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Need ideas for a nice dinner, sporty brunch, and a light dinner.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

We ended up at Bar La Grassa for dinner on Friday, and that was exactly what we were looking for. I mentioned the seafood focus because my boyfriend doesn't eat a lot of meat, but we had bruschettas and pasta and it was great.

Saturday morning we walked to Haute Dish. The good was really good, but they could seriously cut their portion size in half (which is not to say that we didn't finish both dishes). I had the Tuscan benedict and he had a veggie/cheese/hashbrown dish.

Sunday was the best day, however. We walked to The Bachelor Farmer for their Sunday brunch, and while it was definitely trendy/hip as someone mentioned, the food was delightful, I loved the decor, and the service was really good. We shared a few dishes and had the Red Snapper, a really light version of a bloody mary, which was delicious.

Afterward we rode the shared bikes to Walker Art Center, and then decided to walk back to our hotel. Along the way we passed Butcher & The Boar right as they were opening, so we grabbed seats at the bar and had an assortment of their small plates and charcuterie. Three of the dishes were brand new on the menu that day (salmon sausage, boar ham, and antelope salami) and we had a great time trying them all and sampling the bourbon selection, as well.

Sep 18, 2012
bailee in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Need ideas for a nice dinner, sporty brunch, and a light dinner.

Wow, thanks for pointing that out. I was doing the time zone math backward. Unfortunately, the wedding is at 4 so we'll be watching the beginning of the game in our hotel room.

Haute Dish sounds awesome.

Sep 13, 2012
bailee in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Need ideas for a nice dinner, sporty brunch, and a light dinner.

Thank you for your help! Sorry for the confusion, we live in Seattle and I was trying to give an idea of what I was looking for, in case someone in MSP was familiar with Seattle dining. Many of the places you suggested for dinner were on our radar, including Piccolo, so I'll look there first.

Brit's Pub will work for brunch. I was looking at Hell's Kitchen also, but if there's a rush to clear the table that won't work.

I didn't realize BDP was in St. Paul (it was just suggested to us with no further info) and we won't have a car, so that's out. Can you recommend anywhere closer to downtown for a Lucy?

Sep 12, 2012
bailee in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Need ideas for a nice dinner, sporty brunch, and a light dinner.

We will be in MSP this weekend for a wedding, staying at the W The Foshay in downtown. We'll be free for dinner Friday, brunch on Saturday, and dinner Sunday. Walking distance from the hotel is a plus, but not necessary. Here's what we were thinking (and need recommendations for):

Friday dinner - we like local, sustainable small plates, with a focus on seafood. The wedding reception on Saturday is at Sea Change, so that's out. Our favorite restaurants for that sort of food in Seattle are Walrus & Carpenter and Terra Plata, we also really enjoy L'Abottoir in Vancouver. Any ideas?

Saturday morning we'd like to catch the Sounders/Timbers soccer game. It's being nationally televised, so we need a sports bar environment, but hopefully one with an above standard brunch. We love hashbrowns and benedicts and classic breakfast fare, we'd just like for it to be GOOD.

Sunday we're planning on Blue Door Pub for lunch (for a Jucy Blucy), so we're looking for a light dinner. Sushi (traditional), Vietnamese, or any other light and fresh recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Sep 11, 2012
bailee in Minneapolis-St. Paul