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Crawfish Boil in Toronto

Thanks! I checked the T&T at the lakeshore and they didn't have any. Will try Scarborough.

Crawfish Boil in Toronto

Frozen eh!? That could work. Thanks for the tip!

Crawfish Boil in Toronto


I am desperate to do a crawfish boil, but I live in Toronto and apparently they are impossible to source.

I've spoken to some pretty good seafood vendors and they all say the same thing: they're too perishable, too bulky, and not profitable enough.

I am wondering two things:

1) Aside from shipping them personally from the States (which is super expensive), does anyone know where to get crawfish in/around the Toronto area? (there are crawfish in our lakes, but nobody seems to catch them....)

2) If I can't find crawfish, can I use Spot Prawns? What's the difference?

Thanks for your help