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Sonoma & Napa wineries for dilettantes.

Interesting yet very strange choices of wineries .. I get the Castle ... For me , the best views , the most ambiance are at the most intimate of wineries .. Those down the side roads , many of who you have never heard of .. One where you find yourself tasting with the winemaker or even the owner .. Where the wines are about the wine , not building nor the grounds ... But then again that's just me .. You can always have time in "the Napa area" at California Adventure at Disneyland.. I agree with you about BarnDiva .. Great food. Thx for your right up and thoughts!!

Parents in town, help!

How bout the Lake Chalet on Lake Merritt ..NIce seafood menu , beautiful view of the lake .. Check out their menu on their website

suggestions for Yountville and surroundings

How bout Ad Hoc, another of Thomas Keller's places at a reasonable cost and servings sizes that will please the biggest of appetites !!!

3 nights in Napa (foodie trip first wine secondary)

I would suggest Fremont Dinner for breakfast or lunch .. Or Ad Hoc picnic lunch ... I would also add R+D Kitchen and or Rutherford Grill for lunch .. Biggest advantage to those are no cork fee ..Keep in mind that they are of the same ownership group so I would only choose one ...I would add Pine Ridge to list your list of wines .. I would strongly suggest a driving service like BeMYDD.. Unlike a limo style service , they drive your car with the same professionalism and at a rate of 17.50 an hour I believe ..

Great beer bar in SF?

Also, dont forget about the Public House at ATT park great selection of craft beer and imports ...Also your close to 21st Amendment , Southern Railroad...And also Rosamunde Grill's second location on mission 50 yards from the bart station at 24th st ...I highly recommend this website ...Every brewery and brew pub by bart stations ...

Best Food at (Non Fancy) Bars in San Francisco

Dont for get the Rosemunde grill in the mission ...get your beer and sausage in one place ...

Need advice - American Kitchen vs. All-Clad

WOW ...I just recd a pan shipped from American Kitchen them last week ...Guess i got it under the wire !!!!

Jun 06, 2012
luv2putt in Cookware

Help, Need to find a Julia Child throwback!

im sorry i dont know Boston and I know even less of classic french food ....But why not hire a chef trained in the classics to come in and cook for her and your family ...Yes it will cost a little more but you will get a menu tailored to her tastes ....You could make it a very special evening ...

Jun 04, 2012
luv2putt in Greater Boston Area

Wineries in Rutherford or St. Helena area

Let me add to mix...Pine Ridge not far from Rutherford on the Trail ...Wonderful Cabs and you dont need an appointment...If you love Zins , I can highly recommend Robert Biale , but you do need a reservation there ...

Recs for garduation dinner in Oakland

Pican in Oakland , walking distance to the Paramount...Amazing southern food !!!!!!!

American Kitchen by Regal Ware

I just ordered the 12" pan this week ...Such a good price !!!

May 26, 2012
luv2putt in Cookware

Need advice - American Kitchen vs. All-Clad

At Costco . Kirkland 13 pc set is labeled 18/10 Stainless and im pretty sure its from China.

May 18, 2012
luv2putt in Cookware

Le Creuset Cookware on Viking Induction Range

how do you like your range ?...i have one ordered that should be here in 3 weeks ....i stepped out of the box and ordered racing red ...Brad

May 17, 2012
luv2putt in Cookware

Need advice - American Kitchen vs. All-Clad

actually Allclad does state they were purchased in their history section...

May 17, 2012
luv2putt in Cookware

Need advice - American Kitchen vs. All-Clad

Warranty on American Kitchen is 25 years ...sounds good to me to at least try ..

May 16, 2012
luv2putt in Cookware