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Mission Cantina South Amherst anyone been?

It shocks me to say this, but it's excellent: the fish tacos are as as good as any that can be found in the La Jolla or the gaslight district in San Diego. The pineapple salsa is a savory-sweet combo that's remarkable, and the enchiladas are always perfectly done, whether with carnitas, carne asada, or chicken. It's also possible to get a very spicy chipotle (seriously) salsa. I think the prices are much better than Veracruzana (and the food is incomparable). Veracruzana is a ridiculous excuse for Mexican food. The tab gets pricey when ordering wine or beer or their excellent margaritas or other original cocktails--but the wine and beer list are, again, shockingly, very good, especially for a place this small. The locals (like me) love it (and I am a California girl who badly misses decent food, Mexican or otherwise here in Amherst/NoHo), and there's always a wait. They are as surprised by their own success as the rest of us (they had thought it would be a good take-out joint), but the decor is original and funky, as is their music selection (from Johnny Cash to Blondie to the best of Motown). They're going to expand into the former liquor store next door.