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Leons Bakery gone?

Holy Moly!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking for pictures of a Black Forest thing led to another and I wound up on this sight. Leon's Bakerey Closing...of which I knew about =[
-My father worked at all of these Bakeries!!!!!!!!! Leon's, Tina's; and then you'll started talking about Lord's!!!!!!!!!!! and Sterns,...and then at the end of the posts.,..Ebingers!!!!
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm all teary eyed.. The memories I have of all these absolutely wonderful bakeries, and the breads and pastries they made. My childhood consisted of a few bags and boxes filled with surprises, on our kitchen table, as we woke to go off to school every other day of my childhood. WOW!!! And sadly the standards today SUCK! the quality is not the same, probably never ever will one uses fresh ingredients anymore, and mostly the workers dont even know what youre asking for, even though they work there, so sad. Rainbow cookies, cheese pockets, rye bread, kaiser rolls, honey bread..............this lists are endless.. I later met the owners, in 2003-2004; who took over the bakery Leon;s fromr the 1st owners, mother and daughter in law shopoping in my store in FL., and they had also just sold it the year before. Small world. Glad to hear Tina's is still open, I have to do some quality conrol on my next visti. We'll see! Thanks for the memories.....godsgirl.

May 22, 2012
natalegt in Outer Boroughs