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Naco Taco

Chowees - we updated our website with the new menus reflecting some of the changes (and clarifications) we've made.

Naco Taco

Hi folks - wanted to take a minute to respond to a few of your concerns:

We have two kinds of corn tortillas, one is made with lard (our standard tortilla), and one without lard.

We had clear service issues in our first week or so, no doubt about it. I could list plenty of reasons, but there are no real excuses that would be acceptable to a paying customer. We've worked through them, and I'm very pleased with the level of service we've provided since our opening week.

The beans not having the meat listed on the menu was a major oversight, and one we've remedied in the newest version of the menu that we've been using all week.

For vegetarians, we have a taco, a torta, all of our chips and dips, and a summer salad. Other than the tortas, our entire menu is gluten free.

Any other questions or concerns, please let me know (, and I'm happy to respond.

Naco Taco

One of the owners here! We are currently building up to lunch hours and take-out. The local response has been amazing, and someone walking up and putting in a take-out order just wouldn't make sense for us at the moment. We already are expanding our prep kitchen to keep up with the demand. Also, we have a marked 10-spot parking lot in the back of the building (on Front St). Hope you'll give us a try in the future.

December 2014 Openings and Closings

According to the sign posted out front and the folks cleaning the space, it's just closed for the holidays and reopening January 3rd.

lees burgers?

I used to go to the Newton location when I worked nearby. The burgers are pretty good I think, and they cook to any temp. It's all about their special sauce - sweet honey mustard meets spicy mayo. It's perfect.

China King still best peking duck?

I'll be at China King tonight celebrating a birthday with 12 other people and 4 ducks. It's one of my favorite meals to have in the city.

Awesome burgers: new thread

I'll put a vote in for Alden & Harlow as well. I've had the burger a few times now, and it really stands out - smokey & juicy meat, crunchy cheese, killer bun. Perfectly balanced. Just make sure to get there early, they run out pretty quickly, especially on weekends.

Weekend lunch at Chestnut Hill?

Here's another vote for Bernard's (down the street), and that should be plenty kid friendly.

FYI - Toyko Steakhouse has the same owner and menu as Bisuteki in Cambridge, but much worse service - they seem to not have enough Teppanyaki chefs.

Personal Challenge for you: Saturday Night - Dinner Reservation for 8

Union Bar and Grille in the South End. They usually are able to accommodate bigger tables on short notice, have reasonable prices and some good sharing plates.

Bagelsaurus: How Early is Early?

I've been okay getting bagels before 10 AM, but they do start to sell out of specific varieties, and the line gets long. My tip - call ahead, place your order, and head directly to the "Take-out" register on the right. No line.

I've tried the lox on an everything bagel, which is an amazing sandwich - the fried capers are an excellent addition. I've also gotten the eggs with chard and red-eye mayo on a salt bagel, which while really packing a lot of flavor, was a little too intense for me to eat the whole thing, but delicious nonetheless. And finally, I've had the pretzel bagel with honey rosemary cream cheese, and that might have been the best of all.

Ikura on Newbury Street is fantastic

Hello hounds,
After being disappointed time and time again by my local sushi options (Back Bay), I decided to try Ikura on Newbury Street for the first time last night. It opened back in October/November, and has seen some pretty decent Yelp reviews over its first few months, but not a lot of publicity. All I knew going in was that it featured the former sushi chef for the New England Patriots.

We had a fabulous meal. The service was extremely friendly and attentive from the get-go. The prices were surprisingly reasonable, even the special rolls, especially considering it's on Newbury Street.

The sushi was delicious. We ordered 10 rolls for the 4 of us, and they didn't skimp at all on the super fresh, raw fish. The rice was thinly rolled, so you could really taste every bite. I knew we were in for a treat when the Spicy Tuna Roll had real pieces of tuna, and not the shredded, membrane-y, tempura-y fare we had become accustomed to.

The "Special" rolls were impressive as well - specifically, the Playboy Maki (shrimp tempura & spicy tuna) and the Spring Maki (a salmon overload with jalapeno & avocado). We also loved their Agedashi Tofu - HUGE pieces of nicely fried firm tofu.

Going in, you should know that this isn't going to be a fancy type Uni or O Ya.

But it's also not going to be Douzo, Basho, Osushi, Haru, Fin's, Umai,'s going to be much, much better. Give it a shot, and don't let the location fool you!

January 2014 Openings and Closings

Holy moly. That is right across the street from my apartment. My wife will be crushed. Any word on what might fill the space?

Kitchen Renovation in Boston

I used Euroline Kitchens out of Brookline to do our design and ordering. We love our kitchen.

Best restaurant on Newbury?

I think you're getting two restaurants confused. Itadaki is the new-ish restaurant with the scorpion bowls out front between Fairfield and Gloucester. I haven't tried it myself, but the place always looks empty when I pass by. Snappy is further down, more near Clarendon or Dartmouth.

Searching for a good burrito

Agreed on Boca. I always find the burritos sloppy, flavorless, generally sub-par. No thanks.

Searching for a good burrito

I haven't seen Cha Cha Cha Taqueria mentioned - formerly "Burritos and Tacos to Go" AKA the Back Bay Station Burrito Cart. They do excellent burritos & quesadillas, tacos, and burrito plates. They have carnitas, al pastor, steak, chicken, and Chili Verde...chicken (unfortunately). But everything is top notch. Similar to Anna's in taste and quality.

back bay restaurants

Love Deuxave, can highly recommend. My favorite dish is the Steak Tartare/Carpaccio appetizer (that's right, it's both) The service is really fantastic as well.

