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Provisioning for a long sailing trip...any suggestions please?

OMG... I need some of that NOW!!! with pasta... mmmm

Provisioning for a long sailing trip...any suggestions please?

Steve h... you are wise... Mr for voyage food on long cruises, meat is not recommended at all, unless there is adequate facilities for it, just as you stated in your comment.... Grains such as rice,oats, quinoa, barley, rice, dried corn and dried pre-sprouted beans are the best that I find for long sails;. because they don't take very much energy to prepare and they go well with all other foods and are versatile... I also recommend that fruit be first spritzed with a mist of vinegar before bringing aboard. This will detract fruit flies which are a common problem in tropical sailing areas and as the vinegar dries the vinegar taste will go away...also, this will aid in killing the mold spores that can ruin food stores. apples, green plantain, key limes keep for a fair amount of time. Eat the ripest produce first (obviously) and there's nothing at all wrong with canned foods. on another note the best seafood is the seafood that you catch yourself! both cooked or not (as long as you know how to prepare sushi correctly) all salt water ocean fish (with only a few exceptions) can be eaten raw, but there are some tastier than others.