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Variety of meals in oahu.... Thoughts?

Again, thanks so much! Think I'll take Kathryn's advice and swap my days and do the farmers market after diamond head. Also now have lots of options for our 1st night. I'll make sure I post a trip review when we return! Kathey

Aug 15, 2013
krumley in Hawaii

Variety of meals in oahu.... Thoughts?

Thanks for all the comments, they are very helpful! So how long does the music last at HWAK and Duke's on a Thursday evening? If our flight gets in @ 5:50 I'm guessing we would get to the hotel ~ 6:45. Checking in and quickly changing we could be out the door in ~ 30 minutes.... I'm sure we'll be exhausted, but excited! Just really looking for something fun within walking distance. I completely agree with Hunt and hate to "waste a meal", but I'm guessing we'll be more about a big drink at that point! :)) Also, where do you suggest for lunch on Friday after our Diamond Head hike and the Iolani Palace? Haven't gotten my bearings yet so I can't quite figure out where on the island we'll be. On that day we plan on spending the afternoon lounging around by the pool.. Thx!

Aug 12, 2013
krumley in Hawaii

Variety of meals in oahu.... Thoughts?

Thanks for the comments on Dukes and Hula Grill.... We definitely don't want to waste our meals on unimpressive! If we're already going to do Alan Wongs I wasn't going to do another upscale dinner until Maui...what do you rec as a substitute? I guess we could just stay at the hotel and try the Beach House..... Was thinking after the long flight we'd need the energy of a place like Dukes....

Someone else had asked about our Maui plans. So far I have the following....We're staying in Wailea at the Grand Wailea & get in ~4 pm on Sunday

Sund -dinner @ Humuhumu...
Mond - lunch @ coconuts, dinner @ Duo
Tues - RTH day.... lunch picnic, dinner @ Moneypod
Wed - may be taking a snorkeling trip so unsure about meals...
Thurs- upcountry day - lunch Kula Lodge, dinner Spago
Friday - lunch @ Star noodle, although may do burgers @ Teddy's, dinner @ Ferraro's
Saturday - lunch @ O'o farms, dinner @ Mama's

Have a continually developing itinerary so would love to hear any thoughts/recs! Thanks!

Aug 09, 2013
krumley in Hawaii

Variety of meals in oahu.... Thoughts?

Oh gosh, thanks! I think I had read that but forgot..... We're getting in on a Thursday night so that means we can only eat at Helena's the next night...... I had thought we should have a more "authentic " Hawaiian meal so I really wanted that.....guess we could do HWAK the last night.... Thx so much!

Aug 08, 2013
krumley in Hawaii

Variety of meals in oahu.... Thoughts?

2 couples late 40's headed to hawaii in late October for 10 nights, 3 on Oahu, 7 on Maui. What are your thoughts re: these choices for meals/drinks for our 1st 3 days.... We wanted a nice variety of local spots and "fancier spots".... No real budget but would like to stay under ~300/couple for dinner

1st nite - arrive ~6 pm from east coast, staying at Moana Surfrider, quickly freshen up then head to either Dukes or Hula Grill for a few drinks and appetizers (will have eaten on the plane)

2nd day - lunch ? , drinks at House without a key, dinner at Helena's
(unsure about lunch this day, we plan to hike diamond head, see Iolani Palace then hang out at the beach for the afternoon)

3rd day - ( Pearl harbor and North Shore day) - lunch on North Shore, thinking shrimp truck, dinner at Alan Wongs

4th day - lunch at Hanks Haute dogs, then fly to Maui

Thanks for your help!

Aug 08, 2013
krumley in Hawaii

Booking last 2 dinners in San Fran, Help needed...

The other couple we're traveling with called our concierge and made the following reservations;

Friday night - La Mar Cebicheria Peruana
Saturday night - Boulevard


Sonoma - winery itinerary

Thanks for the info goldangl95, it was very helpful. I plotted out your recs on the winery map and was bummed to see Unti so far north. Any other recs for good red blends? Anything stand out in the tasting rooms in Healdsburg? Thanks again!

Sonoma - winery itinerary

2 couples headed to Healdsburg on Wednesday 10/17, plan to do tastings on Thursday with a driver. As a group the reds we tend to like are cabs, zins and pinots. We also like chardonnays and an occasional savignon blanc. And we're open to other varietals.... Easy, huh?! From our prior trips the wines we still order are Frank Family and Artessa from Napa and Williamson from Sonoma (if that helps at all). Here is our preliminary list of wineries.... I hope to select ~ 4 from this list.

Freeman - pretty sure I'm interested in this one
Lynmar - this one, too

On the list, but less sure about the following:

Paul Hobbs
Rochioli (but I read they have very few wines available to taste)
Iron Horse (One of us loves sparkling, but the rest of us don't... what else do they have that you'd recommend?).

Also, we should be in Healdsburg by Wednesday afternoon ~3:30 ish. What tasting room(s) would you recommend? I know we visited ~ 4 of them in '09 but other than Williamson I can't remember which ones. I would guess that we'd have time for 1 depending on when they close. Or, is there a winery on the way in from SFO that you'd recommend we stop and do a tasting?

Thanks so much for all your help!! Kathey

Booking last 2 dinners in San Fran, Help needed...