I also went to Asta for the first time last night. A bit pricey getting the 5 course tasting and drinks, but I must say, one of the best meals I've had in a long time. It was a very unique restaurant experience from start to finish.

Does anyone have an ahi poke to recommend?

In terms of a traditional poke, you're probably out of luck. However, Uni Sashimi bar has two dishes that could probably hold you over. They have a Tuna Poke on their menu which I haven't tried, but my personal favorite is the Tuna Ceviche, which is in a coconut and lemongrass broth, and the fish is cut poke-style. It's amazing.

Transplant seeking a bar style pizza north of Boston

While we're on the topic, how about suggestions for some bar-style pizza places within the city limits? Anything in Back Bay, South End, Fenway...?

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Coming to Boston

Yep, this was put into place I believe starting in 2010. Sometimes I forget and still think I'm paying 5% taxes. But that was in the before-time. The long long ago.

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Coming to Boston

I actually was rounded up $.01. My food total was 18.40. Add 7% (6.25 state, .75 local) tax to bring total to 19.69. They rounded .01 to 19.70. No biggie for me at that time.

Rounding up to $9 seems a bit high considering the actual total after tax should have been $8.56.

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Coming to Boston

Thanks for the advice! That sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.

It appears I had a more mild waiting experience than most. We got there at 12:10, and there were probably 10 people in line and another 5-10 waiting for food. We ordered at 12:24 (according to my receipt), and we were out of there with our food by about 12:40. Seemed okay to me, especially being the first (big) day.

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Coming to Boston

Just got back from my very first Gene's experience! I had never been able to get to the one in Chelmsford, so I was thrilled to be able to finally try it. We arrived just before the line started snaking out the door.

We ordered the #3 Pork Flatbread ($4), the #4 Hand Pulled Noodles ($6), and the #9 Lamb Cumin noodles ($8.40).

The #3 was a fantastic little sandwich, it basically tasted just like a concentrated pork bun on a toasted english muffin sized roll. The #4 noodles were clearly the highlight- they had so much flavor, yet not too spicy, and I absolutely devoured it. The noodles were super chewy and filling. You can order both of those, and have it only be a slightly-too-big lunch.

On the other hand, I wasn't a big fan of the #9 noodles.There just didn't seem to be any flavor in the noodles or vegetables. The lamb itself was excellent, I would probably order the lamb skewers on their own ($1.50) next time instead.

All in all, friendly service, they kept the line moving, a total bargain, and a clean, nice-looking, only slightly cramped space. I will be back to try the cold noodles, and scarf #s 3 & 4 again.

Yume Wo Katare Closing for a long spell this summer

Went last night at 6:15 - there were a few people outside waiting for the rest of their group to join, so my group of four was brought in right away, ordered, and waited about 5 minutes to sit down. By the time we left, there were probably about 15 people waiting outside. The new seating layout worked very well for when they had to move people around throughout the night to accommodate different sized groups.

Two of us were "perfect", two of us were "good job." I'm already looking forward to coming back when they re-open. Sure, it's super salty, super greasy, and super garlicky, but that's why you don't eat it every day! I absolutely love this place, and it helped ease the pain of the Bruins loss.

Yume Wo Katare Closing for a long spell this summer

Does anyone know the exact date they're closing? My buddy is coming into town next week and we were hoping to go on Tuesday.

April 2013 Openings and Closings

Oh, definitely. I'm sure he thought they could either refinance the mortgage debt or fill the space before it came to this.

April 2013 Openings and Closings

It's all the same building, he couldn't pay the mortgage because of the large vacancy.

April 2013 Openings and Closings

Jonathan (of Jonathan's) owned the building on Needham Street. From the Newton Patch:

"When Papa Gino’s chose not to renew their lease in late 2010 and moved across Needham Street, Glick saw an opportunity. He could finally open his own restaurant, putting to good use not only his management background but also the “literal blood, sweat and tears” he’d put into the construction of the actual building that houses Jonathan’s."

Then it looks like the building was foreclosed on from the Filene's bankruptcy, and went to auction late last year:

"According to a report in the Boston Herald, the property at 215 Needham St. will be sold at a public foreclosure auction on Sept. 13 following a mortgage default...Jonathan's Bar & Grill, which opened in May 2012, is also located at 215 Needham St. The Herald article did not indicate whether the auction would affect the restaurant. "

And according to the assessor's site, the building was finally sold on 1/31/13.

I am one investigative MFer. Long story short, this restaurant was put out of its misery. If it didn't "lose its lease", or more likely, negotiate its own exit with the sale, it probably would have shuttered within the year.

The Best Falafal in Boston

Sorry I should have clarified. It's not the certification, but the fact that all of the meat they purchase must be certified kosher, which is more expensive. The location is definitely a factor as well.

The Best Falafal in Boston

I've had mostly excellent experiences with Cafe Jaffa on Gloucester in Back Bay, Chubby Chickpea (truck), Jake's Falafel Corner in Newton, Falafel Palace in Central Sq...

But the best, to me, has always been Rami's in Brookline. Unfortunately, it's also the most expensive, but you're paying for their Kosher certification.