aunts, and friends who want to get away from their families...lots of booze, food that I like to cook and eat, tons of desserts, and lingering conversation at the table. It's a good time.

Oct 23, 2012
isabellacat in Not About Food

Baltimore: Looking for the Grit and Soul of the City

Saw him at Eddies around Christmas.

Baltimore: Looking for the Grit and Soul of the City

Would like to put in another vote for Trinacria. Amazing Italian deli and the smell is exactly like my Italian grandmother's house used to smell. Check the hours, though...I think it's closed on Sunday.

Baltimore's Newest Restaurants

Hi--long-time lurker here. Saw this post and had to respond. I went to Waterfront Kitchen on Sunday for brunch. Food was pretty good and inexpensive--a huge club sandwich with a grilled chicken breast and yummy spread, and a nice BLT on ciabatta--but the service was awful. We broiled in the sun for an hour and a half while our server disappeared for extended periods of time. Tables also very close together; I crashed into the people at the table next to me a couple of times while moving my chair. I don't think I'll be back. However, the view is divine...too bad about the service.