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Weber Grills -- Has Quality Declined?

Well I got an email from Weber Belgium yesterday.
Seems I can pickup a brandnew one next week at a store nearby.
This is what warranty is about,,,, but lets see again in 2 years time.

I also got an answer from Weber US.
Seems they were not so interested in this and they refered me to the local Weber importer. Not really what I thought. As a manufacturer I would want to know where it went wrong to avoid it in the future. At least a sorry .... email would have been polite.

Weber Grills -- Has Quality Declined?

Well I have to tell my experience about Weber quality.

After having owned and really used a cheaper Barbecook for 10 years without an issue I thought of buying a nice 57cm one touch premium 2 years ago.

And ofcourse I had to buy all the nice 'inox' extras that cost an arm and a leg over here in Belgium.

After 1 year all the inox parts have rusted while I am about 60 miles away from the coast. It was a hassle to get them replaced.

Now today I took the BBQ out of the graden shed that is actually insulated and dry. What do I see, remember I bought this one 2 years ago, the top and bottom part of the kettle is rusted. The porcelain has come off at the borders (placed on grass when cleaning) and probably pushed away by the rust. The same rust where the handles are attached to the kettle.

I wrote them an email with photos about this. Now lets see what kind of a response I get from Weber Belgium and Weber US and if I get a replacement that will last longer than 2 years.