Headed to SF and Sonoma in a few weeks and I'm behind on planning! We've been to SF and to Sonoma before so interested in trying some new spots. We're spending the 1st 2 nights at Hotel Healdsburg, dinner reservations @ Scopa and Bistro Ralph. Haven't planned the wineries yet..... Then we move to SF where we're staying at the Hotel Vitale for 2 nights. Looking for great seafood one night and then just a "fun" dinner...tapas, maybe? After all the wine of Sonoma, my guess is we'll be ready for some cocktails, too. (recs for bars/nightclubs?) We love great food and service but also an upbeat vibe is nice. Can't remember all the places we've eaten on prior trips but I know we've been to the Slanted Door, Farallon and First Crush. We're 2 couples in our 40's-50's and we'd like to keep our budget to ~ $75 each. Thanks so much!!

Restaurant choices for trip next week- Positano and Rome

WOW! How timely! We are leaving in 2 days and I'm sitting at the computer going over the "final" itinerary and saw your comments. Da Aldolfo sounded wonderful to me and after reading your comments I'm so glad we're going our 1st day there. I really appreciate your other recs too. I'll post a report when we get back. Caio! :)

Aug 26, 2012
krumley in Italy

Restaurant choices for trip next week- Positano and Rome

Thank you both SO MUCH for the candid comments!! You know, it's so hard to select restaurants in a huge city when there are hundreds of comments and opinions to sift through. You tend to lose sight of the "common sense" things and y'all were great at pointing them out. I really had no idea that I had chosen all traditional places and also that Nerone and Checchino would be virtually impossible to take on the same day. I'll lose a few lunches and separate Nerone and Checchino :) And thanks for the bellinis @ sunset suggestion! I hope to have lots of great meals to report in a few weeks!!

Aug 21, 2012
krumley in Italy

Restaurant choices for trip next week- Positano and Rome

Well, we're down to the wire... most everything booked except the restaurants. I'd love your thoughts about the following choices. We've never been to Italy, we do love great food but on this trip are not interested in a "French Laundry" experience.... more interested in a a mix of fun, atmosphere, authentic cuisine... Hope I have a good selection. Also, are there any that I need reservations for before I get there? Thanks so much for your help!

Thursday 8/30 - Arrive in Rome, train to Naples, driver to Positano (Staying at the Hotel Marincanto)- lunch in Naples @ Antica Pizzeria "I Decumani , dinner @ Lo Guarracino

Friday 8/31 - Positano - Da Alolfo for lunch, dinner at Max

Saturday 9/1 - Positano – tour Amalfi & Ravello, lunch @ Cumpa cosimo in Ravello, dinner at Next 2

Sunday 9/2 -Positano (Capri/Anacapri ? lunch @ Ristorante al Grottino), dinner @ La Sponda

Monday 9/3 -Leave for Rome (staying at Hotel Raphael) - Pompeii on the way, no lunch planned yet, dinner @ Perilli

Tuesday 9/4 - Scavi tour of St Peters @ 9:15am; then Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel tour @ 2pm – lunch @ Pizzarium, dinner @ Toscono

Wednesday 9/5- Colosseum/Palatine/Forum tour @ 8:30 am, Borghese Galleries @ 3 , lunch @ Nerone, dinner @ Checcino

Thursday 9/6- Wander around Rome, lunch @ L’Arcangelo; dinner @ Settimo al Pellegrino

Friday 9/7- Fly out @ 11am

Rome Alternates - Alfredo e Ada,Colline Emiliane, Monti, Pierluigi, Rosciolo

Aug 20, 2012
krumley in Italy

First night in Italy, dinner suggestions in Positano?

WOW! What great info. Several of your recommendations were on my list, but have now moved to the top. I appreciate your advice so much! Kathey

Jun 25, 2012
krumley in Italy

Train from Rome to Naples - What about lunch?

Thank you all so much for the advice and recommendations. Mimì alla Ferrovia sounds perfect but I, too, was worried about leaving our luggage and appreciate the link to the station and the assurance that you've actually done it. It would be bad to get all the way there and then have no luggage! Thanks again!

May 24, 2012
krumley in Italy

Train from Rome to Naples - What about lunch?

1st trip to Italy so lots of questions.... Here's my latest one! We are getting into FCO ~ 9:30 am from the US and then taking the fast train to Naples and a driver to Positano (should arrive ~ 2:30ish). What should we do about lunch? Should we find somewhere to buy food and take it with us on the train? Is there something good in the airport that we can buy? Has anyone eaten on the train? Would hate for our 1st meal to be awful! Someone suggested we store our luggage in Naples and eat nearby before heading to Positano. Thanks!

May 23, 2012
krumley in Italy

First night in Italy, dinner suggestions in Positano?

1st post on this board, VERY excited about our trip to Italy in Late August/early September. 1st stop is 4 nights in Positano. We fly into Rome ~ 9:30 am from the US, then train to Naples, car to Positano (staying at Hotel Marincanto). Hoping to be there ~ 2 or 3pm. I'm looking for a great "1st night" meal. Knowing we'll be tired, I want a restaurant that will keep us awake.... maybe a fabulous sunset view or good music... and memorable food. Suggestions? Thanks!!

May 21, 2012
krumley in Italy