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Visiting Montreal with 2yo toddler

Thanks a lot, just thought someone would have a different opinion.
Iove the idea of taking out Rotisserie chicken and fries from romado and doing a pique nique near by :)

Visiting Montreal with 2yo toddler

Hello fellow chowhounders!

We are planning a visit to Montreal on July 6, 7 and 8. We are typical foodies who love to eat local foods, we visited Montreal a while back and are coming back with a hyper toddler in tow!

We are planning on visiting the popular St Viateur Bagel, Schwart's, La Banquise (our favourite)
we are planning on visiting downtown but are looking places that we can take our 2 yo daughter.

We are staying at B&B Maam Bolduc! Avenue Lorimier to be exact...language is not a problem.

Our daughter loves animals and nature. How much does a bus fare cost? We have no problem walking but anyone could use some break after a hot day of outs and abouts in a busy city.

Thanks so much for your suggestions!