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Your best meals for $5.00 or less

Being a still rather new professional I am very familiar with eating on a budget. The first tip is framing your grocery list with your meals in mind. My gf and I start with writing 1-7 at the top of our list. We then figure out our meals and fill them in at the top. Afterwards we then figure out what ingredients we need for our meals and fill in our list. This helped to keep us on budget.

We also use Costco to help stock our pantry. We buy a 20 lb bag of basmati rice for about $12.00 that lasts us at least 6 months. You can get a several pound bag of spinach ravioli for about $11.00 that you can use for several meals. We also buy a 2lb block of cheese for less than $6. We have found that shedding your own cheese will cause us to use less cheese than if we used packaged shredded cheese, which is good for both your waistline and wallet. You may spend $40 at Costco at a time but you will stock your pantry with a lot of essentials.

Frozen vegetables are a good substitute for fresh vegetables especially in the winter. Whenever Kroger has 10/$10 sales we stock up on frozen veggies. If you have a Grocery Outlet near you, run don't walk. We always go their first because they have incredible deals. The caveat is that you have to go in with an open mind and can not be brand loyal as their product lines change from week to week.

Jan 10, 2013
RyanCG in Home Cooking

40 Clove Chicken - Using Pork Instead

I am looking at reworking AB's 40 clove chicken recipe. One of the ideas I have thought about was using either pork chops or a pork loin. The main concern is the need for a longer cooking time to mellow the garlic. A pork chop may cook too quickly. In my research I can't find anything that substitutes the chicken for pork. Am I way off base here? Any comments are greatly appreciated!

Jan 10, 2013
RyanCG in Home Cooking

Why do you continue shopping at CostCo? I am underwhelmed. What do you appreciate about the warehouse store?

My gf and I dumped our Sams membership for Costco and have loved it. The savings on our daily allergy pills have paid for the $55.00 membership, we can get a 365-count bottle of Kirkland "Zertec" for $15.00. We used to spend $12 or more at Walmart for a 90-count.

Foodwise we love the 2 pounds of block cheese for $4.69 and we also love the 12 pack of 1/4 lb. Morningstar Black Bean Burgers for $12.99. We also switched our dog food from the pricey holistic food to Kirkland and saved a lot of money. The dog food is highly rated and has not affected our dog's fur quality. Overall Costco is a steal, even though it is on the other side of Houston from us!

May 22, 2012
RyanCG in Chains

I think I'll go shopping for organic food then go kick a homeless person.

For me it is about being smart about which products to buy organically. Not everything needs to be organic. I tend to buy the organic items from the dirty dozen list, the ones that have the highest levels of pesticides, etc. Instead of worshiping at the alter of organic I think it is more important to eat locally and in season. Eating locally supports your local economy instead of multinational corporations. Buying what's in season will give you better tasting food and consumes less energy than trucking a tomato from Chile in January.

I look at this study with a suspicious eye, looking at a picture is not the same as purchasing an item. What is the actual correlation? For all we know it could be a person's income level that actually dictates their attitude. Organic food tends to be expensive and a well to do person may purchase more organic food than someone struggling more economically.

May 21, 2012
RyanCG in Food Media & News