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Sunday Dinner with Clients, w/in 10 min cab ride of Opera, ~ 75E/person, wine included

Volnay is closed on Sundays, otherwise that would've been my go-to spot. But Drouant is a possibility, definitely. Thanks for the suggestions!

Jul 11, 2012
justbecause in France

Sunday Dinner with Clients, w/in 10 min cab ride of Opera, ~ 75E/person, wine included

Yes, Garnier.

A good suggestion, but foie gras-focused might be a challenge if they are not used to foreign cuisine (for one it is her first time ever out of the US), so I think I need to stick to something with a broader menu! (MiniPalais looked ideal because the food, while not amazing, is adequate (they even have a burger!) and the space is certainly charming. But they are full this Sunday, and won't take a reservation for 6.)

Jul 11, 2012
justbecause in France

Sunday Dinner with Clients, w/in 10 min cab ride of Opera, ~ 75E/person, wine included

Just found out I am taking 6 clients to dinner this coming Sunday... clients I've never met. I'm looking for a place, but have a few caveats:

- One client does not eat seafood, one doesn't eat any sort of pork, ham, sausages (meat from a pig)
- I am a vegetarian but eat seafood
- Clients are from Brazil, India, Germany & the US, so probably somewhere fairly "French" would be nice for them, though somewhere with an English menu would likely be best
- Needs to be under 75E/person, drinks included (not likely to be heavy drinking)
- Near-ish to Opera (w/in a 10-15 minute cab ride)
- Would like the food to be good with charming ambiance, but nothing too out there, as I don't know these people at all
- We are going to Maceo as a larger group the following night, so somewhere that has a different feel/menu than Maceo would be nice

I thought about MiniPalais, L'Absinthe, Les Jalles (might be too spendy)... any other suggestions?

Jul 10, 2012
justbecause in France

Prenzlauer Berg - fun and good restaurants?

Thanks to all for the many recommendations here. Just spent a long weekend in Berlin with my boyfriend, meeting up with some friends of ours, and we all stayed in Prenzlauer Berg. We made liberal use of these suggestions and were the better for it! We loved Berlin, thought the scene was great, the food very good and the prices unbelievably reasonable (we currently live in Paris, so that's our frame of reference.)

Wanted to pitch in my two cents for anyone looking for a refresh on some of these. My only caveat is that I don't eat meat, so we didn't choose restaurants/cuisines that were meat-intensive.

Brunches: Anna Blume & Cafe Hilde -- Anna Blume's was the better of the two by far. Charming and cozy, I liked the atmosphere and the casual, communal-style table sharing when things are full up. (Not something that would ever be done in Paris.) The brunch menu had a number of American-style offerings, also a welcome change of pace from Paris, where most everything is fixed menu at brunch. Cafe Hilde had very poor service and a limited, uninteresting menu with bland food. Not recommended.

- Italian at Herr Rossi, where the service was relaxed and friendly and the food was very decent. I would recommend the Prosecco Aperol over the Spritz Aperol (too watery). The soup was not the most flavorful, but the salad was really excellent. Risotto & pasta were both very nicely prepared with fresh ingredients. Love the custom of blankets on the outside chairs for keeping warm when needed.

-Vietnamese at Onkel Ho, where we preferred the curry dish with tofu to prawns in tamarind sauce . The tamarind was too rich and overly sweet, no balance to the dish. The mango lassi was good, though the price for water was truly outrageous (4 Euro!)

Lastly, outside the neighborhood, but on a bike ride we ended up at Santa Maria Mexican Diner in Kreuzberg. I grew up on the west coast and crave Mexican food ever since living in Paris, where it's just impossible to find it. Very decent Mexican food, I have to say, though the iced tea with mint & lime was by far my favorite feature of the meal.

Thanks for the many recommendations and great advice -- looking forward to a return trip so that we can continue to explore Berlin's great food scene beyond our little neighborhood!

May 22, 2012
justbecause in Europe