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Help a poor Los Angeles hound visiting Baltimore and DC

Spot on, lawhound. I agree with everything- Cafe Isabella, Trinacria and Woodberry Kitchen are 3 of my favorite places in Baltimore.

This may not be an option if you have children in tow, but a great local brewery is Clipper City (brewers of Heavy Seas beers)- located on the outskirts of Baltimore. They offer brewery tours that are great. If possible try to get one with the founder, Hugh Sisson

Cochon vs Herbsaint

Ok thanks- you all made my decision easy! Herbsaint it is. Also, we will be staying near the convention center for a conference, so if anyone has suggestions for easy walkable destinations to eat, especially breakfast, please let me know.

May 17, 2012
kdhickey in New Orleans

Cochon vs Herbsaint

Hi all,

I will be in NO for only 3 days and have time for one dinner out. I would love to try either Cochon or Herbsaint but am very much on the fence about which to try. After browsing around the board, my impression is that people think highly of both but maybe lean a bit more towards Herbsaint. I'd love to hear which you think I should pick if I can only do one. Also, I may be able to stop in for a quick lunch or drink one other day, so if that is the case, which is better for the lunch/snack option and which is more worth the full dinner?


May 16, 2012
kdhickey in New Orleans