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White Plains Pizza Delivery for Party
Nicky's is always good for pizza.

Dutch Baby Pancake

The next time you are in South FL - Stop in The Original Pancake House for the best Dutch Baby's. They are the great!

Feb 14, 2009
sallyposs in Recipes

Try Route 100 in Yonkers!

A friend and I decided to give Route 100 a try last night. We both truly enjoyed the atmosphere, food and what a great wine list! We had a very good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc at a most reasonable price. I ordered the steak sandwich (excellent) and she had the Chicken Panini, also very good. We shared the Spring Roll as an appetizer and both were pleasantly surprised. We will be back. The owner from Tango Grille was very friendly and attentive too. A must try.

Best New Jersey Steakhouse?

River Palm is my favorite!

anyone ever eat at Pasquales in Port Chester?

I have been eating there for years. I have never had a bad meal. Food is of good quality and always consistent. Service is also very good. Try the fried calamari, the dipping sauce is great! Good local Italian Food.

Backal's in Scarsdale?

Yes, Dolores I have been to their tastings. I really enjoy them. You get to taste food from various regions that you would not normally order. I love the pairing of the wine and drinks with the food too. You are correct, very innovative.

Mauro's in Ossining (formerly Guida's)

I did decide to give Mauro's a try. I thought the food and serviice were both very good. They do have a very large menu and are willing to accommodate any request. I have been there for both lunch and dinner and I would go back again. I felt the prices were very reasonable for the quality of the food. I am glad to hear they were packed for Mother's Day.

Backal's in Scarsdale?

I love Sunset Grille on Gedney Way. Great Mexican with a flair and don't forget the fantastic drinks! Make reservations for Saturday night.

Best steak dinner in Westchester?

I just had dinner at Tollgate about a month ago. Everything we had was very good. Not sure what happened that night.

Craving Good Thin Crust Pizza in Westchester

I agree chowdom. Johnny's in Mt Vernon, Rigatoni's in Pelham and Modern in New Rochelle are your best best for thin/brick oven pizzas.

Best cocktails in Westchester

I have to agree that Sunset has the best drinks around. They have spoiled me rotten with their fresh squeezed fruit juices. No mixes here. I too love watching Oscar behind the bar crushing the fresh fruit. He is pretty cute too. My favorite has to be the Mojito.

The State of the Taco in White Plains

I love Sunset Grille's Fish Taco's too! They are fried.

Mauro's in Ossining (formerly Guida's)

Has anyone ever tried Mauro's in Ossining. I have heard it was pretty good.

Are there ANY good places to eat in New Rochelle???

Try Villarina's on Lawton Street in New Rochelle. Very good Italian and located two blocks from New Roc.

Tortilla chip question - Mexican Corner NR and others

Regarding my experience at Sunset Grille, I eat there probably once a week. My husband and I love the food especially the chips and salsas. We try to get there on a Tuesday for the tasting menu. It allows you to experience food from various regions throughout Mexico. When was the last time you ate at Sunset? Were you aware of the review by the New York Times? Here is the link.
They received a very good rating overall. I must applaud them on that. You know the NY Times can be pretty hard to please. My favorite is the chile relleno. I would give Sunset another try if I were you. You are missing out on some great food.

Tortilla chip question - Mexican Corner NR and others

My husband and I have frequented the Mexican Corner for years. My husband is from Mexico and I am a referred to as the blond Mexican or gringa by my Mexican in-laws. I was born and raised in New Rochelle so I am very familiar with the Mexican Corner. We do enjoy The Mexican Corner’s food and always order the chips. We have never received free chips there. Typically the Mexican culture does not even eat chips and dip. This is an American custom. In addition my husband speaks in Spanish to the staff. He usually has extensive conversations with the staff regarding where they have come from in Mexico. The staff always treats him very well and I would think they would offer him free chips is this were the case. Overall for the price and type of establishment, The Mexican Corner is a good place to eat.

By the way, we love the Sunset Grille in White Plains and the Chips are FREE!