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Bagels in East Brunswick/Spotswood/Jamesburg area

Hi, I'm fairly new to the Chowhound boards and I did try a search on this and couldn't find anything. I apologize if I'm repeating a common question. NJ is not my usual area on Chowhound. But I grew up in East Brunswick and my parents still live in the area. They've been bringing me bagels when they come up and visit me in MA because until recently even mediocre bagels from NJ were better than what we could find here. Lately though, both of the places that they've gotten bagels from are baking more and more bread like sandwich rolls with a hole in them. I can get that here. Is there anywhere in the general East Brunswick area that one can get halfway decent bagels that they can go? Since they are usually getting them on the way for a drive to MA they can't go too far afield for them, but might be able to stretch a little further south along route 1 as they often go grocery shopping that way. (Whole Foods)

I see in the thread about best bagels that a place in Red Bank was recommended, but that is probably further than they want to drive just to satisfy my craving. I grew up eating bagels from Brooklyn back in the 60's and 70's, I don't expect to find that type any more, but I just want a little bit of chew and for my bagel to be fully cooked as I prefer not to toast them. It doesn't have to be the world's best bagel, but the ones we got from Manhattan bagel this time might as well have been Kaiser rolls.

Oct 25, 2012
spryngtree in New Jersey

Thoughts on the Pioneer Valley

I like the ice cream flavors at Flayvors, but was recently really disappointed to get a hand packed pint there which had an ingredients lable, and find that the ingredients include polysorbate 80. Of course I don't know, maybe Herrells includes chemical stabilizers too.

Flavorless, flaccid pizza at The Hungry Ghost Bakery, Northampton, MA

Seconding the Bread Euphoria Challah recommendation. I recently tried it for the first time, not even bought fresh from the store, but rather picked up at River Valley Market in a bag, and thought it was the best Challah I've had since I could get it on 2nd Ave in NY. I'm determined to actually get some from the bakery next time.